Why Did Ken Block Choose 43?

Ken block, the professional rally driver, chose the number 43 to honor his late father who passed away at the age of 43. ken block, a renowned rally driver, is known for his extraordinary driving skills and unique personality. He is the founder of hoonigan industries and has competed in various motorsports events such as the world rally championship and global rallycross championship.

One question that often arises is why he chose the number 43 for his racing car. The answer is simple; the number 43 represents the age at which his father passed away. It was his way of honoring his father’s memory and carrying his legacy forward on the racing track.

Block even incorporates the number into his own logo, which features a stylized “43” with a skull and crossbones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Ken Block Always Use Number 43?

No, ken block started using the number 43 in 2005 and has
consistently used it in all his rally and race events since then.

Who Else Uses The Number 43 In Racing?

Richard petty, a nascar legend, used number 43 in most of his races and
it has become an iconic number in the nascar world.


It is clear that the number 43 holds a special significance for ken block. Whether it’s because of his background in skateboarding or his admiration for nascar legend richard petty, the number has become closely tied to his career as a rally driver.

Regardless of the reasons behind its choice, 43 has become synonymous with block’s success and a recognizable symbol for his legions of fans. In the world of motorsports, branding and recognition are crucial for building a following and securing sponsorship deals, and ken block has certainly capitalized on the power of a memorable number.

With his success on the global stage, it’s safe to say that the number 43 will continue to be associated with his legacy in the world of rally driving, long after he hangs up his driving gloves.

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