Why was James Reed Banished from the Donner Party?

In 1846, James Reed and his family set out westward from Illinois in hopes of a new life. They joined a wagon train led by George Donner, which soon became stranded in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The conditions were harsh and many people died, including Reed’s wife and children.

The remaining members of the party resorted to cannibalism in order to survive. When they were finally rescued, Reed was accused of murdering another member of the party for food. He was tried and sentenced to banishment.

Some believe that Reed was unfairly blamed for the crimes of the Donner Party, while others believe that he deserved his punishment.

When the Donner Party set out westward in 1846, they had high hopes of reaching California. However, their journey was fraught with difficulties, and one of the biggest problems they faced was James Reed. Reed was a strong-willed individual who often clashed with others in the group.

He also made several poor decisions that put the entire party at risk. As a result, the other members of the Donner Party voted to banish Reed from their ranks. While it may seem unfair to single out Reed for all the troubles that befell the Donner Party, his actions did contribute to their downfall.

Had he been more cooperative and made better choices, perhaps the group would have reached California safely. As it stands, however, his selfishness and arrogance ultimately cost many lives.

How Did James Reed Die

In 1874, a party of six men led by James Reed set out from Salt Lake City in an attempt to rescue some Mormon handcart pioneers who were stranded in Wyoming. After successfully rescuing the pioneers, the party ran into a severe winter storm and was forced to take shelter in an abandoned cabin. Unfortunately, the cabin was not sturdy enough to withstand the force of the storm and soon collapsed, killing Reed and two of his companions.

The other three members of the party survived by using their bodies to create a human shield around a small fire.

When was James Reed Banished from the Donner Party?

When James Reed was banished from the Donner Party, it was on December 16, 1846. This was near the end of their journey, and they were about a week away from their destination. The reason for his banishment is unknown, but it is speculated that it was because he had stolen some food or supplies.

Regardless of the reason, this act led to his wife and children being stranded with the rest of the party. The Donner Party has become infamous for their acts of cannibalism after becoming trapped in the Sierra Nevada mountains during a winter storm. It is unclear how much involvement James Reed had in these acts, but he did return to the campsite at one point and killed two members of a rescue party.

He then fled back into the wilderness. His family was eventually rescued, but James Reed was never seen again.

Why was Reed Banished from the Party?

Reed was banished from the party for his beliefs. He was a strong advocate for free speech and believed that people should be allowed to express their opinions freely, even if they were unpopular. This belief led him to clash with the party leadership on several occasions and ultimately resulted in his expulsion.

While Reed may have been an outsider, his ideas and ideals are still very much alive within the party today.

Who was Banished from the Donner Party?

In 1846, a group of California-bound settlers known as the Donner Party found themselves stranded in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Desperate for food, some members of the party resorted to cannibalism. When the survivors finally reached California, public outcry was so great that three men associated with the Donner Party were banished from the state.

Those men were George Donner, James F. Reed, and Lewis Keseberg. George Donner was the head of the party and thus bore much of the blame for its tragic outcome. James Reed was one of the leaders who advocated for eating those who had died in order to survive.

And Lewis Keseberg was accused of murdering two people and eating their flesh. While it is difficult to know exactly what happened during those dark days in the Sierra Nevada, it is clear that these three men were held responsible for the tragedy by those who survived it. They were exiled from California as a result and likely never forgave themselves for what transpired.

Did James Reed Survive the Donner Party?

No, James Reed did not survive the Donner Party. He was one of the first to die, perishing in early December 1846.


In 1846, the Reed family joined a wagon train headed west in search of a new life. The journey was difficult, and tensions rose within the group as they faced one challenge after another. James Reed, the head of the Reed family, was a strong-willed man who often clashed with other members of the group.

Ultimately, these disagreements led to his banishment from the Donner Party. The Donner Party was a large group of settlers who were attempting to cross the United States in covered wagons. The journey was long and difficult, and tempers often flared within the group.

James Reed was a strong-willed man who frequently found himself at odds with others in the party. On several occasions, he even came to blows with other members. The final straw came when James got into an argument with George Donner, the leader of the group.

George decided that enough was enough and banished James from the party. This meant that he would have to continue west on his own, without the help or protection of the group. James managed to make it all the way to California, where he eventually settled down and started a new life.

He never forgot about his time with the Donner Party though, and often spoke about his experiences with them later in life.

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