Why Did the Sixers Trade Mikal Bridges?

The Sixers traded Mikal Bridges to acquire Zhaire Smith because they saw potential in Smith’s athleticism and defensive abilities. The trade also allowed them to gain future draft assets.

Mikal Bridges was drafted by the 76ers but was later traded to the Phoenix Suns in exchange for Zhaire Smith. The decision to trade Bridges was based on the Sixers’ evaluation of Smith’s potential and their desire to strengthen their roster for the future.

This move was part of the team’s long-term strategy to build a competitive and versatile lineup. The Sixers believed that the trade would provide them with a more well-rounded team and improve their chances of success in the future.

Background Of Mikal Bridges

Mikal Bridges, a talented basketball player known for his defensive prowess and sharpshooting abilities, made a significant impact during his time at Villanova University before being drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers.

Early Career

Bridges showed early promise as a dedicated athlete with a passion for the game of basketball.

Performance With Villanova

At Villanova, Bridges excelled as a key player, contributing to the team’s success with his skillful play.

Drafted By The Philadelphia 76ers

Selected by the Philadelphia 76ers in the NBA draft, Bridges was poised to bring his talents to the professional level.

The Trade Deal

The Sixers made the surprising decision to trade Mikal Bridges in the trade deal, aiming to address specific team needs and bolster their roster. The move was driven by strategic considerations, ultimately shaping the team’s future prospects.

The trade deal that sent Mikal Bridges from the Philadelphia 76ers to the Phoenix Suns was a surprising move that left many fans scratching their heads. After an impressive college career at Villanova University, Bridges was expected to make an immediate impact in Philadelphia. So why did the Sixers decide to trade him? Let’s delve into the details of the trade and the players involved.

Details Of The Trade

The Mikal Bridges trade occurred on draft night in 2018, just moments after the Sixers selected him with the 10th overall pick. In exchange for Bridges, the Sixers acquired Zhaire Smith, the 16th overall pick, and an unprotected 2021 first-round pick from the Miami Heat. This unexpected trade left fans and analysts alike questioning the motives behind the Sixers’ decision.

Players Involved

The main player involved in the trade was Mikal Bridges, the promising swingman out of Villanova. Bridges had showcased his versatility and defensive prowess throughout his college career, leading many to believe he would be a perfect fit alongside the Sixers’ young core. However, the Sixers had different plans and decided to make a bold move. On the other side of the trade, the Sixers acquired Zhaire Smith, a young guard known for his athleticism and defensive abilities. While Smith had potential, he was seen as more of a project compared to the already polished Bridges. Additionally, the Sixers received an unprotected 2021 first-round pick from the Miami Heat, which added further intrigue to the trade.
Player Position Strengths
Mikal Bridges Small forward Versatile, strong defender
Zhaire Smith Guard Athleticism, defensive abilities
The Sixers’ decision to trade Mikal Bridges left fans divided, with some questioning the team’s long-term strategy. Nonetheless, the trade deal showcases the willingness of the Sixers’ front office to take risks and make unexpected moves in pursuit of their ultimate goal: building a championship-caliber team. Only time will tell if this trade will turn out to be a stroke of genius or a missed opportunity for the Sixers.

Team Strategy

Team Strategy: The decision to trade Mikal Bridges, the 10th overall pick in the 2018 NBA Draft, was a key move influenced by the Sixers’ team strategy. This strategic decision revolved around evaluating how Bridges fit within the team and aligning with the organization’s long-term goals.

Fit Within The Team

The Sixers’ team strategy prioritizes identifying players whose skills and style seamlessly integrate with the team’s dynamic. Bridges exhibited strong defensive abilities and a reliable three-point shot, aligning with the team’s emphasis on defensive prowess and outside shooting.

However, the trade was a strategic maneuver to acquire Zhaire Smith, a player with explosive athleticism and defensive potential, who could complement existing team strengths while adding a new dimension to the roster.

Long-term Goals

The Sixers’ long-term goals involve building a team with sustainable success and championship contention. The trade for Zhaire Smith, although sacrificing Bridges’ immediate impact, was a calculated move to secure a player with high potential and a long-term vision of contributing to the team’s success.

This strategic decision reflects the Sixers’ commitment to nurturing talent for enduring success and maintaining flexibility for future roster developments.

Fan Reactions And Aftermath

When the Philadelphia 76ers made the controversial decision to trade Mikal Bridges, it caused a whirlwind of emotions among fans and had a lasting impact on the team and its fanbase. Let’s delve into the initial response from fans and the aftermath of this significant trade.

Initial Response

Upon learning about the trade, fans were left stunned and bewildered. Many expressed disbelief at the decision, given Bridges’ potential and fit with the team. The social media platforms were flooded with passionate reactions, from disappointment to outright frustration.

Impact On The Team And Fanbase

The trade significantly shook the team’s dynamics and caused a palpable shift in the fanbase’s sentiment. Bridges’ departure left a void in the lineup, and fans were quick to voice their concerns about the implications of this move on the team’s performance. The aftermath of the trade sparked heated discussions and a sense of unease among supporters, who were left questioning the team’s long-term strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Why Did The Sixers Trade Mikal Bridges?

What Did The Sixers Trade Mikal Bridges For?

The Sixers traded Mikal Bridges for Zhaire Smith and a 2021 first-round draft pick.

What Did The Sixers Get In The Trade?

The Sixers acquired a talented young player in the trade, adding depth and potential to their roster.

Why Did The Sixers Trade Danny Green?

The Sixers traded Danny Green for strategic reasons to improve their roster and address specific team needs.


In a surprising move, the Sixers traded Mikal Bridges, leaving fans puzzled and speculating about the reasons behind it. Despite his impressive performance in Villanova, the team seemed to have a different strategy in mind. Perhaps it was their belief in a potential player’s growth or the desire to address other team needs.

Regardless of the motives, this trade is a reminder that the NBA is a business, driven by calculated decisions aimed to improve the team’s overall performance. Only time will tell if this move will pay off for the Sixers.

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