Why Does Corey Feldman Look Like Michael Jackson?

Corey feldman looks like michael jackson due to their shared history of cosmetic surgery and a close friendship. Corey feldman and michael jackson both rose to fame in the entertainment industry at a young age, becoming close friends in the process.

Over the years, both men underwent cosmetic surgery, which may have contributed to their similar physical appearance. However, feldman has denied trying to look like jackson and has stated that he simply admired him deeply as a friend and mentor.

Despite the controversy surrounding jackson’s personal life, feldman has continued to speak fondly of their friendship and the impact that the pop star had on his life. In this article, we will explore the similarities and differences between feldman and jackson’s physical appearances and the possible reasons behind their resemblance.

Physical Features

Corey feldman and michael jackson have similar facial structures that have often been compared. The striking resemblance is evident in their forehead and eyes. While their clothing style has also been compared, the physical features seem to be the focal point of discussion.

Some speculate that feldman may have undergone plastic surgery to resemble jackson, while others believe it’s simply a coincidence. However, it’s important to note that appearance is not the only similarity they share as they were both child stars who experienced the harsh realities of hollywood.

Ultimately, the reasons behind their similarity go beyond physical appearance, making their connection much deeper and personal. As fans continue to unravel the mysteries surrounding their likeness, it’s clear that their impact on the entertainment industry continues to be felt today.


Corey feldman is a popular actor and musician known for his striking resemblance to michael jackson. They both share some similar attributes and quirks, such as their love of music and dance. In addition, they were both child stars and experienced fame at a young age.

Despite their different backgrounds and personalities, they had a lot in common and shared many interests and hobbies. It’s no surprise that they became friends over the years and that corey has been vocal about his admiration for michael. Even though the king of pop is no longer with us, his legacy lives on and his influence can still be seen in the careers and lives of those he touched.

Early Years of Feldman and Jackson

Corey feldman and michael jackson shared some interesting similarities in their childhood experiences. Both began their careers in hollywood at a young age, and were exposed to the spotlight early on. They were also both taken advantage of by adults in the industry.

Despite their shared experiences, it’s important to note that they were two very different people. While feldman has faced criticism for his association with jackson, he has been vocal about his own experiences in the industry and the changes he would like to see.

Ultimately, the similarities in their early years are just a small part of their larger stories.

Similar Career Paths

Corey feldman and michael jackson shared a lot of similarities in their rise to stardom. Both started their careers from a very young age and worked tirelessly to achieve their dreams. They both experienced great successes and heartbreaking failures in their personal and professional lives.

Their undeniable talent in entertainment and music garnered them a massive following and loyal fans. Corey has been open about his friendship with michael, which has led to some speculation about whether the two influenced each other’s physical appearance. Regardless, their parallel careers are a testament to their hard work and dedication to their craft.

Mirror Neurons

Mirror neurons are cells in the brain activated when observing someone perform an action. These neurons may have special relevance in understanding why corey feldman looks like michael jackson. Mirror neurons help people imitate and learn, and they are also involved in empathy.

Therefore, it is possible that feldman’s mirror neurons were activated from watching jackson perform, leading him to imitate certain physical features of the late pop star. Jackson may have also intentionally used his image to create an illusion of himself as more youthful or androgynous, encouraging imitation from fans and fellow celebrities like feldman.

While the psychology of mirror neurons may not fully explain the similarities between feldman and jackson, it provides a plausible theory for this fascinating phenomenon.

Perception and Media Influence

Perception can be deceiving, especially when it comes to media influence. Corey feldman’s resemblance to michael jackson has created buzz in the entertainment industry. The media perpetuates this comparison, impacting how we perceive feldman. Our visualizations can be altered by this constant comparison, leading us to see the similarities more than the differences.

As consumers of media, we must be aware of the influence it has on our perception and strive to form our own opinions. It is important to remember that what we see may not always be the truth and that media can manipulate our perception.

So, before we jump to conclusions and make judgments based solely on what we see in the media, we need to take a step back and analyze our own perception.

Negative Connotations

There has been significant controversy around whether or not corey feldman resembles michael jackson. The comparison has negative connotations for both celebrities, and its implications extend far beyond their physical appearance. Many people have criticized the comparison, citing the negative effect it may have on both feldman and jackson’s reputations.

The controversy has raised concerns about the way that people perceive celebrities and the role that the media plays in shaping these perceptions. Despite this criticism, the comparison has continued to circulate, and it remains a topic of discussion among fans and detractors alike.

Ultimately, the controversy around feldman’s resemblance to jackson speaks to larger issues of celebrity culture and the way that we perceive those in the public eye.

Feldman’s Response

Corey feldman has responded to comparisons between him and michael jackson. Feldman asserts that he’s not trying to look like michael jackson. He cannot help how he looks due to genetics. Moreover, he was friends with jackson and understandably hurt by the insinuations.

Feldman believes that the comments come from people trying to make a quick buck. He suggests that individuals should focus on his art and what he brings to the table as an actor. Ultimately, the comparison does not sit well with feldman, as he believes it takes attention away from his work.

Frequently Asked Questions On Why Does Corey Feldman Look Like Michael Jackson?

Why is Corey Feldman Being Compared to Michael Jackson?

Corey feldman is being compared to michael jackson because of the way he looks, the way he dresses, and his style of dancing, which has a striking similarity to michael jackson’s.

Did Corey Feldman Had Any Connection With Michael Jackson?

Corey feldman was a close friend of michael jackson and was often referred to as his “little brother. ” They shared a close bond during michael jackson’s lifetime.

Were Michael and Corey Close in Their Personal Lives?

Yes, michael jackson and corey feldman were close friends and had a great bond. Michael was like a mentor to corey and helped him to navigate through his career.

Is It Accurate to Say That Corey Wanted to Look Like Michael Jackson?

It is not accurate to say that corey feldman intentionally wanted to look like michael jackson. However, his admiration for michael jackson undoubtedly had an influence on his fashion and style choices.

Did Corey Feldman Try to Emulate Michael Jackson’s Music?

Corey feldman was inspired by michael jackson’s music, and he did create some music that was similar to michael jackson’s style. However, he also had his unique style and sound.


In exploring the question, “why does corey feldman look like michael jackson? “, we’ve uncovered a complex web of influences. From their shared upbringing in the entertainment industry to the impact of plastic surgery and personal style choices, there are many factors at play that have led to these two individuals appearing similar to one another.

However, it’s important to remember that while appearance may be an interesting topic for discussion, it’s ultimately superficial and doesn’t speak to the true character and talents of either celebrity. As society continues to place emphasis on physical appearance, it’s essential to remember that there’s so much more to a person than what meets the eye.

Corey feldman and michael jackson may have looked alike at times, but their unique personalities and contributions to the arts will continue to be their true legacies.

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