Why Didn’t Angela Bassett Clap for Jamie Lee Curtis?

Angela bassett did not clap for jamie lee curtis at the 2019 golden globe awards because she was fixing her dress. The moment of bassett adjusting her dress coincided with curtis’ applause.

The golden globes is a night of glitz, glamour, and celebration of the best in film and television. Many memorable moments were created, but one that stood out was when angela bassett did not appear to clap for jamie lee curtis as she walked on stage to present an award.

This sparked speculation and theories from viewers, leading to various explanations. Some claimed that they had a feud, while others thought it was a snub. However, the truth was that bassett was merely fixing her dress at the moment of applause, which coincided with curtis’ arrival on stage. Despite the misunderstanding, both actresses have shown nothing but respect and admiration for each other.

Setting the Stage for the Clap Heard ’round the World

Angela bassett’s failure to applaud jamie lee curtis at the 76th annual golden globe awards caused a stir. It was a no-clap heard ’round the world that left everyone confused. Was it a sign of disapproval or simply an innocent oversight?

The incident sparked a debate among viewers and the media. Despite the widespread attention, the mystery remains unresolved, with no clear answer. Some speculate a history between the two actors, while others suggest bassett may have been unaware of the camera or preoccupied.

Whatever the reason, the moment demonstrated the power of nonverbal communication and the impact it can have in the public eye.

The Moment That Sparked the Controversy

The 2021 golden globe awards sparked some controversy when angela bassett did not clap for jamie lee curtis. It all began when jamie was announced as the winner of the award for best performance by an actress in a television series- musical or comedy.

Jamie’s win was met with cheers and applause, but angela bassett’s lack of excitement didn’t go unnoticed. The camera quickly panned to her, revealing a seemingly unimpressed expression on her face. The reaction of the crowd was mixed, with some speculating that angela might have been snubbed by jamie in the past.

However, it’s unclear what actually happened between the two actresses and why angela didn’t applaud. Regardless, the moment continued to make waves on social media, leaving fans wondering what really happened.

Public Reaction: Who Clapped and Who Didn’t?

The recent golden globe awards has sparked interest in angela bassett’s behavior towards jamie lee curtis. While curtis was receiving an award, bassett appeared to be the only one not clapping. This behavior caused a wave of responses on social media.

Many celebrities also weighed in on the issue, expressing their opinions on the unusual behavior. Despite the controversy, it is unclear why bassett did not clap. Some speculate that she might have missed the announcement or was in deep thought.

Regardless of the reason, the incident has caused much discussion on social media and in the public eye.

Speculations and Explanations: Why Didn’t Angela Bassett Clap?

Angela bassett’s absence of applause for jamie lee curtis at the golden globes left people questioning what had happened. Speculations spread rapidly, suggesting that there might be a personal drama between the two actresses. However, others noted that it could be cultural differences and an interpretation of body language.

Additionally, some suggested that it could be possible technical difficulties or timing issues that could have caused the lack of applause. Regardless of the reason, it’s important to remember that there could be many factors that contribute to one’s actions in a public setting.

Bassett and curtis have not publicly addressed the situation, and it may remain a mystery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Was There Tension Between Angela Bassett and Jamie Lee Curtis?

No, there was no tension between angela bassett and jamie lee curtis. It was just a misunderstanding due to the aforementioned camera angle issue.

Did Angela Bassett Address Not Clapping for Jamie Lee Curtis?

No, angela bassett did not specifically address not clapping for jamie lee curtis. However, she did address the camera angle issue in interviews post the event.

What Other Celebrity Mishaps Have Occurred on Award Shows?

Other celebrity mishaps that have occurred on award shows include wardrobe malfunctions, speech mix-ups, and even falls on stage. These mistakes are often due to nerves, technical difficulties, or simply bad luck.

How Do Award Show Producers Try to Prevent Mishaps?

Award show producers try to prevent mishaps by doing run-throughs beforehand, making sure everything is well-rehearsed and goes smoothly. They also have backup plans in place, such as having pre-recorded acceptance speeches ready to play in case a winner isn’t present.


It’s understandable why angela bassett’s reaction to jamie lee curtis’s win at the golden globes sparked so much speculation. However, assumptions that she didn’t clap because of jealousy or animosity seem to be unfounded. With clips of other actors not immediately clapping when their colleagues won surfacing, it’s more likely that she simply missed the cue or was distracted by something else happening on stage.

That being said, it’s important to remember that actors are people too and are entitled to their feelings and reactions. In the grand scheme of things, who knows why bassett didn’t clap and it’s not really our place to know.

It’s important to focus on the work that these talented individuals are doing and celebrate their achievements, rather than get caught up in gossip and drama. Let’s use this as an opportunity to elevate and honor the incredible work of all actors in the industry.

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