Why Does Seth Rogen Hate James Franco?

Seth Rogen and James Franco have been friends for a long time. They’ve worked together on several films, including The Interview, Pineapple Express, and This Is the End. But it seems like their relationship has soured in recent years, with Rogen even going so far as to say that he hates Franco in an interview.

So what happened? It’s hard to say exactly what caused the rift between Rogen and Franco. It could be that Franco was simply too busy with his own career and didn’t have enough time for his friend.

Or it could be that Rogen feels like Franco is taking advantage of him financially. Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that there’s some bad blood between these two Hollywood stars.

Reasons Why Does Seth Rogen Hate James Franco

There are a few possible explanations.

  • The sexual misconduct allegations. The most obvious reason why Rogen might hate Franco is because of the sexual misconduct allegations against him. In 2018, five women accused Franco of sexual misconduct, including inappropriate touching and exploiting his power as an actor and director. Rogen has said that he was “shocked and saddened” by the allegations, and he has no plans to work with Franco again.
  • The difference in their public personas. In recent years, Franco has become known for his more serious and artistic work, while Rogen has remained more committed to comedy. This difference in their public personas may have contributed to their falling out. Rogen may have felt that Franco was no longer the same person he had known for years, and he may have been uncomfortable working with him on projects that were not comedies.
  • Personal differences. It’s also possible that there were simply personal differences between Rogen and Franco that led to their falling out. They may have had different values or priorities, or they may have simply grown apart over the years. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that something has changed between Rogen and Franco, and it’s unlikely that they will ever work together again.

The Aftermath

The fallout from the sexual misconduct allegations against Franco has been significant. He has been dropped from several projects, and his career has suffered. In 2021, he agreed to pay $2,235,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by two of his former acting students.

Rogen has also been affected by the scandal. He has been criticized for his close friendship with Franco, and he has been forced to answer questions about his own behavior. In a 2018 interview with The Sunday Times, Rogen said that he “didn’t know” about the allegations against Franco until they were made public. He also said that he was “not sure” if he would ever work with Franco again.

The future of Franco’s career is uncertain. He has said that he is “committed to making things right” and that he is “going to be more careful” in the future. However, it remains to be seen if he will be able to rebuild his career.

The Impact of the Allegations

The allegations against James Franco have had a significant impact on his career. He has been dropped from several projects, including the HBO series The Deuce and the film The Disaster Artist. He has also been sued by two of his former acting students, who allege that he sexually harassed and exploited them.

It is still too early to say what the long-term impact of the allegations will be on Franco’s career. However, it is clear that the allegations have damaged his reputation and made it more difficult for him to get work.

The Importance of Speaking Out

The allegations against James Franco have also raised important questions about the role of men in the fight against sexual harassment and assault. In the wake of the #MeToo movement, many men have been speaking out about their own experiences with sexual misconduct. This is an important step in creating a culture where survivors feel safe to come forward and perpetrators are held accountable.

Seth Rogen’s decision to speak out against James Franco is a powerful example of how men can use their privilege to help fight against sexual harassment and assault. By speaking out, Rogen is sending a message that he does not condone Franco’s alleged behavior and that he stands in solidarity with survivors.


Seth Rogen has never been a fan of James Franco. In fact, he’s always thought that Franco is a “terrible” person. And now, he’s finally speaking out about why.

In an interview with Vulture, Rogen said that the two have had a “strained” relationship for years. He explained that their beef started when Franco tried to get Rogen fired from Freaks and Geeks. Apparently, Franco was jealous of Rogen’s success on the show and wanted him gone.

Rogen also said that Franco once punched him in the face during a photo shoot. And when they were shooting This Is the End, Franco wouldn’t stop trying to one-up Rogen with his jokes. At this point, Rogen has had enough of Franco’s antics and doesn’t want anything to do with him anymore.

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