Why is Shakira a Good Role Model?

Shakira is a good role model because of her philanthropic work and positive impact on society. She has used her fame to support education, health, and disaster relief programs, as well as advocate for children’s and women’s rights.

As a versatile artist with a unique voice and visually stunning performances, Shakira has won the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. Her music blends pop, Latin, and Arabic influences and her dynamic dance moves have made her a sensation on stage.

Though her success as a singer-songwriter is noteworthy, Shakira’s dedication to improving the lives of others is equally impressive. She founded the Pies Descalzos Foundation, which promotes education for vulnerable children in Colombia, and has partnered with several global organizations to support education and health programs around the world. We will explore the reasons why Shakira is a good role model and the impact of her humanitarian work.

Shakira’s Advocacy For Education

Shakira’s advocacy for education makes her an excellent role model for younger generations. She founded the Barefoot Foundation to provide education and early childhood development programs for children in impoverished communities. Through her efforts, she has brought attention to the importance of education and inspired others to make a positive impact in their communities.

Shakira is not only known for her outstanding music but also for her advocacy for education. She believes that every child, regardless of their background, deserves an education. Throughout her career, Shakira has worked tirelessly to promote education and provide access to quality education for children worldwide.

Creation Of Pies Descalzos Foundation

One of Shakira’s most notable contributions to education is the creation of the Pies Descalzos Foundation. The foundation was established in 1997 with the aim of providing education to underprivileged children in Colombia. The foundation’s primary focus is to build schools in impoverished areas, where children have limited access to education. Since its establishment, the Pies Descalzos Foundation has built six schools in Colombia, providing education to more than 6,000 children.

Support For The Global Partnership For Education

Apart from her foundation, Shakira is also a supporter of the Global Partnership for Education. The Global Partnership for Education is an international organization that aims to promote education in the world’s poorest countries. Shakira has been an ambassador for the organization since 2011, advocating for education for all. Shakira’s work with the organization has helped raise millions of dollars in funding to support education in developing countries. In conclusion, Shakira’s advocacy for education has not gone unnoticed. Her contributions have touched the lives of many children worldwide, providing them with access to quality education. Shakira’s legacy will continue to inspire generations to come, showing that education is a fundamental human right that deserves to be protected and promoted.

Shakira’s Empowerment Of Women

Shakira is a great role model for women due to her efforts towards empowering them. She believes in education and has founded the Barefoot Foundation to support education in Colombia. Additionally, she has spoken out on the importance of self-confidence and embracing one’s unique qualities.

Lyrics Promoting Female Strength And Independence

Shakira is known for her empowering music, especially when it comes to lyrics that promote female strength and independence. Her lyrics have resonated with millions of women worldwide, making her a great role model. The singer’s songs often touch on topics such as heartbreak, self-love, and the importance of embracing individuality. Songs such as “She Wolf” and “Hips Don’t Lie” showcase Shakira’s ability to celebrate the female form and break down societal norms surrounding beauty standards.

Co-founding Of The Alas Foundation

Another reason why Shakira is a good role model is her co-founding of the ALAS Foundation. The organization is dedicated to improving the lives of children in Latin America and the Caribbean. Their initiatives have focused on early childhood education, advocating for children’s rights, and fighting poverty. Shakira has been heavily involved in the foundation’s work, and her efforts have helped to improve the lives of countless children across the region. In summary, Shakira’s empowerment of women and dedication to making a positive impact on society make her a fantastic role model. Her music has inspired millions of women to embrace their individuality and celebrate their strengths, while her work with the ALAS Foundation has made a real difference in the lives of children across Latin America and the Caribbean. Shakira is a shining example of what it means to use your platform for good.

Shakira’s Philanthropic Efforts

Shakira’s philanthropic efforts showcase her passion for making a positive impact. She founded the Barefoot Foundation which helps vulnerable children in Colombia access education and healthcare. As a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, Shakira also advocates for children’s rights across the world.

Participation In Humanitarian Aid Campaigns

Shakira is much more than an international pop star with a charismatic personality and singing skills. She has made a significant contribution to philanthropy by actively participating in various humanitarian aid campaigns worldwide. She has used her influence to create awareness and support for important causes such as global education, disaster relief, and poverty alleviation. One of the most prominent in this regard is the campaign she co-founded called “Barefoot Foundation,” which focuses on ensuring every child has access to education and opportunities to grow intellectually.

Donations To Covid-19 Relief Efforts

Shakira has taken the initiative to donate generously to COVID-19 relief efforts and genuinely played a part in the fight against the pandemic. Her contribution was used to purchase necessary medical equipment for the hospitals located in Colombia, New York City, and across the globe. Besides, she and her partner, Gerard Pique, turned their profits over the years to the construction of a hospital in her hometown of Barranquilla, Colombia, to provide quality healthcare facilities to those who cannot afford it. In conclusion, Shakira has gone out of her way to use her wealth, fame, and influence to support various causes and make a difference in people’s lives worldwide. She has played an active role in many charity campaigns and made donations for various relief efforts. Her philanthropic efforts stand as a testament to her generous and compassionate spirit, making her an excellent role model for all.

Frequently Asked Questions On Why Is Shakira A Good Role Model?

How Is Shakira A Good Role Model?

Shakira is a good role model because she promotes education, environmental awareness and fights for human rights. She also uses her platform to inspire others to be the best versions of themselves, and shows that women can be strong, independent and successful.

What Did Shakira Accomplish?

Shakira is a talented singer, dancer, and songwriter. She has sold over 70 million records worldwide and has won numerous awards, including three Grammys and 12 Latin Grammys. Additionally, she is known for her philanthropic work, particularly for advocating for universal education and early-childhood development.

Is Shakira A Model?

No, Shakira is not a model. Despite being known for her beauty and fashion sense, she is primarily a singer, songwriter, and dancer. However, she has appeared in some modeling campaigns, such as for brands like Puma and Zahara.


Shakira is an excellent role model because of her many accomplishments in music, advocacy, philanthropy, and motherhood. She has proven that with determination and hard work, one can make a significant impact on the world. Her passion for education, child welfare, and social justice inspires many, and she continues to use her platform to effect positive change.

Shakira shows that a celebrity can be much more than just a performer, and her example serves as an inspiration for women and girls around the globe.

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