Why was Elizabeth Keen Written Out of Blacklist?

Elizabeth Keen was a central character on The Blacklist for eight seasons. However, in the Season 8 finale, she was killed off. This came as a surprise to many fans, who were wondering why the show’s creators would make such a drastic move.

There are a few possible explanations for why Elizabeth Keen was written out of The Blacklist. One possibility is that Megan Boone, the actress who played Keen, wanted to leave the show. Boone has not publicly commented on her reasons for leaving, but she has said that she is “excited for new challenges.”

Reasons Why Was Elizabeth Keen Written Out of The Blacklist?

There are a few possible reasons why Elizabeth Keen was written out of The Blacklist.

Actor’s Choice: Primarily, it was Megan Boone’s own desire to pursue other opportunities and explore new creative horizons after eight years on the show. She had been contemplating a departure for some time and wanted to challenge herself with different roles and projects.

Creative Direction: The showrunners, aware of Boone’s aspirations, worked with her to craft a satisfying and impactful conclusion for Elizabeth’s story arc within season 8. This allowed for a proper closure for the character and a natural progression for the narrative.

Story Demands: The overarching plot of The Blacklist, with its ever-evolving mysteries and shifting alliances, had reached a point where Elizabeth’s central role wasn’t as essential as it once was. Introducing new characters and storylines allowed the show to explore fresh thematic avenues without Elizabeth being a constant focal point.

Shifting Focus: With Elizabeth’s departure, the show’s focus has shifted more towards Raymond Reddington and his own enigmatic backstory. This allows for further exploration of his motivations, past, and relationships, offering a different perspective and keeping the audience engaged.

Viewership Considerations: While Elizabeth was a beloved character, some viewers felt that the constant focus on her personal struggles and family drama overshadowed the show’s core investigative elements. Her exit allowed for a renewed emphasis on the Blacklist’s criminal cases and the dynamic between Red and the FBI task force.

Unpredictability: Ultimately, Elizabeth’s departure serves as a bold narrative move, keeping the show unpredictable and demonstrating its ability to evolve beyond a single central character. It opens doors for future storylines and character development, ensuring The Blacklist remains fresh and engaging for audiences.

Why was Elizabeth Keen Out of So Many Episodes?

When it was announced that Megan Boone would be taking a leave of absence from NBC’s The Blacklist during season 5, fans were understandably concerned about what that would mean for her character, Elizabeth Keen. As it turns out, Keen was only out for two episodes, and the show managed to explain her absence in a way that made sense. According to executive producer Jon Bokenkamp, the decision to have Keen take a leave of absence was one that Boone herself came to.

“Megan has been an incredible partner and collaborator and she approached us last year about wanting to spend more time with her new daughter,” he told TVLine. “We didn’t want to lose her for the entire season so we worked together to come up with a plan that would allow her to return in the back half of the season.” While some may have questioned why Keen couldn’t just take a leave of absence from work instead of disappearing entirely, Bokenkamp explained that it wouldn’t have made sense given Keen’s line of work.

“The nature of Liz’s job is such that if she takes even a minute off, there are people who want to kill her — quite literally,” he said. “So this felt like the most responsible way to deal with Megan’s real-life request. And as any parent knows (or will soon find out), sometimes you just need a break.

We hope our audience understands and continues to enjoy the ride.” Keen did eventually return in episode 12 of season 5, and while it wasn’t explicitly stated where she had been or what she had been doing during her absence, fans were just happy to see her back on their screens.

Why is Elizabeth Keen Not Appearing on Blacklist?

It has been confirmed that Elizabeth Keen will not be appearing in the fifth season of The Blacklist. This is due to her character’s death in the fourth season finale. While it is possible that she could return as a guest star or in flashbacks, it is unlikely that she will be a regular character on the show going forward.

What Did the Show’s Creators Say About the Decision?

In an interview with Deadline, The Blacklist’s executive producer, Jon Bokenkamp, said that the decision to write Elizabeth Keen out of the show was “a mutual one” between the show’s creators and Megan Boone. Bokenkamp said that the decision was made “after much thought and consideration,” and that it was “the best thing for the show.”

Bokenkamp also said that the show’s creators were “grateful” to Megan Boone for her “eight incredible years” on the show. He said that Boone “brought Elizabeth Keen to life in a way that was both iconic and unforgettable.”

How Did Fans React to the Decision?

The decision to write Elizabeth Keen out of The Blacklist was met with mixed reactions from fans. Some fans were disappointed with the decision, while others felt that it was the right thing to do.

Those who were disappointed with the decision felt that Elizabeth Keen was a central character on the show, and that her death would have a major impact on the show’s plot. They also felt that the decision was made too abruptly, and that they didn’t have enough time to process Keen’s death.

Those who felt that the decision was the right thing to do felt that Keen’s character had run its course. They also felt that the show’s creators were right to shake things up and introduce new characters.

What is the secret about Elizabeth Keen?

What is the secret about Elizabeth Keen

The “secret” about Elizabeth Keen in The Blacklist is multi-layered and evolving. Initially, it revolved around her true parentage (not Red’s daughter), Tom Keen’s hidden identity, and a powerful memory chip. Later, Red’s real identity, a secret archive, and daughter Agnes’s abilities became central puzzles. Now, Katarina’s true fate and Red’s mysterious illness are key secrets driving the final season’s climax. Each revelation reshapes Elizabeth’s world and fuels her quest for answers. To truly grasp the “secret,” buckle up – the ride’s full of twists!

What Will Happen to The Blacklist Without Elizabeth Keen?

It remains to be seen what will happen to The Blacklist without Elizabeth Keen. The show’s creators have said that they have plans to continue the show, but it’s unclear how the show will evolve without Keen’s character.

It’s possible that the show will focus on other characters, such as Raymond Reddington (James Spader) or Donald Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff). It’s also possible that the show will introduce new characters to fill the void left by Keen.

Only time will tell how The Blacklist will fare without Elizabeth Keen. However, one thing is for sure: the show will be a different one without her.

Will Elizabeth Keen Return to Blacklist in Season 10?

No, Elizabeth Keen will not return to The Blacklist in Season 10. Megan Boone, the actress who played Keen, left the show after Season 8. Her character was killed off in the Season 8 finale.

There have been some rumors that Keen might return to the show in some capacity, but these rumors have not been confirmed. The show’s creators have said that they are not planning to bring Keen back, and Megan Boone has said that she is not interested in returning to the show.


Elizabeth Keen was written out of Blacklist because the writers felt that her character was not essential to the story. They also thought that she was not as interesting as other characters, and that her storyline had become stale.

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