Why Wasn’t Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia 2?

Mamma Mia 2 was released in 2018 and fans were quick to notice that Meryl Streep, who played Donna Sheridan in the first film, was not in the sequel. While some speculated that her absence was due to scheduling conflicts, others wondered if there was more to the story. So, why wasn’t Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia 2?

There are a few possible reasons. First, it’s possible that she simply didn’t have time to film her scenes due to her busy schedule. She may have also been reluctant to return to the role after 10 years, especially since she has said in interviews that she found filming the first movie to be quite exhausting.

Finally, it’s also possible that Streep’s character could have been written out of the sequel because the filmmakers wanted to focus on the next generation of characters.

When it was announced that Mamma Mia 2 was in the works, fans were naturally excited to see what our favorite cast would be up to 10 years later. However, when the trailer dropped, one major cast member was noticeably absent: Meryl Streep. So where was she and why wasn’t she in the sequel?

The simple answer is that her character, Donna Sheridan, died between the first and second movie. In Mamma Mia 2, we learn that Donna passed away shortly after Sophie’s wedding. While this may seem like a sad way to keep Meryl Streep out of the sequel, it actually makes perfect sense within the context of the story.

Donna’s absence is felt throughout Mamma Mia 2 as her daughters and friends struggle to cope with their loss. Even though she’s not physically present, her presence is still very much felt thanks to Meryl Streep’s iconic performance in the first film.

Why Doesn’T Meryl Streep Do Sequels

Meryl Streep is one of the most accomplished actresses of our time. She has won three Academy Awards and has been nominated for a record 21 Oscars. She has also won two Emmy Awards, a Grammy Award, and a Golden Globe Award.

So why doesn’t she do sequels? The simple answer is that Meryl Streep values quality over quantity. She would rather do one great film than multiple mediocre films.

Additionally, Meryl Streep likes to challenge herself with new roles and projects. She knows that she can always rely on her impressive body of work to ensure that her fans will continue to support her throughout her career. Ultimately, Meryl Streep’s decision not to do sequels is a reflection of her commitment to excellence in her craft.

She is an actress who puts quality above all else, and we admire her all the more for it!

Was Meryl Streep Actually in Mamma Mia 2?

No, Meryl Streep was not in Mamma Mia 2.

Is There a Mamma Mia 3 Coming?

The Mamma Mia franchise may be heading for a third installment, as cast member Amanda Seyfried has hinted that the team are “trying to make it happen.” The musical rom-com series, based on the hit stage show of the same name, has proven to be a box office success, with the first movie grossing over $600 million worldwide back in 2008. While there have been no official announcements about a third film, Seyfried – who plays Sophie Sheridan in the movies – recently told Variety that she believes “it’s possible” we could see another outing for the much-loved characters.

“I know everyone is trying to make it happen, so hopefully it will come together,” she said. “It would just be really nice to do something like that again because I miss everyone so much.” Pierce Brosnan, who played Sophie’s dad Sam Carmichael in both films, also spoke about the possibility of returning for Mamma Mia 3 during an interview with The Belfast Telegraph last year.

“I think all of us would do it again given half a chance because we had such a great time making it and also because we became such good friends,” he said.

Did Meryl Streep Do Her Own Singing in Mamma Mia?

Mamma Mia is a musical romantic comedy film released in 2008. The movie is based on the 1999 musical of the same name, which itself was based on the songs of Swedish pop group ABBA. Meryl Streep stars as Donna Sheridan, a single mother who runs a small hotel on an island in Greece.

Her daughter, Sophie (Amanda Seyfried), is about to get married and has invited three men from her mother’s past to the wedding, hoping that one of them is her father. Donna was previously engaged to Sam Carmichael (Pierce Brosnan), Harry Bright (Colin Firth), and Bill Anderson (Stellan Skarsgård). As the wedding day approaches, Sophie becomes more and more curious about which one of these men is her father.

She eventually decides to invite all three of them to see if she can figure it out before her big day. Streep did not do her own singing in Mamma Mia. However, she did perform all of her own dancing in the film.

Amanda Seyfried lip synced to Streep’s vocals for “My Love, My Life” during filming, but Streep sang live for that particular scene during post-production.[1]

How Old was Meryl Streep When She Did Mamma Mia?

Meryl Streep was 62 years old when she played the role of Donna Sheridan in Mamma Mia!. Streep is no stranger to playing older characters; she was 58 when she played Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada and 59 when she took on the role of Julia Child in Julie & Julia.

In both of those films, as well as Mamma Mia!, her age is integral to her character. In The Devil Wears Prada, Priestly is a powerful, intimidating fashion editor who is at the top of her game. As Child, Streep portrays someone who is passionate about food and cooking and who takes risks both professionally and personally.

And in Mamma Mia!, Donna is a successful hotel owner who is coming to terms with getting older and letting go of her past. While Streep’s age might have been a factor in her casting for these roles, it’s also clear that she has the talent and range to play characters of any age.

She has won three Academy Awards (for Kramer vs. Kramer, Sophie’s Choice, and The Iron Lady), eight Golden Globes, and two Emmy Awards over the course of her career. At 62, she shows no signs of slowing down or stopping anytime soon.


It’s been 10 years since the first Mamma Mia movie was released, and fans have been wondering why Meryl Streep wasn’t in the sequel. The answer is actually pretty simple. Streep’s character, Donna, died at the end of the first movie.

And while it’s possible to bring characters back from the dead in movies (just look at all the superhero movies), Mamma Mia 2 decided to keep Donna’s death as a key plot point. So, if you were hoping to see Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia 2, you’re out of luck. But hey, at least we still have Amanda Seyfried and Lily James to enjoy!

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