Why was Ruby Rose Mute in John Wick?

Ruby rose’s character ares was mute in john wick due to a previous injury. In the film john wick: chapter 2, ruby rose played the role of ares, a mute assassin who worked for the villainous santino d’antonio.

Ares’ inability to speak was due to a previous injury, which was hinted at in the film when she typed out a message on her phone to communicate with wick. This added a unique element to her character, making her all the more intriguing and formidable.

Despite not having any lines in the film, rose’s performance was praised for her expressiveness and physicality. It was a departure from her usual roles and showcased her versatility as an actress. In this article, we will delve into the character of ares, rose’s performance and why her muteness added to the film’s overall plot.

Ruby Rose’S Character As Ares In John Wick

Ruby rose played the role of ares in john wick, a mute secondary character. Her character’s personality and characteristics were unique and memorable. Ares was a fierce and loyal subordinate to the main villain, santino d’antonio. Compared to other secondary characters, such as cassian, ares stood out due to her physical combat skills and her ability to communicate nonverbally.

Her expressions and body language conveyed her emotions effectively, making her a formidable opponent to john wick. Overall, ruby rose’s portrayal of ares was a standout performance, even without any dialogue.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Why Was Ruby Rose Mute In John Wick?

Why Was Ruby Rose Silent In John Wick 2?

Ruby rose played an assassin, ares, who only communicated through sign language due to a throat injury sustained earlier in life. This was a character choice and not reflective of the actress’s abilities.

Was Ruby Rose Selected For John Wick 2 Only Because She’S Mute?

No, ruby rose was cast in john wick 2 because she had the right look, acting talent, and physicality required for the role of ares. Being mute in real life was irrelevant to her selection.

How Did Ruby Rose Learn Sign Language?

Ruby rose learned sign language specifically for her role in john wick 2 with the guidance of a deaf instructor. She put in extensive effort to ensure that her character’s signing was accurate.

Was John Wick 2 The First Movie In Which Ruby Rose Was Mute?

No, john wick 2 was not ruby rose’s first role in which her character was either partially or fully mute. Her previous roles include stella in “orange is the new black”, who was partially deaf and mute.

How Did Audiences And Critics React To Ruby Rose Being Mute In The Movie?

Audiences and critics praised ruby rose’s performance as ares in john wick 2, with many noting her ability to convey emotions and intentions without speaking a word. Her character added an interesting dynamic to the film.


After much speculation, it has been confirmed that ruby rose’s character, ares, in john wick: chapter 2 was intentionally written as mute by the filmmakers. The decision to make ares mute was a creative choice made by the filmmakers to enhance her character, rather than just to add an arbitrary quirk.

It enabled ares to communicate with john wick in a unique and fascinating way, through sign language and facial expressions. This resulted in some of the most thrilling and visually captivating action sequences of the movie. Ruby rose’s performance was also impressive—she was able to convey an incredible amount of emotion solely through her physicality and facial expressions.

Overall, the decision to make ruby rose’s character mute in john wick: chapter 2 was a bold, artistic choice that ultimately paid off in creating a unique and unforgettable character. It will be interesting to see if this creative decision is repeated in future installments of the franchise.

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