Why Did Cary Grant And Betsy Drake Divorce?

Cary grant and betsy drake divorced due to rumored infidelity and grant’s desire for children. Cary grant was a hollywood icon known for his charm, wit and dashing good looks.

Grant had a successful acting career and was wildly popular with audiences. However, his personal life was tumultuous, particularly his marriage to actress betsy drake. The couple’s marriage was said to have been strained due to allegations of infidelity on both sides.

It was also rumored that grant’s desire to have children caused a rift in their relationship, as drake was unable to conceive. Despite their issues, the couple remained amicable after their 1962 divorce, with grant even helping drake produce her film “the girl on the pier. ” In this article, we will explore the details of their relationship and examine the factors that led to their divorce.

The Glamorous Couple: Cary Grant And Betsy Drake

Cary grant and betsy drake were one of hollywood’s most glamorous couples. Grant, born as archibald leach, was a leading actor during the golden age of hollywood, famous for his dashing and charming persona. Drake, on the other hand, was an up-and-coming actress and writer.

They met on the set of the movie “every girl should be married” and soon fell in love. They got married in 1949 and became a power couple in the industry. Their careers continued to soar, but their marriage hit a rough patch in the mid-1950s.

They tried to work things out but ultimately decided to end their marriage in 1962. The reason for their divorce was never officially confirmed, but rumors suggested that infidelity and differences in personality were the cause. Despite their split, cary grant and betsy drake remained close until grant’s death in 1986.

Falling In Love

Cary grant and betsy drake met on the set of the movie, “every girl should be married”. Their courtship was swift, and they soon fell madly in love. After a few years of dating, grant and drake decided to get married.

Their early time together was full of joy and passion. However, things began to sour as their careers took different directions. Drake wanted to continue acting, whereas grant preferred to focus on his business ventures. Tensions mounted, and the couple eventually divorced, citing irreconcilable differences.

Despite the end of their marriage, both grant and drake remained on good terms and continued to interact positively with one another. The end of their love story was tragic, but their romance will always remain a cherished memory in hollywood history.

Marriage Bliss

Cary grant and betsy drake tied the knot in 1949 in a lavish ceremony. They were a power couple, both successful in their careers. Grant was a celebrated actor, while drake was a writer. During their marriage, they co-starred in a film together, “room for one more”.

Despite their initial bliss, things took a turn for the worse in 1958 when a devastating incident occurred. The couple was on a trip to morocco when their car crashed, resulting in drake’s injuries. This accident shook their marriage to the core and ultimately led to their divorce in 1962.

Although they parted ways, both grant and drake remained active in their careers and continued to work on various projects.

Troubles In Paradise

Cary grant and betsy drake, one of hollywood’s most loved couples, divorced after seven years of marriage. The reasons for their split is said to be caused by growing tensions within their relationship, caused by their personal struggles. Drake suffered a miscarriage which led to emotional distress, while grant’s mother’s passing took a significant toll on him.

Furthermore, drake became more involved with practising her faith, while grant was not interested in religion, creating another point of contention. These struggles took a toll on their relationship, leading to their eventual divorce. Despite the end of their marriage, both remained friends until grant’s passing in 1986.

The end of their relationship was not reflective of a lack of love, but rather the impact of personal struggles on their union.

The Divorce

Cary grant and betsy drake’s marriage was doomed due to multiple factors. One of the significant events that contributed to their separation was drake’s car accident, which left her physically and emotionally scarred. The accident led to her growing dependency on drugs and caused a rift in their relationship.

The couple went through a series of legal proceedings, with grant filing for divorce and drake contesting it. Their divorce settlement was kept private, but it was rumored to be a substantial amount. Despite the acrimonious end to their marriage, grant and drake remained friends until his death.

The reasons behind their divorce, coupled with the dramatic events leading to it, continue to fascinate fans of the famous hollywood couple today.

Cary Grant And Betsy Drake: The Aftermath

Cary grant and betsy drake’s relationship was once the envy of hollywood. Unfortunately, their love story did not have a happily ever after. After the pair’s divorce, their lives took different paths. While cary grant went on to have other marriages and children, betsy drake retreated from the limelight and focused on her art career.

Despite their split, the two remained friendly towards each other. It’s clear that they both were able to move on in their own way. Cary grant and betsy drake’s relationship serves as a reminder that even the most enviable love stories can come to an end.

Despite the heartbreak, both parties were able to find happiness again, proving that there is life after divorce.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Was Cary Grant’s Marriage History Before Betsy Drake?

Cary grant had four previous marriages before he met and married betsy drake.

What Were The Reasons Cited For Their Divorce?

Cary grant and betsy drake cited incompatibility due to their different personalities as the reason for their divorce.

Did Cary Grant And Betsy Drake Have Any Children Together?

No, cary grant and betsy drake did not have any children together.

How Did The Divorce Affect Betsy Drake’s Career?

Betsy drake’s acting career slowed down significantly after the divorce from cary grant.

Was Cary Grant Known For His Multiple Marriages?

Yes, cary grant was known for his multiple marriages and his reputation as a ladies’ man.


It’s difficult to pin down what caused cary grant and betsy drake’s divorce. They had a seemingly happy marriage, but it was cut short after just twelve years. Some believe that cary’s infidelities were the cause, while others attribute it to betsy’s newfound interest in spiritualism.

Whatever the reason may have been, it’s clear that their divorce had a significant impact on both of them. During their time together, they made a number of films and traveled extensively. After their split, cary went on to marry two more times, while betsy never remarried.

Despite their divorce, it’s clear that they cared for each other deeply. In her memoir, betsy wrote that she and cary remained close until his death in 1986. Although we may never know the full story behind their divorce, it’s clear that cary grant and betsy drake both lived fascinating, adventurous lives.

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