Why Do Kate And William Not Hold Hands?

There has been much speculation about why Kate Middleton and Prince William don’t often hold hands in public. Some say it’s because they’re not really in love, while others say it’s simply a sign of respect for the monarchy. However, the most likely reason is that they simply don’t want to draw attention to themselves.

After all, as the future king and queen of England, they have to be careful about how they are perceived by the public.

Kate Middleton and Prince William are often photographed not holding hands, and this has led to speculation about why they don’t show physical affection in public. There are a few possible reasons for this: 1. They’re following royal protocol.

As members of the British royal family, Kate and William are expected to maintain a certain level of decorum in public. Holding hands would be considered too casual or intimate for their official duties. 2) They want to avoid upstaging Queen Elizabeth II.

The Queen is the main focus when she’s out in public, and Kate and William likely don’t want to draw attention away from her by displaying affection. 3) They’re trying to keep things private. Since they’re constantly in the spotlight, it’s understandable that Kate and William would want to keep some aspects of their relationship private.

Holding hands might be something they reserve for private moments together.

Why Do Royals Hold Their Hands in Front of Them

The tradition of royals holding their hands in front of them stems from a time when it was considered inappropriate for members of the upper class to touch others. This practice is still observed today, as it is seen as a sign of respect. Holding one’s hands in front of oneself also allows one to avoid shaking hands with someone who may be considered beneath them in station.

Do Kate And William Ever Hold Hands?

Kate Middleton and Prince William are often photographed holding hands, but there are also times when they don’t. It’s hard to say definitively whether or not they always hold hands because there are so many factors that can influence whether or not they do (e.g., the situation they’re in, the photographers present, etc.). However, overall, it seems like they do tend to show physical affection towards each other quite frequently.

Are Royals Allowed to Show Affection?

Yes, royals are allowed to show affection. In fact, they are encouraged to do so in order to create a strong emotional connection with their people. While there are certain protocol guidelines that must be followed, such as not kissing in public, overall there is no restriction on how much or little PDA royal couples can display.

This was evident during the recent engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle when the couple were seen hugging and holding hands throughout their official duties. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also regularly show physical affection towards each other both in private and while carrying out engagements. So while there may be some restrictions on royal PDAs, overall members of the monarchy are free to express their love for one another in whatever way they feel comfortable.

Is William in Love With Kate?

When it comes to William and Kate, the answer to whether or not they are in love is a bit complicated. On the one hand, they have been together for over a decade and have two children together. They also seem to genuinely care for and support each other.

However, on the other hand, there have been rumors that their relationship is more of a business arrangement than anything else. So, while it is possible that they are in love, it is also possible that they are simply very good friends or that their relationship is primarily based on convenience.

What Will Kate Be Called When William Takes the Throne?

When William takes the throne, Kate will be known as the Queen Consort.


Kate Middleton and Prince William are often photographed not holding hands, which has led some to wonder why they don’t show more physical affection in public. There are a few reasons why the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge might choose not to hold hands. For one, they might want to avoid upstaging other members of the royal family who are also in attendance at an event.

Additionally, Kate and William might feel that it’s more appropriate to show restraint in public since they are both working members of the monarchy. Finally, it’s possible that the couple simply doesn’t feel the need to display their affection for each other through physical touch. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that Kate and William have a strong relationship that is built on mutual respect and understanding.

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