Why Drew Brees is Better Than Tom Brady?

Drew Brees and Tom Brady are two of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL. Both have had incredible careers, but when it comes down to who is the better quarterback, there is no doubt that Drew Brees is superior to Tom Brady.

When it comes to NFL quarterbacks, there are a few names that stand out above the rest. Two of those names are Drew Brees and Tom Brady. Both of these men have had successful careers, but when it comes down to it, who is the better quarterback?

In my opinion, Drew Brees is better than Tom Brady for a few reasons. First, let’s take a look at their numbers. In his career, Brady has thrown for almost 70,000 yards and has 517 touchdown passes.

These are impressive numbers, no doubt. But Brees has him beat in both categories. He has thrown for over 71,000 yards and 554 touchdown passes.

So when it comes to production, Brees has the edge. Second, let’s look at their durability. Both of these men have played in the NFL for over 15 years now and have started every game they’ve been eligible for (with the exception of a couple games here or there).

However, Brady did miss an entire season due to injury while Brees only missed one game due to injury in his whole career. That shows that Brees is more durable than Brady and can be counted on to stay on the field more often. Finally, let’s look at their leadership abilities.

Both of these men are considered leaders on their respective teams but I would argue that Brees is the better leader of the two. First off, he’s never had any off-field issues like Brady has had with Deflategate or other things throughout his career. Secondly, he’s always been very active in charitable work and giving back to his community (something that Brady does as well but not to as high of a degree).

And finally, he just seems like a nicer guy than Brady overall! So when you put all of these factors together – production on the field , durability ,and leadership ability – I think it’s clear that Drew Brees is the better quarterback than Tom Brady . Do you agree?

Was Drew Brees Better Than Tom Brady?

In short, yes. In the 2018 season, Brees had a completion percentage of 74.4%, compared to Brady’s 65.8%. He also threw for 3,992 yards and 32 touchdowns, while Brady only managed 4,355 yards and 29 touchdowns.

Furthermore, Brees led the Saints to a 13-3 record and a divisional playoff berth, while Brady’s Patriots went 11-5 and missed the playoffs entirely.

Who Holds More Nfl Records Drew Brees Or Tom Brady?

When it comes to who holds more NFL records, the answer is undoubtedly Drew Brees. The longtime New Orleans Saints quarterback currently holds the all-time records for passing yards (76,468) and completions (6,586). He also ranks second in career touchdown passes (520), behind only Peyton Manning (539).

Brady, on the other hand, ranks fifth in passing yards (74,571) and sixth in touchdown passes (517). In terms of overall career achievements, Brees has been named to 13 Pro Bowls and was named the AP NFL Offensive Player of the Year a record-tying three times. He was also awarded the Super Bowl MVP in 2010 after leading the Saints to victory over the Indianapolis Colts.

Brady has been selected to 14 Pro Bowls and has won a record six Super Bowl titles.

Does Drew Brees Like Tom Brady?

Drew Brees and Tom Brady are two of the most successful quarterbacks in NFL history. They have both won multiple Super Bowls and have been named MVP on multiple occasions. It’s no surprise that they are often compared to one another.

So, does Drew Brees like Tom Brady? It seems that the answer is yes. In an interview with ESPN, when asked about Brady, Brees had nothing but good things to say.

“He’s the GOAT,” said Brees. “There’s no doubt about it.” Brees went on to say that he has a lot of respect for Brady and everything he has accomplished in his career.

He also said that he enjoys watching Brady play and is always impressed by his performance on the field. It’s clear that Drew Brees likes Tom Brady and respects him as a player. They are both great quarterbacks who have had tremendous success in their careers.

Did Tom Brady Surpass Drew Brees?

When it comes to the greatest quarterbacks of all time, there is always a great debate. However, one name that is always mentioned in the conversation is Tom Brady. Many people believe that Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time and some even believe that he has surpassed Drew Brees.

While both quarterbacks are considered to be legends in the NFL, let’s take a look at why some people believe that Brady has surpassed Brees. First, let’s start with their accomplishments. Brady has won six Super Bowls, while Brees has won one.

Brady also has more regular season wins than any other quarterback in NFL history. When it comes to passing yards, Brees currently leads Brady by about 1,500 yards. However, many experts believe that Brady will eventually surpass Brees in this category as well since he is only about 1,000 yards behind him and he is still playing at a high level.

In terms of touchdown passes, they are currently tied with 541 each. So while both quarterbacks have had tremendous careers, Brady seems to have the edge when it comes to winning championships and overall statistical categories. Another reason why some people believe that Brady has surpassed Brees is because of how they have played in big moments.

Both quarterbacks have had their share of big moments throughout their careers but when it comes down to crunch time, many feel like Brady has been better than Brees. For example, in Super Bowl XLIX against the Seattle Seahawks, Brady led his team on a game-winning drive in the final minutes of the game to secure another Lombardi Trophy for the Patriots. On the other hand, Brees has thrown some costly interceptions in big games which cost his team a chance at winning a championship or two.

So while both quarterbacks have played well under pressure throughout their careers, many feel like Tom Brady has been clutch when it matters most whereas Drew Brees hasn’t always come through in the biggest moments.

Tom Brady Vs Drew Brees Head-To-Head Record

Tom Brady and Drew Brees have faced off against each other 14 times in their careers. In those 14 meetings, Brady has a 9-5 record against Brees. The two quarterbacks have met twice in the playoffs, with Brady winning both matchups.

In the most recent meeting between the two, Brady’s Patriots defeated Brees’ Saints in the 2017 AFC Championship game. In their career head-to-head meetings, Brady has thrown for 3,814 yards and 28 touchdowns, while Brees has thrown for 4,233 yards and 26 touchdowns. Both quarterbacks have been intercepted 11 times in those meetings.


Drew Brees is better than Tom Brady for a number of reasons. First, Brees has a higher completion percentage than Brady. Second, Brees throws for more yards per attempt than Brady.

Third, Brees has a lower interception rate than Brady. Finally, Brees has a higher quarterback rating than Brady.

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