Why Did Justin Bieber Cancel His Purpose Tour?

Justin Bieber cancelled his Purpose Tour due to unforeseen circumstances. The pop star officially announced the cancellation in July 2017 after completing 154 shows on the worldwide tour.

It was reported that the reasons behind the cancellation were due to Bieber’s exhaustion and his decision to focus on “his spiritual journey”. The tour began in March 2016 and was set to finish in Asia in October 2017. Fans were left disappointed and ticket holders were issued full refunds.

Bieber’s cancellation shocked fans who were anticipating his highly anticipated performances. The Purpose tour was his third concert tour, following Believe Tour in 2012-2013, and My World Tour in 2010-2011.

Sudden Cancellation

Justin Bieber had ignited the music industry with his Purpose World Tour, which started in March 2016. The tour was doing exceptionally well and Bieber had performed 154 shows over 16 months, which grossed almost $200 million. However, the sudden cancellation of the tour shocked everyone and left many unanswered questions.

Frustration Among Fans

After the announcement of the sudden cancellation, fans were left frustrated and disappointed. Many of them had already purchased tickets and made travel arrangements to attend upcoming concerts. However, instead of enjoying the once in a lifetime experience of seeing their favorite artist perform live, many were left feeling angry and cheated.

  • Beliebers all around the world were devastated and took to social media to voice their opinions.
  • Many fans claimed that the cancellation was a result of Bieber’s lack of commitment and unprofessionalism.
  • Despite the frustration, there was sympathy for Bieber, as many felt that he was struggling with personal issues.

Unanswered Questions

Despite various theories, the reasons behind the sudden cancellation of the Purpose World Tour remain unclear.

Some of the unanswered questions include:
– What was the cause of Bieber’s sudden decision to cancel the tour?
– Was it due to exhaustion or personal issues?
– Why did Bieber choose to cancel the tour at such a late stage?

Despite the lack of clarity surrounding the sudden cancellation, Bieber’s fans continue to support him and hope that he will be back soon with more music and live performances.

Health Concerns

Justin Bieber cancelled his Purpose tour due to health concerns. In a statement, he said he needed to prioritize his well-being and prolonging the tour could’ve led to burnout. Although his fans were disappointed, his health and wellness came first.

Justin Bieber’s decision to cancel the remaining dates of his ‘Purpose’ tour came as a shock to his fans and the music industry. The tour, which began in March 2016, was scheduled to run through September 2017. However, in July 2017, Bieber announced that he would be canceling the last 14 shows. The cancellation, as it turned out, was due to health concerns that the pop sensation had been facing.

Exhaustion And Stress

One of the reasons behind Justin Bieber’s cancellation of the ‘Purpose’ tour was exhaustion and stress. Bieber had been on the road for a year, performing to sold-out crowds and engaging in numerous media interviews, meet and greets, and promotional activities. The non-stop touring schedule, coupled with the pressure to maintain his image and reputation, took a toll on Bieber mentally and physically. As a result, he was left feeling drained and overwhelmed.

Insistence On Prioritizing Mental Health

Another reason behind Bieber’s decision to cancel his tour was his insistence on prioritizing his mental health. In a statement released to his fans, Bieber revealed that he needs some time off to rest and to ensure that he can be “the man and the artist” that he wants to be. Bieber also admitted to needing some time to work on his “mind, heart, and soul,” indicating that his decision to cancel the tour was an opportunity to focus on his mental well-being. Overall, Justin Bieber’s decision to cancel his ‘Purpose’ tour was primarily due to exhaustion, stress, and his desire to prioritize his mental health. Although the cancellation was disappointing to his fans who had purchased tickets to see him perform, Bieber’s decision highlights the importance of taking care of oneself, even in the face of success and fame.

Spiritual Awakening

Justin Bieber created headlines all around the world when he abruptly ended his Purpose World Tour after performing for 154 shows in 14 months. This unexpected decision of Bieber left his fans heartbroken. But the cause of this sudden decision was more significant than anyone could imagine; it was a spiritual awakening.

Justin’s Exploration Of Faith

Justin Bieber has been vocal about his beliefs and faith for many years now. In early 2014, he told a Rolling Stone interviewer that he believed in heaven and hell and that he prayed regularly. He also revealed that he had been baptized by Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz in New York City.

In 2017, Justin Bieber became deeply involved with the Hillsong Church, which helped him focus on his faith and spirituality. He reportedly attended services regularly and even got a religious tattoo on his body. He also took a break from music to reflect on his spiritual journey, which led him to cancel his Purpose Tour.

His Decision To Leave Touring Behind

For Justin, cancelling the rest of his Purpose Tour was a tough decision, but his spiritual awakening made him understand that he needed to put his mental health and spirituality above his career. In a heartfelt Instagram post, he told his fans that he needed some time off to focus on “becoming the man that he wants to be” and to grow and build his relationship with God.

While this news was hard to swallow for fans, Justin’s decision to prioritize his well-being and spiritual growth sent a message that he was taking charge of his life. This decision was commendable, and it also highlighted the importance of mental health awareness in the entertainment industry.

Final Thoughts

Justin Bieber’s spiritual awakening was a significant turning point in his life that led to the cancellation of his Purpose Tour. It took courage for him to put his well-being and faith in front of his career. Justin inspired many of his fans to prioritize their mental health and spiritual journey.

Professional And Personal Development

Justin Bieber canceled his Purpose tour in 2017 due to personal and professional development reasons. Bieber stated that he needed to focus on his mental health and well-being, and apologized to his fans for any disappointment caused.

Other Career Opportunities

After canceling his ‘Purpose’ tour, Justin Bieber cited ‘professional and personal development’ as his key reasons. In reality, the decision was instrumental in freeing up time for other opportunities. With a flexible schedule, Justin had more time to experiment and explore new career paths. He could focus on writing and producing new music, building his fashion line, and exploring other business ventures. By taking a step back from touring, Justin could channel his artistic and entrepreneurial energy into new and exciting projects.

Spending Time With Family And Friends

Another important factor in Justin’s decision to cancel his tour was his desire to spend more time with family and friends. Justin is incredibly close to his family, and he had spent much time on the road, touring and promoting his brand. Although he values his job, Justin ultimately decided that his personal relationships were more important. He took a break from touring to spend quality time with his family and rekindle friendships. Justin could now attend family events, celebrate birthdays, and simply relax with his loved ones.


Justin Bieber’s cancellation of his ‘Purpose’ tour was a significant decision that ultimately served to benefit both his professional and personal life. By taking time off the tour, Justin could explore other career opportunities, as well as spend time with family and friends.

Frequently Asked Questions For Why Did Justin Bieber Cancel His Purpose Tour?

How Many Times Has Justin Bieber Cancelled A Tour?

Justin Bieber has cancelled tours twice in his career. The first was in 2017 during his Purpose World Tour due to exhaustion, and the second was in 2020 for his Changes Tour due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who Opened For Justin Bieber 2012?

In 2012, Carly Rae Jepsen opened for Justin Bieber.

Did Justin Bieber Go Back On Tour?

Yes, Justin Bieber is back on tour after taking a break for a few years. He announced his “Justice World Tour” in June 2021, starting in February 2022, with North American dates first. Bieber fans can expect to see him perform live again soon.


Justin Bieber’s Purpose tour was cancelled due to exhaustion and personal issues. Despite his statement that he wanted to focus on his mental health, rumors swirled around his involvement with Hillsong Church and his decision to rededicate his life to Christianity.

Regardless of the reasons behind his decision, Bieber’s honesty and willingness to prioritize his well-being serve as a reminder that even the most successful individuals can struggle with mental health issues and the importance of self-care.

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