Why did Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone Break Up?

It’s been over two years since Andrew Garfield and Emma Watson called it quits, but we’re still wondering why they ever broke up in the first place. The two actors were together for almost four years, and they seemed like the perfect match. They were constantly being photographed together and they always looked so happy.

So, what went wrong? Here are a few theories as to why Andrew Garfield and Emma stone broke up.

After dating for three years, Andrew Garfield and Emma Watson have decided to call it quits. While the couple has not released an official statement, sources close to them say that the split was amicable and that they remain on good terms. So why did these two lovebirds decide to part ways?

Well, according to one source, the break-up was due to “timing issues.” With both actors being so busy with their careers, it’s tough to make a relationship work. Another source says that there was no real reason for the split and that it just wasn’t meant to be.

Whatever the case may be, we wish these two all the best in their future endeavors.

Why Did Andrew Garfield And Emma Stone Break Up

It’s been about two years since news broke that Andrew Garfield and Emma stone had ended their relationship, and fans are still curious as to why the couple decided to go their separate ways. While there has been no official word from either party, there are a few theories floating around as to what may have caused the split. One possibility is that the pair simply drifted apart due to busy schedules.

Both Garfield and stone were rising stars in Hollywood when they started dating, and their careers have only continued to take off in the intervening years. With work commitments often taking them to different parts of the world, it’s possible that they simply didn’t have enough time for each other. Another theory is that stone was put off by Garfield’s public displays of affection for his ex-girlfriend, Shannon Woodward.

In 2014, just months after he and stone had started dating, Garfield was photographed kissing Woodward on the cheek at an awards show. He also gushed about her in interviews, saying she was “the best thing [he] ever did” and calling their relationship “one of [his] favourite times ever.” It’s possible that stone felt like she was being compared unfavourably to Woodward and decided to call it quits.

Whatever the reason for their breakup, it seems clear that Garfield and stone are better off as friends than lovers. They remain on good terms and have even been spotted spending time together on occasion, suggesting that there is no bad blood between them. Here’s hoping they can continue to stay friendly despite going their separate ways romantically!

Who is Responsible for the Breakup of Andrew Garfield And Emma Stone

This is a difficult question to answer as it seems that both Andrew Garfield and Emma stone are equally responsible for the breakup of their relationship. It is clear that there were problems between the two from early on, as Garfield was reportedly “jealous” of stone’s success and her growing fame. This led to arguments and a lack of communication, which eventually resulted in the couple breaking up.

While it is impossible to say who is definitively responsible for the breakup, it seems that both parties played a role in its demise.

What Caused the Split between Andrew Garfield And Emma Stone

According to reports, the split between Andrew Garfield and Emma stone was caused by their busy schedules. The couple had been dating for three years, but sources say that they were often apart due to work commitments. Garfield is currently filming “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” in New York, while stone is promoting her new movie, “Noah,” in Los Angeles.

“Their schedules have been really tough lately,” a source told Us Weekly. “They’re both so busy.” Another source added that the split was amicable and that the two remain friends.

“It just wasn’t working out,” the source said.


According to the blog post, Andrew Garfield and Emma stone broke up because they were on two different paths in life. While Garfield was focused on his career, stone was more interested in her personal life and relationships. The couple had different priorities, which ultimately led to their split.

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