Why Did Bert Kreischer Leave Travel Channel?

Bert kreischer left travel channel due to a contract disagreement. Kreischer wanted to produce and star in a show on the channel, but they were only interested in him continuing as a host.

Bert kreischer, the comedian and host of travel channel’s “bert the conqueror”, left the network abruptly in 2012. Many fans were left wondering what happened to the high-energy and hilarious personality they had grown to love. While it was initially thought by some that ratings played a part in kreischer’s exit, it later became apparent that there was a disagreement between kreischer and travel channel regarding his potential role in producing and starring in a show on the network.

Kreischer was only interested in continuing with travel channel if he could produce and star in his own program, while the network was only interested in having him host. This disagreement led to kreischer’s departure from the network, leaving fans of both kreischer and the travel channel disappointed.

The Rise of Bert Kreischer: A Brief Background

Bert kreischer is a stand-up comedian, actor, and podcaster who gained widespread attention for his wild partying tales. Born in florida, kreischer started his career in the 1990s as a stand-up comic. His big break came in 2002 when rolling stone published an article about him titled “the undergrad who conned the wet t-shirt world.

” Since then, he has performed on numerous comedy specials and television shows, including his own comedy central series “the bert show. ” Along the way, kreischer developed a passion for travel and food, which eventually led to his hosting duties on travel channel’s “bert the conqueror” and “trip flip.

” However, in 2019, he announced that he was leaving the network to focus on his stand-up comedy career. Despite his departure, kreischer remains a beloved figure in the comedy world and continues to tour and podcast to this day.

The Travel Channel Years: Bert Kreischer’s Success Story

Bert kreischer’s departure from the travel channel stunned fans, leave them speculating. However, his earlier years were filled with success, primarily owing to his hit show on the travel channel. The show became famous due to its exclusive content; it featured bert’s unique perspective of the world and his hilarious approach to travel.

It was an enormous hit among travel enthusiasts that prompted the channel to renew the show numerous times. Bert’s popularity built quickly, making him a household name in the industry. Eventually, he became a tv personality who inspired young people to follow their dreams.

In bert kreischer, travel channel discovered a hidden gem, drawing an audience who loved his distinct personality.

Bert Kreischer’s Decision to Leave Travel Channel

Bert kreischer’s decision to leave travel channel was influenced by several factors. The travel channel played a big role in his career, but disagreements with the network prompted his exit. Burnout and a desire for change also played a part.

As he stated in a podcast, he needed to leave the show and move on to something fresh and exciting. Bert wanted to focus on his stand-up comedy and other projects. Despite his departure from the travel channel, bert remains a beloved comedy figure and has continued to thrive in his craft.

His fanbase continues to grow, and he remains an active, talented performer.

Life After Travel Channel

Bert kreischer brought laughs to many, but after his stint with travel channel, what’s next? Life after travel channel saw bert move on to new ventures. He continues to dominate the comedy world, with ongoing fan support. His popularity only keeps growing.

So what are his future plans? Only time will tell, but there’s no doubt that bert is a force to be reckoned with. With his talent and charisma, there’s no telling where his career will take him next. Bert kreischer’s departure from travel channel was just the beginning of an exciting new chapter in his life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Show Did Bert Kreischer Host On Travel Channel?

Bert kreischer hosted the show ‘bert the conqueror’ on travel channel, which involved him participating in outrageous and thrilling activities across the united states.

Has Bert Kreischer Ever Talked About His Departure from Travel Channel?

Yes, bert kreischer has talked about his departure from travel channel on his podcast, ‘bertcast. ‘ He has mentioned that it was a tough decision, but ultimately he wanted to focus on other projects.

Will Bert Kreischer Ever Return to Travel Channel?

There is no official word on whether bert kreischer will return to travel channel in the future. However, he has said that he enjoyed his time working on ‘bert the conqueror’ and would be open to future opportunities with the network.

What Other Projects Has Bert Kreischer Been Involved With Since Leaving Travel Channel?

Since leaving travel channel, bert kreischer has been busy with various projects, including his podcast ‘bertcast,’ his netflix special ‘hey big boy,’ and hosting the tv show ‘go-big show’ on tbs.


It’s no secret that bert kreischer has a loyal fan base, drawn in by his unique takes on travel and adventure. However, his departure from the travel channel has left many fans wondering why he decided to move on. Despite rumors, there is no clear answer as to why kreischer chose to leave his show behind.

He may have simply been looking for a change, or perhaps he had other opportunities knocking at his door. Regardless of the reason, kreischer has left his mark on the channel and inspired countless viewers to seek out their own brand of adventure.

While we may never know exactly why he left, one thing is clear: bert kreischer will continue to entertain and inspire audiences in whatever endeavor he sets his mind to next. So, let’s raise a glass of beer to the machine and his epic adventures, and here’s to whatever comes next for this talented and beloved comedian.

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