Why was Robert De Niro Uncredited in American Hustle?

In American Hustle, Robert De Niro plays a small but pivotal role as Mafia boss Carmine Polito. It’s a great performance in a great film, but what’s even more impressive is that De Niro did it all without receiving any credit. That’s right – despite appearing on screen for several minutes and sharing several scenes with the film’s star-studded cast, De Niro’s name doesn’t appear anywhere in the credits.

So why was he uncredited? There are two possible explanations. The first is that De Niro simply wanted to do a favor for director David O. Russell, with whom he had previously worked on Silver Linings Playbook and Joy.

The second explanation is that De Niro wasn’t originally supposed to be in the film at all – his role was originally written for another actor who couldn’t make it work with his schedule. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that De Niro’s involvement in American Hustle was purely out of love for the project – and we’re sure glad he did it!

There are a few reasons why Robert De Niro wasn’t credited in American Hustle. First, his role was very small. He only appeared in a handful of scenes and didn’t have any major speaking parts.

Second, the movie was already long and adding De Niro’s name to the credits would have made it even longer. Finally, director David O. Russell wanted to keep De Niro’s involvement in the movie a secret so that it would be a surprise for viewers.

Was Robert De Niro in Maverick

No, Robert De Niro was not in Maverick. He was considered for the role of Bret Maverick, but ultimately turned it down.

Did the Movie American Hustle Win Any Academy Awards?

No, American Hustle did not win any Academy Awards. It was nominated for 10 awards, including Best Picture, but it did not take home any Oscars.

How Real is the Movie American Hustle?

“American Hustle” is a 2013 American black comedy-crime drama film directed by David O. Russell. The film was inspired by the real life ABSCAM operation of the late 1970s and early 1980s. It stars Christian Bale and Amy Adams as two con artists who are forced by an FBI agent (played by Bradley Cooper) to help him entrap corrupt politicians, including the mayor of Camden, New Jersey (played by Jeremy Renner).

The movie has been praised for its direction, acting, writing, and humor. However, some have criticized it for its historical inaccuracies. So how accurate is “American Hustle”?

Overall, it seems to be a fairly accurate portrayal of the ABSCAM operation. However, there are some key differences between the movie and real life that are worth noting. First of all, the characters in the movie are based on real people, but they are fictionalized versions of those people.

For example, Christian Bale’s character Irving Rosenfeld is based on real life con artist Melvin Weinberg. However, Weinberg was not involved in ABSCAM – he was only arrested after it had already wrapped up. Another key difference is that in the movie, Camden mayor Angelo Errichetti is shown as being central to the corruption scandal.

In reality, however, he was only peripherally involved and was not one of the main targets of ABSCAM. Lastly, while “American Hustle” does capture some of the general atmosphere of ABSCAM (including the flashy clothes and big hair), it also takes quite a few liberties with details like this. So while it’s not a completely accurate portrayal of events, it’s still an entertaining film worth watching.

Who Played Victor Tellegio in American Hustle?

Victor Tellegio was played by Robert De Niro in American Hustle. De Niro is an accomplished actor with many awards to his name, including two Oscars. He is also well-known for his roles in movies like The Godfather, Taxi Driver, and Raging Bull.

In American Hustle, De Niro plays a con artist who helps Christian Bale’s character con Amy Adams’ character.

What Happened at the End of American Hustle?

The end of American Hustle sees the downfall of con artist Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale) and his partner-in-crime, Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams). The two have been working together to con people out of their money, but things start to unravel when they get involved with a dangerous mobster, Victor Tellegio (Robert De Niro). The FBI eventually catches on to their scheme and starts investigating them.

This leads to a huge showdown between Irving and Sydney, with the latter ultimately betraying her partner. In the end, Irving is arrested and sent to prison, while Sydney manages to escape punishment.


As one of the most celebrated actors of our time, Robert De Niro is no stranger to being in the limelight. So, why was he uncredited in American Hustle? According to director David O. Russell, De Niro asked to be left out of the credits because he only had a small role in the film and didn’t want to take away from the other actors.

While we would have loved to see De Niro’s name up on the big screen, we respect his decision and think it just goes to show what a true professional he is.

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