Why is Bert Kreischer Called the Machine?

Bert kreischer is called the machine because of the story he told in his stand-up routine about attending russian language classes with a mobster. Kreischer’s classmates gave him the nickname because of his ability to drink and party.

In the story, kreischer went from being a shy american exchange student to a fearless party animal, impressing his russian friends with his antics. Although the story may be embellished, kreischer has embraced the nickname and has even named his podcast after it.

He is a well-known comedian, actor, and television host, with a loyal following who loves his over-the-top humor and storytelling abilities. Kreischer’s rise to fame is a testament to the power of social media and the loyalty of his fans.

The Story Behind Bert Kreischer’s Nickname “the Machine”?

The nickname stems from a story where bert kreischer, in his college years, managed to join the russian mafia for a semester while on a study abroad program in russia. He was given the nickname “the machine” by his fellow mafia members due to his ability to consume copious amounts of alcohol without getting drunk.

The Rise of Bert Kreischer: His Humorous Origin Story

Bert kreischer, also known as “the machine,” has taken the comedy world by storm. He was born in tampa, florida, in 1972 and was always a funny and outgoing person. During his time at florida state university, he became known for his wild antics and care-free attitude.

However, it wasn’t until his senior year when he stumbled upon stand-up comedy. After graduating, he moved to new york city to pursue a career in comedy and eventually landed a gig as a host on the popular show “hurt bert” on the travel channel.

Today, bert kreischer is a household name and is known for his unique style of comedy, often incorporating his personal experiences and family life into his routines. Overall, his rise to fame is a true testament to his talent and determination.

The Top Ten Skits and Moments in Bert Kreischer’s Career

Bert kreischer is an american comedian known as “the machine”. He gained popularity with his hilarious storytelling skills and outgoing personality. Here are the top ten skits and moments of his career. First on the list is his famous “the machine” story which went viral online.

Other memorable moments include his appearances on joe rogan’s podcast and conan o’brien’s show. Bert’s stand-up routines are a must-see for anyone who loves to laugh. His jokes touch on various topics including his family, personal experiences, and pop culture.

Bert’s podcast, “bertcast”, is also highly entertaining. He interviews different guests every week ranging from comedians to athletes. The machine’s charisma and wit can brighten up anyone’s day. Enjoy the laughs!

The Legacy of Bert Kreischer: a Comedic Icon for a New Generation

Bert kreischer, deemed the “machine,” is no stranger to comedy enthusiasts. The funnyman has carved out a unique niche in the industry, appealing to younger audiences with his relatable and authentic humor. As a generational analysis shows, kreischer manages to connect with his viewers through his relatable and hilarious anecdotes about growing up, relationships, and the everyday struggles of adulting.

His impact has led to a fan base of loyal followers, and his journey is far from over. Bert kreischer is a comedic icon for a new generation, and his legacy will undoubtedly continue to influence the world of comedy for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Did Bert Kreischer’s “the Machine” Story Go Viral?

Bert kreischer performed his infamous “the machine” story on a comedy circuit, which caught the attention of joe rogan. Rogan then invited him on the joe rogan experience podcast, where bert performed the story again, and the podcast went viral, gaining millions of views.

What is Bert Kreischer’s Comedy Background?

Bert kreischer is a stand-up comedian, television host, and producer. He started performing stand-up comedy in florida in the late 1990s before moving on to host entertainment shows on television and radio.

What Are Some Other Stories Bert Kreischer is Known for?

Besides his “the machine” story, bert kreischer is also known for his stories about his family, including his dad and daughters. He is a master storyteller and has several popular stand-up specials available to watch on popular streaming platforms like netflix.

How Has Bert Kreischer’s “the Machine” Story Impacted His Career?

The story has become bert kreischer’s signature bit and has gained him a massive following worldwide. It has helped him sell out comedy shows and tours all around the world, and he continues to perform variations of the story in many of his shows and appearances.


Bert kreischer is no doubt a legendary figure in the comedy scene. His larger-than-life personality, insane stories, and impeccable comedic timing have made him one of the most beloved comedians of our time. His moniker as “the machine” is a testament to his wild and unpredictable nature, as well as his unwavering dedication to entertaining his audience.

From his early days performing stand-up in small clubs to headlining arenas across the country, bert has remained true to himself and his craft. Through his storytelling and unique perspective on life, he has and continues to connect with audiences worldwide.

While there are many theories behind the origin of his nickname, one thing is clear- it’s a perfect fit. Bert kreischer truly is a comedic machine, and we can’t wait to see what he has in store next for all his fans.

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