Why Did Doja Cat Shave Her Head?

Doja cat shaved her head for the cover of her new album, “planet her.” The artist made the bold move as a way to convey her growth and transformation as an artist.

The album features collaborations with several big names, including the weeknd and ariana grande, and its release was highly anticipated by fans worldwide. Doja cat is known for her unique fashion sense and willingness to take risks, and her new look has only added to her image as a trendsetter.

Many fans and followers have praised her for having the confidence to make such a drastic change and for staying true to herself as an artist. With the success of “planet her,” it seems that doja cat’s decision to shave her head has paid off in more ways than one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Was Doja Cat’s Hair Real When She Shaved It?

Yes, doja cat’s hair was real when she shaved it. She had previously been wearing wigs and weaves to experiment with different looks.

How Did Fans And Followers of Doja Cat React To Her New Look?

Doja cat’s fans and followers were mostly supportive of her decision to shave her head, with many praising her for her bold move.

What Messages Did Doja Cat Convey Through Her New Look?

Doja cat’s new look was a way for her to convey messages of empowerment, individuality, and self-expression.

Will Doja Cat Keep Her Shaved Head Look For Long?

It is uncertain whether doja cat will keep her shaved head look for long, as she is known for changing up her style frequently. However, it is clear that she will continue to use her appearance as a means of artistic expression.


After going through the various events and interviews related to doja cat and her head shaving, it can be concluded that her decision was personal and not in response to any external pressure. She shaved her head to reclaim her own identity and detach herself from the stereotype that hip-hop culture had forced upon her.

In this age where societal expectations can often be suffocating, we can take inspiration from doja cat’s fearless act of self-liberation. It sends a message that it’s okay to break free from stereotypes and expectations and create our own path.

Shaving her head was a way of showing that as long as we value ourselves and our choices, nothing else should matter. As fans continue to enjoy her music and art, the shaved head symbolizes doja cat’s evolution as an artist and as a person.

Overall, we can only appreciate the courage and individuality that she has displayed and continue to support her journey, hair or no hair!

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