Why Did Robert Pattinson Kiss Taylor Lautner?

Robert pattinson kissed taylor lautner for a scene in the movie “the twilight saga: eclipse.” In the movie, their characters share an intimate moment during a fight scene.

The kiss received a lot of media attention and speculation from fans about their sexual orientation. However, both actors have made it clear that it was just a scripted scene for the movie. Robert pattinson is a british actor, model, and musician best known for his role as edward cullen in the “twilight” movies.

Taylor lautner is an american actor, voice actor, and model best known for his role as jacob black in the “twilight” movies. Both actors have since continued to have successful careers in the entertainment industry.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Why Did Robert Pattinson Kiss Taylor Lautner?

What Is The Story Behind Pattinson And Lautner’S Kiss?

The kiss happened during a “saturday night live” sketch where pattinson played a vampire. The kiss was part of the script and was done for comedic effect.

Did The Kiss Mean Pattinson Is Gay Or Bisexual?

No, the kiss was a scripted moment for a comedic skit. Pattinson has never publicly identified as being gay or bisexual.

How Did Pattinson And Lautner Feel About The Kiss?

Both actors have talked about the kiss in interviews and have said it was just a funny moment in a skit. They both have a good sense of humor and didn’t take it too seriously.

Was The Kiss Controversial?

Some people found the kiss to be controversial, while others found it to be hilarious. It all depends on personal views and opinions.

Did The Kiss Impact Pattinson’S Career?

The kiss had no significant impact on pattinson’s career. He has continued to work in hollywood and has starred in numerous films since the skit aired.

Have Other Actors Kissed On Saturday Night Live?

Yes, there have been many instances of actors kissing on “saturday night live” in the past. It is a common comedic ploy used in skits.


As we wrap up this intriguing topic of robert pattinson kissing taylor lautner, it’s important to note that sometimes, things are not always as they seem. Celebrities constantly find themselves at the center of rumors, speculations, and assumptions. While this particular moment between pattinson and lautner may have stirred up curiosity, it is important to appreciate that our actions don’t always have to fit a certain mold.

After all, what is wrong with men expressing affection for each other in a friendly way? It’s about time that we normalize love and kindness in all its forms. By breaking away from traditional gender roles, we can create a world that is more accepting, loving, and open-minded.

Let us celebrate love, in whatever form it takes.

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