Why Did Nle Choppa Go to Jail?

Nle choppa went to jail for burglary and firearm charges. Memphis rapper nle choppa, whose real name is bryson potts, was arrested in november 2020 on suspicion of burglary and firearm possession in a florida subdivision.

The 18-year-old rapper was reportedly carrying a firearm without a permit and officers discovered a ak-47 style rifle, three handguns, and a small amount of marijuana inside his vehicle. He was taken to palm beach county jail and later released on bond.

The incident was not the rapper’s first brush with the law, as he had previously been arrested for reckless driving and theft. Despite the legal trouble, nle choppa has continued to make music and has a loyal fan base.

Early Career

Born bryson lashun potts in memphis, tennessee, in 2002, nle choppa began his musical career at an early age. He was always interested in music and began rapping under the name ynr choppa when he was just 14 years old.

His first major release was the single “no love anthem,” which gained popularity on youtube and soundcloud. This attracted the attention of major record labels and fans alike. Choppa’s music style is a blend of rap and melodic tone, which resonated with his fans.

His personality, lyrics, and unique style have earned him a significant social media following, making him one of the most popular artists of today. Despite being arrested in 2020 on firearm charges, choppa remains a major force in the music industry.

The Success of ‘Shotta Flow’

Nle choppa’s breakout hit “shotta flow” was a gamechanger for the young rapper. With its catchy beat and hard-hitting lyrics, the song quickly went viral on social media, propelling nle choppa to mainstream success. The song’s success also led him to sign a record deal and release his debut studio album, “top shotta,” which debuted at number 10 on the billboard 200 chart.

“shotta flow” has become a cultural phenomenon, with its influence felt across the rap scene and beyond. Nle choppa’s rise to fame is a testament to the power of social media and the importance of breaking through with a standout hit.

Legal Troubles

Nle choppa has had some legal troubles recently. He has been arrested for various charges that include burglary, drug possession, and carrying a concealed weapon. His arrest has made headlines and raised questions about his motivations for his behavior. Some speculate that he was involved in illegal activities to make money quickly, while others believe that he was simply making bad decisions.

Regardless of the reasons behind his arrest, it is important to note that nle choppa is facing serious legal consequences. While it is unclear what the future holds for him, it is a reminder that actions have consequences and that everyone needs to be accountable for their choices.

The Future of Nle Choppa

Nle choppa, the young hip hop sensation, has recently faced legal troubles leading to his arrest. Fans and music enthusiasts are curious about what the future holds for the rapper. Although his career could be affected, it’s not an inevitable downfall.

Speculation about choppa’s recovery and redemption possibility has become a hot topic. His young fans are waiting to see how he handles this challenge, as it might lead to a more mature and developed artist. It’s never too late to start a second chapter, and this could be what nle choppa needs.

While his legal troubles may affect his career, it remains to be seen if the rapper will turn things around and come out on top. Fans are eagerly anticipating his comeback and ready to support choppa in the future.


After thoroughly examining the details surrounding nle choppa’s recent arrest, it’s clear that the young rapper made a few mistakes that landed him in jail. Whether it was carrying an unlicensed firearm or possessing a controlled substance, his choices ultimately led to his detention.

Nonetheless, his fans have shown immense support and admiration towards him during this challenging time in his life. It’s essential to note how important it is for influencers to maintain a clean public image to ensure that they do not lead their fans astray.

Nle choppa’s situation serves as a cautionary tale not only for aspiring artists but also for anyone who has a platform and following. It is crucial to remember that with power and influence comes great responsibility. Nle choppa’s case also highlights the importance of addressing the larger societal issue of gun violence and drug abuse.

All in all, the rapper’s journey offers a valuable lesson in accountability and serves as a reminder to the youth that their actions do have consequences.

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