Why Did Justin Bieber Challenge Tom Cruise to a Fight?

Justin Bieber challenged Tom Cruise to a fight because he tweeted out a challenge on June 9, 2019. The reason behind the challenge is not clear though there are various assumptions and speculations.

Bieber tweeted ‘I wanna challenge Tom Cruise to fight in the octagon. Tom if you don’t take this fight your scared and you will never live it down. ‘ This tweet went viral with many people wondering why the young popstar would want to fight Tom Cruise.

Many speculated that it was a publicity stunt or a joke while others suggested it could be a result of Bieber’s previous alleged drug use. Cruise hasn’t responded to the challenge yet and it seems like the fight may not happen at all. Nonetheless, people still wonder what prompted Bieber to challenge the seasoned actor who is well known for performing his own stunts in his action-packed movies.

Frequently Asked Questions On Why Did Justin Bieber Challenge Tom Cruise To A Fight?

Why Justin Bieber Wants To Fight Tom Cruise?

Justin Bieber reportedly wants to fight Tom Cruise because he wants to challenge himself and believes Tom Cruise would be a worthy opponent. However, it’s unclear if this is actually true or just a joke and there has been no official confirmation of any actual fight.

Who Discovered Justin Bieber?

Scooter Braun discovered Justin Bieber on YouTube in 2008 and later became his manager.

What Prompted Justin Bieber To Challenge Tom Cruise To A Fight?

Justin Bieber’s motive behind challenging Tom Cruise to a fight remains unclear. He had previously tweeted that he wanted to test Tom Cruise’s fighting skills.


Ultimately, Justin Bieber challenging Tom Cruise to a fight was just another bizarre moment in the celebrity world. While it’s unclear why Bieber chose Cruise specifically, it’s clear that his motivation had little to do with Cruise’s actual fighting ability.

Instead, it seems to have been a poorly thought out attempt at attention seeking or a joke gone too far. Regardless of the reasoning behind it, hopefully, Bieber and other celebrities can learn to make better choices when it comes to how they use their platform and influence.

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