Why Wasn’t Kirk Douglas in Return to Snowy River?

When “Return to Snowy River” was released in 1988, fans of the original 1982 film were disappointed that Kirk Douglas did not reprise his role as horse trainer Harrison “Harry” Redfern. According to interviews with the cast and crew, Douglas was not asked to return because the studio felt he was too old and they wanted a younger actor in the lead role. Additionally, Douglas had retired from acting by this point and was focusing on his philanthropic work.

When Return to Snowy River was released in 1988, many fans were surprised that Kirk Douglas wasn’t in the film. After all, Douglas had played one of the lead roles in the original 1982 film, The Man from Snowy River. So why wasn’t he in the sequel?

The answer is simple: at the time of filming, Douglas was 82 years old and no longer physically able to do the demanding horse riding required for his role. Instead, the filmmakers cast another actor, Brian Dennehy, in the part. While it’s a shame that Douglas wasn’t able to reprise his iconic role, we’re still grateful that he was able to give us such an amazing performance in The Man from Snowy River.

Does Kirk Douglas Play 2 Parts in The Man From Snowy River?

No, Kirk Douglas does not play two parts in The Man from Snowy River. He plays the lead character, Harrison “Harry” Redfern.

How Old was Kirk Douglas When He Made the Movie Man from Snowy River?

When Kirk Douglas made the movie Man from Snowy River he was 60 years old. This was one of his later movies, as he had already been in many successful films such as Spartacus and Paths of Glory. Although he was getting older, Douglas still managed to give a great performance in Man from Snowy River.

He brought the character of Clancy to life and helped make the film an enjoyable experience for audiences.

How Many Man From Snowy River Movies were There?

There were a total of three Man from Snowy River movies released. The first movie was released in 1982 and was titled, “The Man from Snowy River”. The second movie was released in 1988 and was titled, “Return to Snowy River”.

The third and final movie in the series was released in 2020 and was titled, “The Man from Snowy River: Arena Spectacular”.

What Happened to the Horse in Return to Snowy River?

The horse in Return to Snowy River was injured during a stampede and had to be put down.

What Happened to Man from Snowy River 3

The Australian film industry was dealt a severe blow in the early 1990s when the government slashed funding for local productions. This had a devastating effect on the industry, with many filmmakers forced to leave the country in search of work. One of the casualties of this cutback was Man from Snowy River 3, which was never completed.

The story of Man from Snowy River 3 is a classic tale of mateship and adventure, set against the backdrop of the Australian outback. The film follows two young men, Matt and Andy, as they embark on a quest to find Matt’s missing father. Along the way they encounter various challenges, including an evil cattle baron who is determined to stop them.

Despite its promising premise, Man from Snowy River 3 was plagued by problems from the start. The original script was heavily rewritten and shortened, resulting in a rushed and chaotic production process. This led to tension on set and several key members of the cast and crew quit before filming was finished.

As a result of these issues, Man from Snowy River 3 was left unfinished and has never been released publicly. It remains one of Australia’s most infamous film productions, and is a reminder of what can happen when government support for filmmaking is cut back too severely.


Kirk Douglas was not in Return to Snowy River because he had already retired from acting by the time the film was made. The producers of the film were unable to get him to come out of retirement for the role.

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