Why Do Meghan Trainors Kids Have Her Last Name?

Why Do Meghan Trainor’s Kids Have Her Last Name?

When it comes to the topic of choosing a last name for their children, many parents have varying thoughts and opinions. This choice is personal and can be influenced by tradition, cultural practices, or simply personal preferences. Recently, the singer Meghan Trainor made headlines when she revealed that her kids would have her last name. This decision sparked a lot of curiosity and discussion, so let’s dive into the reasons behind Meghan Trainor’s choice.

Why Do Meghan Trainors Kids Have Her Last Name?

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The Tradition of Patrilineal Surnames

Traditionally, it has been common for children to take the father’s last name. This practice, known as patrilineal surnames, has been deeply rooted in many cultures for centuries. It symbolizes the passing down of the father’s lineage and has been widely accepted as the standard practice for naming children.

Empowerment and Gender Equality

However, in recent years, there has been a shift in the way families approach the naming of their children. Many parents are passionate about promoting gender equality and challenging traditional norms. For some, giving the mother’s last name to their children is a powerful way to celebrate the mother’s identity and establish a sense of equality within the family.

Meghan Trainor’s Decision

As a public figure and advocate for body positivity and self-acceptance, Meghan Trainor has been vocal about her beliefs and values. It is no surprise that her decision to give her last name to her kids aligns with her principles. This choice reflects her desire to empower her children and emphasize the significance of her family name.

Breaking Stereotypes

By choosing to have her kids carry her last name, Meghan Trainor is breaking stereotypes and challenging traditional gender roles. In doing so, she is sending a powerful message about the importance of recognizing and celebrating the mother’s role in shaping the family’s identity.

Legal and Social Implications

From a legal perspective, the choice of a child’s last name can have various implications. It is essential to consider the legal requirements and implications associated with the decision, as it may impact areas such as citizenship, inheritance, and parental rights.

Why Do Meghan Trainors Kids Have Her Last Name?

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Personal Identity and Family Unity

Ultimately, the decision regarding a child’s last name is deeply personal and reflects the values and priorities of the parents. Whether it’s based on tradition, empowerment, or a combination of factors, the choice should resonate with the family’s sense of identity and unity.

Frequently Asked Questions For Why Do Meghan Trainors Kids Have Her Last Name?

Why Do Meghan Trainor’s Kids Have Her Last Name?

Meghan Trainor wants to honor her family with her kids having her last name.

How Does Meghan Trainor Feel About Her Kids’ Last Name?

Meghan Trainor embraces tradition and values the strong connection of her family name.

Will Meghan Trainor’s Kids Be Able To Change Their Last Name?

Meghan Trainor’s kids are free to choose their own path, including changing their last name.


In conclusion, the decision to have Meghan Trainor’s kids carry her last name is a reflection of empowerment, gender equality, and the desire to create a strong family identity. As societal norms continue to evolve, it is essential for families to make choices that align with their values and beliefs. Meghan Trainor’s choice serves as a powerful example of challenging traditional practices and embracing a modern approach to naming children.

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