Why Did Burt Reynolds And Sally Field Break Up?

Burt Reynolds and Sally Field were one of Hollywood’s most iconic couples. They met on the set of the film Smokey and the Bandit in 1977 and their chemistry was undeniable. They went on to make four more films together, including The Cannonball Run and Stroker Ace.

But despite their on-screen magic, their relationship was plagued by infidelity and jealousy. In 1982, they announced their split.

There are a lot of reasons why Burt Reynolds and Sally Field broke up. One reason is that they were both very busy with their careers. They didn’t have a lot of time for each other and this led to some problems in their relationship.

Another reason is that they had different views on life. Burt was more easygoing while Sally was more serious. This caused some tension between them.

Finally, Burt Reynolds was unfaithful to Sally Field during their relationship. This led to a lot of arguments and eventually led to the end of their relationship.

Burt Reynolds And Sally Field Age Difference

Burt Reynolds and Sally Field had one of Hollywood’s most iconic romances. They met on the set of the film Smokey and the Bandit in 1977 and their chemistry was undeniable. They went on to star in four more films together, including The Longest Yard and Hooper.

Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t last and they divorced in 1983. Despite their age difference (Reynolds is 10 years older than Field), they always seemed like a perfect match. They were both funny, talented, and good-looking.

Their relationship was full of ups and downs, but they always managed to make each other laugh. Even though they’re not together anymore, Reynolds and Field remain good friends. They’ve both said that they would never rule out working together again in the future.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll see them back on the big screen together again someday soon!

What Happened between Burt Reynolds And Sally Field?

The relationship between Burt Reynolds and Sally Field was one of the most iconic Hollywood romances of the 1970s. The pair met on the set of the film Smokey and the Bandit in 1977 and quickly fell in love. They were constantly in the public eye and their relationship was highly publicized.

However, after just two years together, they broke up. There are many theories as to why their relationship ended so abruptly. Some say that it was because Reynolds was too much of a ladies man and couldn’t be faithful to Field.

Others claim that Field was simply too high-maintenance for Reynolds. Whatever the reason, their break-up left both parties heartbroken. In recent years, however, it seems like all is forgiven between Reynolds and Field.

In 2015, they reunited for an episode ofField’s show, Hot in Cleveland. And earlier this year, they presented together at the Golden Globes Awards show. It’s clear that these two have finally made peace with each other – even if we’ll never really know what happened between them all those years ago.

Who was Burt Reynolds True Love?

In a recent interview with People magazine, Burt Reynolds opened up about his true love. Reynolds said that while he had many loves throughout his life, there was one woman who truly held his heart. That woman was actress Sally Field.

Reynolds and Field first met on the set of the film Smokey and the Bandit in 1977. They quickly developed a strong bond both on and off screen. Though their relationship wasn’t always easy, they remained close until Field’s death in 2019.

In the years since her passing, Reynolds has spoken fondly of her saying “I loved her so much.” It’s clear that Burt Reynolds truly loved Sally Field. She was the one woman who held his heart and despite their ups and downs, their bond remained strong until the end.

What Does Sally Fields Suffer From?

Sally Fields has been open about her battle with Lyme disease, which she was diagnosed with in 2010. The actress revealed that she first started experiencing symptoms in 2009 but didn’t know what was wrong with her. “I’d wake up and I couldn’t move,” she said.

“It progressed very quickly to the point where I couldn’t even stand up.” After months of testing, Fields finally got a diagnosis of Lyme disease and began treatment. She’s since become an advocate for others suffering from the condition, raising awareness about the importance of early diagnosis and treatment.

What Did Oprah Ask Sally Field?

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Sally Field was asked about her experience playing the iconic role of Norma Rae. Field said that she was drawn to the role because it was “a woman who was willing to sacrifice everything for what she believed in.”


In the 1970s, Burt Reynolds and Sally Field were one of Hollywood’s hottest couples. They starred in several films together, including Smokey and the Bandit and The Cannonball Run. However, their relationship was not always smooth sailing.

In 2015, Field revealed that she had suffered from depression during her time with Reynolds. She also said that he could be “very critical” and that their relationship was “complicated”. Ultimately, the two stars decided to go their separate ways in 1982.

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