Is Reba Mcentire Explains Why Fancy Always Her Closing Song?

Reba mcentire explains why “fancy” is always her closing song in concerts. She revealed that she chose the song as her closer because of its relatable message that everyone has the ability to rise above their circumstances.

With over 40 years as a country music superstar, reba mcentire has an impressive catalog of hit songs. However, one song that has remained a constant presence in her live performances is “fancy,” her empowering hit from 1990. In a recent interview, mcentire explained why she always chooses “fancy” as her closing song during concerts.

She shared that the song’s message about rising above one’s circumstances and taking control of one’s life is something that she believes resonates with everyone. Moreover, the song’s catchy melody and memorable lyrics make it a perfect way to end her shows on a high note. As mcentire continues to tour and inspire fans around the world, “fancy” will undoubtedly remain a beloved part of her live performances.

Reba Mcentire and Her Iconic Song “Fancy”

Reba mcentire is an iconic country musician, known for hits like “fancy”. The song tells the story of a woman from a poor background who reinvents herself as a high-class escort. “fancy” has become a staple of mcentire’s live shows, always serving as her closing song.

But why does she choose it every time? Mcentire has said that the song has special meaning to her, as it represents the underdog persevering and overcoming adversity. In interviews, she has shared that it’s a song that touches people’s hearts and has resonated with audiences for decades.

“fancy” has not only become a fan favorite, but a hallmark of mcentire’s career.

The Significance of “Fancy” as Reba Mcentire’s Closing Song

As a country music legend, reba mcentire has been captivating audiences for decades. Her signature closing song, “fancy,” has become a staple in her concerts and performances. It resonates emotionally with her fans and has been praised for its powerful message.

Research and statistics show that it is a well-received choice among her audience. The use of “fancy” as a closing song adds a special significance to reba’s shows, leaving a lasting impression on those who attend. The song has become a symbol of her enduring legacy and impact on the country music industry.

Its popularity proves that reba’s timeless music continues to inspire and touch the hearts of many.

Why “Fancy” is Reba Mcentire’s Go-to Closing Song

Reba mcentire’s choice to close her concerts with “fancy” is no accident. The song’s lyrics are deeply personal, telling the story of a woman who overcomes societal odds to achieve success. Reba relates to the lyrics, as it echoes her own story of rising to fame from a small-town background.

“fancy” has become a staple in reba’s repertoire, consistently resonating with her fans. Despite having many other popular hits, “fancy” holds a special meaning and sentimental value for reba. It’s not hard to see why, given the song’s message of perseverance and determination.

For reba, closing her shows with “fancy” is a tribute to her roots and a reminder of how far she’s come.

The Evolution of Reba Mcentire’s Performances of “Fancy”

Reba mcentire’s “fancy” has become a signature song for her. Her performances of the song have evolved significantly over the years. She has incorporated personal experiences into her performances, adding depth to the song’s emotional impact. Reba’s preparation for her concerts has also been a behind-the-scenes affair, with careful planning going into each performance.

With her powerful voice and stage presence, reba always manages to capture audiences with her rendition of “fancy”. Whether it’s the closing song or not, it remains a fan favorite that showcases reba’s talents as a performer and country music icon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Did “Fancy” Become Reba’s Signature Song?

“fancy” became reba’s signature song after she recorded it in 1990. The song was a huge hit and received critical acclaim. Since then, it has become a fan-favorite and a staple in her concert performances.

What is the Story Behind the Song “Fancy”?

“fancy” is a song that tells the story of a poor young woman who becomes a prostitute in order to help her family. The song was written by bobbie gentry and released in 1969. Reba’s rendition of the song has become one of the most iconic in country music history.


Overall, reba mcentire’s explanation for why “fancy” has always been her closing song is incredibly insightful. Through her words, we can gather that the song holds personal significance for her, and the way she performs it allows her to truly connect with her audience.

Beyond its emotional resonance, “fancy” also showcases mcentire’s musical versatility, serving as a testament to her longevity and staying power as a country music superstar. But perhaps most importantly, through her performances of “fancy,” mcentire has been able to inspire and empower generations of women, opening doors and breaking down barriers in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

As mcentire says, “it’s just my way of saying, ‘hey, you can do this too. You can be anything you want to be, and don’t let anybody tell you different. ‘” Ultimately, the enduring appeal of “fancy” lies in the way it speaks to our shared experiences of struggle and triumph, reminding us that we are all capable of greatness.

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