Why Does Michael Oher Not Follow the Tuohys?

Michael oher does not follow the tuohys because he wants to establish his own identity separate from their influence. This decision is based on his desire to become self-reliant and make his own decisions without any external pressure.

Michael oher’s life is a classic example of overcoming adversity, and his story is an inspiration to many. Born to a drug-addicted mother, he was shuffled among foster care homes and faced constant challenges in his life. All of this changed when leigh anne tuohy and her family took him in, provided him with a stable home, supported his education, and encouraged him to pursue his passion for football.

His story was documented in michael lewis’s book “the blind side” which later became a movie. Despite the tuohys’ kindness and support, michael oher realized that he needs to be his own person, make his own decisions and create his identity to become truly successful.

The Tuohys Before Michael

The tuohys before michael introducing the tuohy family how they ran their household before michael’s arrival michael oher’s story in “the blind side” made the tuohy family a household name. Before michael’s arrival at age sixteen, the tuohys were already a tight-knit family living in a spacious mansion in memphis, tennessee.

Mr. tuohy was a successful businessman while mrs. tuohy was actively involved in charity work. They had two children, sean jr. and collins, who were both high school students. From the outside, the tuohy family seemed perfect, but little did they know that michael’s arrival would change their lives in ways they never expected.

Before michael, the tuohys ran their household like any other wealthy american family, but it was their willingness to open their hearts and home to michael that made them exceptional.

Michael’s Arrival

The day michael arrived in the tuohy household, everything changed. Michael, a teenage orphan from memphis, was taken in by the wealthy tuohy family. The atmosphere that day was tense. No one quite knew what to expect. Despite the initial awkwardness, the family welcomed michael with open arms.

He brought a sense of warmth and belonging to the household. Michael’s arrival changed the dynamic of the family, adding a new layer to their already complex relationships. The family’s efforts to provide love and support to michael continued long after his arrival.

To this day, they maintain a close relationship with him, even though he has chosen not to follow them in all aspects of his life.

The Evolution of Their Relationship

Michael oher’s relationship with the tuohy family was initially defined by a sense of mutual distrust. Being taken in by a wealthy white family was an entirely new experience for michael, who had grown up in poverty and surrounded by crime.

However, as time passed, the mutual respect and affection between michael and the tuohys grew. They became a family in all but name, supporting each other through tough times and celebrating each other’s successes. While michael may not always be with them physically, the bond between him and the tuohys is clearly unbreakable.

Whether it’s through regular phone calls or occasional visits, they remain an important part of each other’s lives. As michael himself has said, “family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are.”

The Blind Side Movie

Michael oher’s relationship with the tuohys in the blind side movie failed to show the reality of the situation. The film’s portrayal of michael’s time with the tuohys didn’t entirely capture the truth. The movie showed michael being distant from the family, and not wanting to be a part of their life.

This couldn’t be further from the reality. The truth is that michael is in touch with the tuohys, but he chooses not to publicize their relationship. The movie also didn’t take into account that michael had other family members in his life, such as his biological mother and siblings, who he had a stronger connection with.

So, the question remains, why does michael oher not follow the tuohys?

The Truth About Michael’s Independence

Michael oher, the subject of the book and movie “the blind side,” does not follow the tuohy family. It’s not because he doesn’t care for them, but rather due to his desire for independence. Achieving this independence was no easy feat.

He had to work hard to break free from the stereotypes and expectations that society placed on him. Eventually, he was able to achieve financial stability and build his own life. While he may not have as close of a relationship with the tuohys as he once did, their bond is still strong.

Ultimately, michael’s quest for independence has led him down a unique path, and he continues to inspire others with his story.


It’s difficult to come up with a definitive answer as to why michael oher does not follow the tuohys. While one can speculate that it may have to do with his desire to reconcile with his biological family or to assert his independence, ultimately, only michael himself knows the true reason.

One thing that is clear, though, is that michael’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the lasting impact that kindness and compassion can have on a person’s life. The tuohys’ decision to take in a homeless and struggling teenager ultimately changed the trajectory of michael’s life for the better, and inspired countless others to step up and make a difference in the lives of those around them.

At its core, michael’s story is a testament to the transformative power of love and acceptance. While it may be natural to speculate about michael’s decisions or to try to draw broader conclusions from his experiences, what ultimately matters most is the positive impact that he and the tuohys have had on the world around them.

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