Why Did Ishowspeed Get Banned from Youtube?

Ishowspeed, a popular youtube channel, got banned for violating multiple community guidelines including hate speech, harassment, and bullying. Ishowspeed, a youtube creator with over 350,000 subscribers, quickly rose to popularity for his racially charged commentary on trending topics.

However, his provocative content often crossed the line, resulting in numerous reports from the youtube community. After violating several community guidelines, ishowspeed got banned from youtube for hate speech, harassment, and bullying. Some of his most controversial videos aimed to create tension between different races and ignite racial debates on the platform.

While some viewers saw his content as satire, many others found it to be distasteful and sought to have his channel removed. Despite the backlash, ishowspeed remains active on other social media platforms.

The Start of The Downfall

At the onset of ishowspeed’s downfall, the youtube community already saw some warning signs. Despite this, the creator pushed through with a video that sparked outrage, ultimately causing his ban from the platform. The incident drew mixed reactions from the public, with some supporting his cause and others denouncing his methods.

Nonetheless, the consequences were clear – the end of ishowspeed’s youtube journey. Even as his supporters tried to petition for his return, the damage had already been done. The ishowspeed ban serves as a reminder that content creators should always consider the impact of their actions and strive to create a safe online space for everyone.

The Ban and The Aftermath

Youtube recently banned ishowspeed, a popular channel known for their gaming content. The announcement came as a shock to both the channel and its fans. The reasons behind the ban are still unclear, with some speculating it was due to copyright violations or inappropriate content.

Despite the ban, ishowspeed’s reaction was calm and collected, thanking fans for their support throughout the years. However, the community’s response was mixed, with some expressing disappointment while others stood by ishowspeed. Overall, the aftermath of the ban has left many wondering why such a popular channel was suddenly removed from the platform.

The Youtube Community’s Reaction

The recent ban of ishowspeed from youtube has sparked a wave of reactions from the community. Many creators are expressing their thoughts on the ban, with some supporting it while others disagree. The impact of the ban on the community is also a topic of discussion, as many believe it sets a precedent for future content regulation.

Youtube’s role in regulating content is also being scrutinized, as some argue that it should have been more proactive in addressing ishowspeed’s violation of guidelines. Regardless of the varied opinions, it is clear that the ban has raised important questions on the responsibility of both creators and platforms in promoting safe and positive content.

The Future of Ishowspeed and Youtube

The recent ban of ishowspeed from youtube raises concerns about the future of the platform. Despite the setback, ishowspeed remains optimistic about the possibilities of a comeback. The channel plans to explore alternative avenues for sharing their content, including streaming on other platforms such as twitch or uploading to their own website.

However, this raises questions about the sustainability of youtube’s content moderation policies. Will youtube continue to ban channels for violating guidelines, or will they adopt a more lenient approach? Only time will tell what the future holds for ishowspeed and youtube as a whole.

Nonetheless, this incident serves as a reminder of the importance of adhering to platform guidelines to ensure continued success for content creators.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Was Ishowspeed Banned from Youtube?

Ishowspeed received multiple strikes from posting inappropriate content violating community guidelines.

What Was Ishowspeed’s Content On Youtube?

Ishowspeed posted violent content, including harassment, bullying, and animal abuse.

Was Ishowspeed’s Ban Permanent?

Yes, ishowspeed’s ban was permanent with no possibility of reinstatement.

Can Ishowspeed Create A New Youtube Account?

No, ishowspeed is banned from the platform entirely, including creating new accounts.

What Other Consequences Did Ishowspeed Face?

Ishowspeed faced legal actions such as criminal charges and financial penalties.

How Can I Avoid Being Banned From Youtube?

Always follow youtube’s community guidelines, which prohibit posting violent, hateful, and inappropriate content.


After analyzing the factors behind ishowspeed’s ban from youtube, we can conclude that the violation of the platform’s community guidelines and terms of service can lead to severe consequences for content creators. It is imperative to ensure that the content produced is not harmful, abusive, or violative of any regulations.

The content creator needs to remain vigilant and adherent to youtube’s policies to continue broadcasting to a broader audience. It is necessary to acknowledge the importance of creating content that abides by ethical and moral values. Youtube is an excellent platform to showcase creativity and connect with a diverse audience.

However, it is important to use it wisely and not abuse it in any way. To prevent getting banned from this video-sharing giant, one must be aware of the rules and regulations and produce content accordingly.

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