Why Aaron Rodgers is Better Than Tom Brady?

There are many reasons to believe that Aaron Rodgers is a better quarterback than Tom Brady, but the most important one is that Rodgers has a higher career passer rating than Brady. Rodgers also has more passing yards, more touchdown passes, and fewer interceptions than Brady. Another reason to believe that Rodgers is better than Brady is that he has been named the NFL MVP twice, while Brady has only won the award once.

Finally, Rodgers has led his team to more playoff wins than Brady has.

There are a lot of reasons why Aaron Rodgers is better than Tom Brady. For one, Rodgers has a career passer rating of 104.1, while Brady’s is 97.6. Rodgers also has a higher completion percentage (65.4 to 63.8) and more yards per attempt (8.4 to 7.5).

Rodgers also has the edge when it comes to postseason success. He has a Super Bowl title and MVP under his belt, while Brady has only won three Super Bowls (and only one MVP). In fact, in head-to-head matchups, Rodgers has come out on top more often than not – including a victory in the 2014 NFC Championship game.

So what does all of this mean? It means that Aaron Rodgers is simply the better quarterback – both in the regular season and in the playoffs. If you’re looking for someone to lead your team to glory, he’s your man.

Why is Rodgers Better Than Brady?

This is a difficult question to answer definitively as both Rodgers and Brady are great quarterbacks. However, there are a few reasons why some people might say that Rodgers is better than Brady. Firstly, Rodgers has a higher career passer rating than Brady (104.1 to 97.6).

Secondly, Rodgers has more career passing yards per game (273.1 to 250.8). Finally, Rodgers has thrown for more touchdown passes than Brady in fewer games played overall (363 to 541). So while both quarterbacks are great, the numbers suggest that Rodgers may have the edge over Brady.

Why Aaron Rodgers is the Best Qb of All Time?

When it comes to the best quarterbacks of all time, there are a lot of great candidates. But when it comes down to it, Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback of all time. Here’s why:

1. He’s Consistently Great Aaron Rodgers has been one of the most consistent quarterbacks in the NFL since he became a starter in 2008. In that time, he’s only had two seasons where he didn’t make the Pro Bowl (2010 and 2013).

And even in those seasons, he was still a very good quarterback. 2. He Hasn’t Missed a Start in 11 Years Since becoming a starter in 2008, Aaron Rodgers has started every single game for the Packers.

That’s an incredible streak of durability and reliability. In an era where so many quarterbacks get injured, Rodgers has been able to stay on the field and lead his team year after year. 3) He’s One of the Most Accurate Passers in NFL History

Aaron Rodgers is one of the most accurate passers in NFL history. His career completion percentage is 65%, which is better than Hall of Fame quarterbacks like Steve Young (64%), Troy Aikman (61%), and John Elway (59%). And since 2011, his completion percentage has been above 70%.

That’s incredible accuracy from one of the best quarterbacks ever.

Tom Brady Vs Aaron Rodgers Head-To-Head Record

When it comes to winning, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are two of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. But when pitted against each other, who comes out on top? In head-to-head matchups, Brady holds a 3-1 record over Rodgers.

The first meeting between the two came in 2006, when Brady’s Patriots defeated Rodgers and the Packers 35-0 in a preseason game. The only regular season meeting occurred in 2014, when Brady’s Patriots edged out Rodgers’ Packers 26-21 at Lambeau Field. In that contest, Brady completed 24 of 38 passes for 368 yards and two touchdowns, while Rodgers was 23 of 33 for 274 yards and one score.

Most recently, the two met in a playoff game following the 2016 season, with Brady’s Patriots coming out on top again by a score of 36-17. In that game, Brady had another stellar performance, completing 32 of 42 passes for 384 yards and three touchdowns. Rodgers was held to just 17 completions on 31 attempts for 185 yards and one touchdown.

So while the overall head-to-head record may be close, it’s clear that Tom Brady has had Aaron Rodgers’ number whenever they’ve faced off against each other.


In a recent blog post, sports writer John Clayton argues that Aaron Rodgers is a better quarterback than Tom Brady. He cites several reasons for this, including Rodgers’ higher career passer rating and his more efficient use of the Packers’ offense. He also notes that Rodgers has been more successful than Brady in recent postseason play, winning a Super Bowl in 2010 and leading the Packers to four straight NFC Championship games.

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