Why Did Manti Te’O Leave the Nfl?

Manti te’o left the nfl due to a lack of playing time and injuries. Despite being a talented linebacker, he struggled to make a significant impact on the field and was eventually released by the new orleans saints in 2019. te’o was a standout player in college, earning numerous accolades and establishing himself as one of the top linebackers in the country.

However, his professional career was plagued by injuries and inconsistent play, leading to him becoming a journeyman player. He spent time with the san diego chargers, indianapolis colts, and new orleans saints, but was never able to establish himself as a starter.

Ultimately, te’o decided to step away from football and pursue other interests. While his nfl career may not have lived up to expectations, he will always be remembered for his impressive collegiate achievements.

Background Of Manti Te’O’s Career In The Nfl

Manti te’o began his nfl career with a lot of hype. After a successful stint at notre dame, where he was a consensus all-american and a heisman trophy finalist, the san diego chargers drafted him in the second round of the 2013 nfl draft.

However, his career in the nfl lasted only a few seasons, and he left the league at a relatively young age. In this section of the blog post, we will discuss the background of manti te’o’s career in the nfl, starting with his college career at notre dame.

Overview Of Manti Te’O’s College Career At Notre Dame

  • Consensus all-american
  • Earned the distinction in 2012
  • Heisman trophy finalist
  • Finished second in the voting in 2012
  • Led notre dame to the bcs national championship game
  • Lost to alabama in the game
  • Career stats at notre dame
  • 437 total tackles
  • 28.5 tackles for loss
  • 7.5 sacks
  • 8 interceptions
  • 2 fumble recoveries

His Draft To The San Diego Chargers In 2013

  • Drafted in the second round
  • Selected 38th overall
  • Signed his rookie contract on may 9, 2013

Analysis Of His Performance In His Rookie Season

  • Played in 13 games
  • Made 61 total tackles
  • Recorded 4 pass deflections
  • Missed the final 3 games of the season due to injury

Manti te’o’s career in the nfl did not pan out as many had expected. Although he showed potential in his rookie season, his injuries, off-field controversies, and inconsistent play hindered his progress. In the end, he retired from the nfl at the age of 28.

Despite his shortcomings in the nfl, he left an indelible mark at notre dame, where he is still regarded as one of the school’s all-time greats.

Injury Challenges Faced By Manti Te’O

Discussion On The Rollercoaster Of Injuries Faced By Te’O

Manti te’o had his fair share of injuries throughout his career. Here are the key points of his injury rollercoaster:

  • In 2013, te’o suffered a sprained foot that kept him sidelined for several weeks.
  • Te’o struggled with a concussion in 2015 and missed three games.
  • The following year, te’o fractured his left foot in week 3, ending his season early.
  • In 2017, te’o dealt with knee and ankle sprains, which limited him to just ten games played.

How The Injury Impacted His Subsequent Seasons

Manti te’o’s injuries inevitably affected his performance and playing time, with the following key points:

  • Although te’o played in a majority of the chargers’ 2013 games, his sprained foot hurt his mobility and ability to compete at his best.
  • In 2015, after his concussion, te’o struggled with poor performance and lost his starting spot.
  • The fractured foot te’o suffered in 2016 cut his season short and also required surgery in the offseason to fully recover.
  • Due to his ankle sprain, te’o missed nearly half of the 2017 season, and his limited playing time led to the end of his time with the chargers.

Overview Of His Decision To Switch To The New Orleans Saints

After five injury-prone years with the chargers, manti te’o signed a two-year deal with the new orleans saints in 2017. Here are the key points about his move:

  • Te’o signed with the saints to bolster their defense and compete for a starting linebacker role.
  • His transition to the saints was smooth, and te’o demonstrated his value in his first season, starting six of his 11 games played.
  • Although he didn’t match his 2017 performance, 2018 was a healthy year for te’o, appearing in 16 games and totaling 37 tackles.
  • In the end, the saints released te’o after his contract expired in 2019, leading to his current free agency status.

Struggles With Performance And Low Playing Time

Manti te’o was once regarded as one of the top linebacker prospects in the nfl. However, after several underwhelming seasons, he left the league. Among the factors that led to his departure were struggles with performance and low playing time, which are discussed below.

Explanation Of The Factors That Led To His Inconsistent Performance In The Nfl

There were several reasons for te’o’s inconsistent performance in the nfl:

  • Injuries: During his time in the league, te’o struggled with a series of injuries that sidelined him for several games. These injuries included a foot fracture, a concussion, and an achilles tendon tear.
  • Scheme fit: Te’o was known primarily for his coverage skills in college. However, in the nfl, he was expected to play a more traditional linebacker role, which he struggled with.
  • Mental toughness: There were concerns among some nfl scouts about te’o’s mental toughness, particularly after the infamous “catfishing” incident, where he was the victim of a hoax involving a fake girlfriend.

Discussion Of His Declining Playing Time In The League

Te’o’s performance struggles translated to decreased playing time:

  • Lack of impact: Te’o failed to make much of an impact during his time on the field. He recorded just two interceptions and one sack in four seasons.
  • Roster turnover: Te’o played for multiple teams during his tenure in the nfl, which made it difficult for him to establish himself as a key contributor.
  • Losing favor with coaches: As he failed to live up to expectations, te’o fell out of favor with his coaches. This resulted in him being benched and ultimately released by multiple teams.

Analysis Of How This Affected His Motivation And Drive To Play In The Nfl

Te’o’s struggles with performance and playing time had a negative impact on his motivation and drive to continue playing in the nfl:

  • Diminished confidence: Te’o’s struggles on the field appeared to affect his confidence in his abilities. He spoke publicly about the challenges he faced in adapting to the nfl game, which suggested he was questioning his own abilities.
  • Reduced desire: The constant roster turnover and lack of playing time likely took a toll on te’o’s motivation. By the end of his nfl career, he spoke openly about wanting to explore other opportunities outside of football.

While there were several factors that led to manti te’o’s departure from the nfl, struggles with performance and low playing time were certainly among them. His inability to adapt to the nfl game and establish himself as a key contributor ultimately led to his decline and ultimate exit from professional football.

Mental Health Issues And Personal Challenges

Highlighting Manti Te’O’s Personal Struggles Both On And Off The Field

Manti te’o’s journey to the nfl was fraught with both personal and professional obstacles. Here are some key points to highlight his struggles:

  • Te’o was a standout linebacker at notre dame, where he earned a reputation as a hardworking, talented player. However, his off-field issues continued to plague him, including the infamous “catfishing” scandal in which he was duped into believing he had a girlfriend who did not exist.
  • Te’o’s draft stock plummeted as a result of the scandal, and he was drafted by the san diego chargers in the second round of the 2013 nfl draft.
  • Despite his success in college, te’o struggled to make an impact in the nfl. He was plagued by injuries and inconsistency, and his performance on the field was often criticized.

Discussion Of The Death Of His Grandmother And Girlfriend

In 2012, during te’o’s senior season at notre dame, his grandmother and girlfriend both passed away within hours of each other. Here are some key points to discuss the emotional toll this took on te’o:

  • Te’o was devastated by the loss of his grandmother and girlfriend. He continued to play for notre dame throughout the season, but many questioned whether the tragedy had affected his performance on the field.
  • Te’o has spoken openly about the impact this had on his mental health in the years that followed. He struggled with depression and anxiety, and sought help from therapists and counselors.
  • In the nfl, te’o continued to face personal challenges that were compounded by his grief over losing his grandmother and girlfriend. He struggled to find a sense of belonging on his teams, and often felt isolated and alone.

How Te’O’s Struggles Impacted His Career In The Nfl

Manti te’o’s struggles both on and off the field had a significant impact on his career in the nfl. Here are some key points to discuss how these challenges affected his performance:

  • Te’o struggled with injuries throughout his time in the nfl, which limited his playing time and prevented him from reaching his potential. He played in just 62 games over six seasons before ultimately leaving the league.
  • Te’o’s personal struggles were also a contributing factor to his underwhelming performance in the nfl. His depression and anxiety made it difficult to focus on football, and he often struggled to find motivation to perform at his best.
  • In the end, te’o’s decision to leave the nfl was a result of a combination of factors. His personal struggles and mental health challenges made it difficult for him to continue playing, and he ultimately decided to step away from the game to focus on his well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Why Did Manti Te’O Leave The Nfl?


While his nfl career was ultimately unremarkable, manti te’o will remain a notable figure in football due to the scandal involving his fake girlfriend. The story dominated headlines for a time and still resonates as one of the strangest and most bizarre incidents in recent nfl history.


Manti te’o had a promising college football career, but his entry into the nfl wasn’t quite as successful. He was plagued with injuries that hindered his performance and eventually led to his departure from the league after just four seasons.

As a result, te’o took a different path by playing in the new alliance of american football league before ultimately deciding to retire from football altogether. While his football journey had its ups and downs, te’o made valuable contributions both on and off the field during his time in the nfl.

He remains fondly remembered for his achievements at notre dame and for his perseverance in fighting through the adversity he faced during his football career. As manti te’o moves forward, he is likely to continue making an impact with his philanthropic efforts, and his resilience will continue to serve as an inspiration to aspiring athletes everywhere.

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