Why Did Andy Cohen Get Rid of His Dog?

Andy cohen got rid of his dog because the dog showed signs of aggressiveness towards his son. Television personality and executive producer, andy cohen, made the heartbreaking decision to rehome his beloved dog wacha after the dog showed signs of aggressive behavior towards his son.

Cohen opened up about the difficult choice, revealing that he sought out professional help for his dog and tried various interventions before ultimately deciding that it was best to find wacha a new home. The decision was met with criticism from some fans, but cohen emphasized that his son’s safety was his top priority.

In this article, we’ll explore cohen’s decision to part ways with his furry friend and the importance of prioritizing safety when it comes to pets and children.

The Story Behind Andy Cohen’s Decision To Give Up His Dog

Andy cohen, producer and host of bravo’s watch what happens live, made the difficult decision to give up his dog wacha. Cohen is well-known for his love for dogs and even created a series called the dog whisperer. Wacha, a beagle-foxhound mix, had shown signs of aggression towards cohen’s newborn son.

In a heartfelt instagram post, cohen shared that he had worked with trainers and veterinarians for months, but ultimately decided it was best for his family and wacha to rehome him. Cohen’s decision sparked a conversation about pet ownership and the responsibility that comes with it.

Despite the sadness of giving up his beloved pet, cohen emphasized the importance of prioritizing his son’s safety and well-being.

When Did Andy Cohen Get His Dog Wacha?

Andy cohen, a famous television personality, got wacha, his beloved dog, in 2013. Wacha was adopted from a shelter, where he stole cohen’s heart during a visit. Wacha quickly became a staple in cohen’s life, appearing on his tv show and social media accounts frequently.

Cohen was smitten with wacha’s fun-loving nature and the bond they shared. However, in 2020, cohen sadly had to give wacha away due to some behavioral issues. This decision was not easy for him, but he knew it was best for his family and wacha’s well-being.

Despite this heart-wrenching event, wacha will always hold a special place in cohen’s heart and in the hearts of his fans.

What Happened To Andy Cohen’s Relationship With His Dog?

Andy cohen, the tv personality, had to give up his dog wacha, and many are left wondering why. There were clear signs of trouble in their relationship, including wacha’s misbehavior and aggression. Cohen admits he reached a breaking point when wacha bit his 1-year-old son, leaving a visible mark.

Despite countless efforts to train and work with wacha, he realized that giving him up was the best option for his family’s safety. Cohen expressed his sadness and heartbreak in giving up his beloved companion, but emphasized that it was the necessary decision.

As pet owners, it is important to prioritize the well-being of both the family and the pet, even if it means making a difficult choice.

The Decision To Give Up Wacha

Andy cohen, the popular american television host, had to make a difficult decision to give up his dog, wacha. This decision came after serious thought and consideration, as wacha was a beloved member of his family. However, the dog’s aggressive behavior towards his son left him with no choice but to give him up.

The emotional impact of this decision rocked cohen and those around him, as they all loved wacha dearly. Despite the heart-wrenching outcome, cohen knew that he had made the right choice for the safety of his family. As an animal lover and advocate, he continued to spread the message of responsible pet ownership and the importance of recognizing signs of aggression in animals.

The story of andy cohen and wacha serves as a powerful reminder that sometimes, we must make difficult decisions for the greater good.

The Aftermath

Andy cohen’s decision to rehome his beloved rescue dog, wacha left many fans heartbroken. However, cohen has done his best to cope with the aftermath and move on. Through this experience, he learned valuable lessons about pet ownership and the responsibility that comes with it.

Cohen’s story serves as a reminder of the importance of carefully considering the decision to adopt a pet and being committed to providing them with a loving home for life. While the decision to give up a pet is never easy, it is crucial to prioritize the animal’s well-being above all else.

As for cohen, he continues to share his passion for animals with the world, and we have no doubt he will provide a loving home to a new furry companion in the future.

Understanding The Emotional Bond Between Humans And Their Pets

Andy cohen’s decision to get rid of his dog left many wondering what could have possibly led him to this difficult choice. The bond between humans and pets is a complex and emotional one that cannot be easily explained. Pets are known to provide emotional support to their human owners, and in turn, the owners often become deeply attached to their pets.

Yet, pet ownership also comes with challenges, including the cost and time involved in properly caring for them. It is important to recognize and respect these complexities when forming a relationship with a pet. Ultimately, every situation is unique, and it is up to each individual owner to carefully consider what is best for their pet and for themselves.

The Decision To Give Up A Pet – How To Know When It’s Time

Giving up a pet can be one of the toughest decisions a pet owner can make. It’s crucial to consider all the factors before making the decision. Some possible signs may indicate when it’s time to give up a pet.

For example, if the owner is not able to meet its needs, if it becomes a danger to the owner, or pet’s unpredictable behavior. Coping with the grief and loss of your pet can be challenging. It’s important to remember the good times, talk to someone, and find a positive way to remember your pet.

Reaching out to a support group or speaking to a professional can also be helpful. With time, the sadness will eventually subside.

Frequently Asked Questions On Why Did Andy Cohen Get Rid Of His Dog?

Why Did Andy Cohen Give Away His Dog?

Andy cohen gave away his dog because he was aggressive toward his newborn son. He was concerned about the safety of his child and felt that the dog needed to be rehomed.

What Breed Was Andy Cohen’s Dog?

Andy cohen’s dog was a beagle foxhound mix named wacha. Wacha appeared regularly on the set of “watch what happens live” and was a well-known personality in his own right.

How Did Andy Cohen Handle The Decision?

Andy cohen made the decision to give away his dog after seeking the advice of a professional dog trainer and behavioral specialist. He then found a loving home for wacha with a family who had experience with his breed and temperament.

Was Andy Cohen Criticized For His Decision?

Yes, some people criticized andy cohen for giving away his dog. However, he has been open and honest about his decision and the steps he took to ensure wacha’s safety and well-being.

What Advice Does Andy Cohen Give To Pet Owners?

Andy cohen advises pet owners to take the time to properly evaluate their pet’s behavior and work with professionals to address any issues. He also stresses the importance of prioritizing the safety and well-being of children and family members in these situations.


After having analyzed the reasons why andy cohen had to get rid of his dog wacha, we can understand how difficult this decision was for him. As much as he loved his pet, he had to prioritize the safety of his family.

In order to prevent any further harm, he decided to give wacha to a new family where he can receive the care and attention he deserves. It is evident that the bond between man and animal is strong, and it is never easy to lose a pet.

However, sometimes circumstances can arise that require hard decisions, and in this case, andy’s decision was based on the best intentions for his family and his beloved wacha. We hope that wacha has found a new loving home and that he will continue to bring joy to others.

We appreciate andy cohen’s honesty in sharing his story and hope that by doing so, he has raised awareness of the importance of responsible pet ownership.

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