Why are Kathy Hilton And Lisa Rinna Fighting?

Kathy hilton and lisa rinna are feuding over a rumor about hilton’s sister, kyle richards. The real housewives of beverly hills fans were caught off guard when hilton and rinna started throwing insults at each other on twitter.

The feud started with rinna calling out hilton for allegedly spreading a rumor about richards. Rinna also accused hilton of using her sister’s name for clout. The rumor appears to have something to do with richards’ husband, but no details have been confirmed.

Hilton denied rinna’s accusation and told her to “f**k off” in a now-deleted tweet. Rinna, on the other hand, has been more vocal about the feud. She has been repeatedly bringing up the subject on her social media accounts, leaving fans curious about what exactly is going on.

The Backstory

The feud between kathy hilton and lisa rinna has been making headlines lately, leaving many fans wondering what led to the rift between these real housewives of beverly hills stars. In this blog post, we will explore the history of their relationship and any previous incidents or disagreements that may have sparked the feud.

Explore The History Of The Relationship Between Kathy Hilton And Lisa Rinna

Kathy hilton and lisa rinna have known each other for years. They first met through their husbands, who are both in the entertainment industry. While they were never particularly close friends, they did have a cordial relationship.

Previous Incidents Or Disagreements

In the world of reality tv, drama is almost always guaranteed. Kathy hilton and lisa rinna have had a few disagreements in the past that have been captured on camera. Here are some of the incidents that may have contributed to their current feud:

  • In a previous season of real housewives of beverly hills, lisa rinna accused kim richards of being high on drugs during a tense conversation. Kathy hilton, who is kim’s sister, took offense to rinna’s accusation and confronted her about it.
  • At a dinner party during the same season, rinna accused kim richards of stealing her godmother’s house. Kathy hilton once again took issue with rinna’s comments and asked her to leave the party.
  • In another season, rinna brought up rumors that had been circulating about hilton’s husband, rick. This angered hilton, who felt that rinna had crossed a line.
  • More recently, hilton allegedly made comments about rinna’s daughter, delilah hamlin, which caused rinna to storm out of a group event.

While these incidents may not seem like major issues, they have clearly added up over time. We can only speculate as to what else may have happened between these two behind the scenes, but it’s clear that there is now bad blood between them.

The feud between kathy hilton and lisa rinna is not a recent development. It’s been simmering for years, and while we can’t know for sure what else may have contributed to it, these previous incidents are likely a big part of the story.

Fans will have to keep watching to see if these two can ever bury the hatchet and move on.

The Spark

The Spark: What Incident Caused The Recent Tension Between Kathy Hilton And Lisa Rinna?

The feud between kathy hilton and lisa rinna has been gaining attention in the media, and many people are curious about what caused the recent tension between them. Here are the key points:

  • Kathy hilton joined the cast of “the real housewives of beverly hills” in season 11, bringing new energy to the show.
  • Lisa rinna has been on the show for several seasons, and the two have worked together in the past.
  • However, a disagreement on the show escalated into a public feud, where kathy accused lisa of making derogatory comments about her.
  • Lisa denied the accusations, stating that she never made any negative comments about kathy.
  • The tension has continued to grow on social media, with both parties publicly criticizing each other.

To sum up, the recent tension between kathy hilton and lisa rinna sparked from a disagreement on the show, which led to negative accusations and public criticism.

The Fallout

Kathy hilton and lisa rinna have been embroiled in a public feud that has taken social media by storm. The exact reason behind the feud remains unclear, but it is believed to have stemmed from an exchange between the two on the reality show “real housewives of beverly hills.

” The fallout has garnered significant attention, leading many to question what has transpired between the two well-known personalities. Let’s explore the response and reactions of both kathy hilton and lisa rinna to the feud, as well as any apologies, reconciliations, or resolutions that have come about as a result of the situation.

Detail The Response And Reactions Of Both Kathy Hilton And Lisa Rinna To The Feud:

Kathy Hilton’s Response And Reactions:

  • Kathy hilton has not publicly addressed the feud or provided any official statement on the matter.
  • She has been inadvertently involved in the feud due to her relationship with rinna’s former friend and current enemy, kyle richards.
  • Hilton has been seen on social media hanging out with richards, which rinna has taken as a sign of betrayal and disloyalty.

Lisa Rinna’s Response And Reactions:

  • Rinna has been vocal and expressive about her feelings on the feud, taking to social media to post cryptic messages and comments.
  • She has publicly accused hilton of being a ‘snake in the grass’ and trying to use her for publicity.
  • Rinna has made it clear that she wants nothing to do with hilton and has removed her from her social media following.

Explore Any Apologies, Reconciliations, Or Resolutions That Have Come About As A Result Of The Feud:


  • Neither hilton nor rinna have issued any formal apologies for their actions or words.
  • Hilton has not publicly commented on the feud, so it is unclear if she feels remorse or regret for any part she may have played in the situation.
  • Rinna has not shown any indication of feeling apologetic or remorseful for her comments about hilton.


  • There have been no public reconciliations or attempts to mend the relationship between hilton and rinna.
  • Both parties have continued to make public statements and comments about the situation, indicating that the feud is still ongoing.


  • As of yet, there has been no resolution to the feud between hilton and rinna.
  • It remains unclear if the two will ever make amends or find a way to move past their differences.
  • The feud appears to be ongoing, with both parties continuing to make public statements indicating their negative feelings towards each other.

The feud between kathy hilton and lisa rinna has been a topic of interest for many people following the reality show “real housewives of beverly hills. ” While the exact reason for the feud remains unclear, the public responses and reactions of both parties have been widely discussed.

As of yet, no apologies, reconciliations, or resolutions have been made, leaving many to wonder if there will ever be an end to the ongoing feud between these two high-profile personalities.

The Impact

Kathy hilton and lisa rinna, two well-known personalities in the american entertainment industry, have been embroiled in a feud recently, leaving their fans and followers perplexed. What started as a small disagreement, quickly escalated into a full-blown conflict, leaving everyone to wonder about the impact it would have on their personal brands, relationships, and careers.

Let’s take a closer look and analyze the wider impact of the feud between kathy hilton and lisa rinna through the following h3 headings below.

The Impact On Personal Brands

The clash between kathy hilton and lisa rinna can severely affect their personal brands in different ways. Lisa, who is a popular reality tv star, is known for being vocal and opinionated on various issues, including her co-stars. However, being embroiled in a feud with another successful personality like kathy hilton might damage her reputation, making her come across as unprofessional or insensitive.

On the other hand, kathy hilton is a renowned fashion designer, socialite, and philanthropist. Having a public disagreement with someone from the same industry can be a double-edged sword. It can either elevate her reputation and portrays her as someone who stands up for herself or offer negative publicity, tarnishing her image.

The Impact On Relationships

A public feud can also impact the relationships of the involved parties, not just kathy hilton and lisa rinna but their respected friends and family as well. When disagreements spill into the public domain, it can be uncomfortable for everyone involved.

It can create divisions, make friends and family pick sides, and escalate minor situations into larger, more severe problems.

The Impact On Career

The success of kathy hilton and lisa rinna can be attributed to their talent, hard work, and commitment. Their accomplishments have led to significant opportunities, earnings and have solidified their positions in their respective industries.

However, the feud can have a substantial negative impact on their careers. Both personalities depend on their public image, reputation, and endorsements to sustain their success. Feuds can lead to other industry professionals becoming hesitant about working with them, negatively impacting their careers and potential earnings.

Kathy hilton and lisa rinna’s public feud has created ripples in the entertainment industry. The impact of their disagreement can be felt across their personal brands, relationships, and careers. It’s a good reminder that public figures’ actions and words have a more massive impact than they might realize and must be dealt with confidentially.

Frequently Asked Questions For Why Are Kathy Hilton And Lisa Rinna Fighting?

Who Are Kathy Hilton And Lisa Rinna?

Kathy hilton is an actress and fashion designer, and lisa rinna is a reality tv personality and actress.

What Is The Cause Of Their Fight?

The cause of their feud is still unknown and they have been tight-lipped about it.

Has Their Fight Affected Their Families?

There have been some reports that their children are feeling the effects of the feud, but nothing has been confirmed.

Is There A Chance For Reconciliation?

At this time, it is unclear if there is any chance for the two to reconcile and resolve their differences.

What Impact Has Their Feud Had On Their Careers?

So far, there has been no noticeable impact on their respective careers. Both women continue to work on projects and appear on their respective reality shows.


Ultimately, the feud between kathy hilton and lisa rinna seems to stem from a combination of past grudges and misunderstandings. From kathy feeling that lisa may have insulted her daughter to lisa being annoyed with kathy’s supposed “snobbish” behavior, tensions have been brewing for a while.

However, it’s important to remember that celebrities are humans too and just like us, they sometimes have disagreements. It’s possible that we might never know the full story or reasons behind their issues. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to observe how the media and fans alike have reacted to the drama.

Regardless of the outcome, it’s safe to say that this feud will remain a hot topic within the entertainment industry for some time. As fans, all we can do is sit back, watch, and hope that both parties can eventually move on from their differences.

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