Why Did Rob Mcelhenney Get Fat?

Rob mcelhenney gained weight for a storyline on it’s always sunny in philadelphia. The actor and co-creator of the show wanted to tackle the issue of body shaming in the industry by deliberately gaining weight for his character, mac.

Mcelhenney’s transformation sparked mixed opinions, as some praised him for his commitment to the role while others criticized the decision as irresponsible. Despite the criticism, mcelhenney defended his decision, stating that he wanted to show that actors’ bodies can change for a number of reasons and that body shaming should never be acceptable.

The actor has since lost the weight and returned to his original physique but continues to advocate for body positivity and acceptance in the entertainment industry.

The Reason Behind Rob Mcelhenney’s Decision To Gain Weight

Rob mcelhenney, the creator and star of it’s always sunny in philadelphia, gained weight for a specific reason. He wanted to add an extra dimension to his character called mac, who was known for his physique. Tackling the taboo topic of men and body image, mcelhenney wanted to bring attention to the unrealistic beauty standards set for men in the media.

He felt that men are often pigeonholed into only one physical category, and that their bodies should be more diverse in entertainment. Although critics were initially apprehensive about mcelhenney’s decision to gain weight, his portrayal of mac’s struggles resonated with audiences.

His character’s weight gain turned into an essential part of the show’s storylines.

The Impact Of Rob’s Weight Gain

Rob mcelhenney, co-creator, writer and actor from it’s always sunny in philadelphia, gained a significant amount of weight for season 7 of the hit show. Fans and critics alike were shocked at his physical transformation. While some appreciated the comedic value, others were concerned for his health.

The change in body image of a main character can have a significant impact on the show’s tone and storyline. Fans openly voiced their opinions on social media, with some criticizing and others showing support. Regardless of the criticism, rob defended his weight gain as necessary for the plotline, highlighting the importance of body positivism.

The Early Days Of Rob Mcelhenney

Rob mcelhenney is famous for his role in the tv show “it’s always sunny in philadelphia,” but did you know that he wasn’t always the same shape and size? Rob’s early days saw him leading a fairly normal childhood, growing up in philadelphia and becoming interested in acting and writing at an early age.

However, after the show’s first season was picked up, rob started putting on weight rapidly without warning. Friends and acquaintances were initially puzzled by his sudden transformation, which was ultimately due to his quest for authenticity in his role as mac on the show.

Today, rob is still working hard on his craft, but he’s also taken the time to get back in shape and become an inspiration to many people who want to make positive changes in their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Weight Did Rob Mcelhenney Gain?

Rob mcelhenney gained around 50 pounds for his role in “it’s always sunny in philadelphia. ” He did it gradually over the course of a few months, working with a nutritionist and personal trainer.

Did Rob Mcelhenney Lose The Weight He Gained?

Yes, rob mcelhenney lost the weight he gained for “it’s always sunny in philadelphia” and returned to his normal weight. He did it with the help of a nutritionist and personal trainer and by following a healthy diet and exercise routine.

What Was The Audience’s Response To Rob Mcelhenney’s Weight Gain?

There were mixed reactions to rob mcelhenney’s weight gain. Some fans praised him for taking on the challenge and exploring a topic that is often stigmatized. Others criticized the decision, saying it was unnecessary and that it made the show less enjoyable.

Did Rob Mcelhenney Enjoy Gaining Weight?

Rob mcelhenney has said that he did not enjoy the process of gaining weight and that it was difficult both physically and mentally. However, he appreciated the experience and the opportunity to explore a different perspective.


Rob mcelhenney’s weight gain might have puzzled millions of fans initially, but he used it in a remarkable way to create waves in the entertainment industry. His transformation for the show has not only inspired several others, but also showcased the nature of his dedication and commitment towards his craft.

Rob’s decision to gain weight sheds light on the aspects of owning your body and using it as a tool to bring out the best performances. Weight gain can be equally challenging as losing it, and in rob’s case, it is indeed a statement.

Comfortably breaking the stereotype of a perfect body image, rob has emphasized the importance of being comfortable in your own skin while setting an example in accepting one’s identity and talent. Rob mcelhenney’s transformation is not just a weight-loss journey, but a journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and hard work, which is what makes it an inspirational story to live by.

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