Why Did Ken Block Leave Ford?

Ken block left ford due to its decision to focus on electric vehicles rather than high-performance cars. Block felt that this shift did not align with his passion for racing and building performance cars.

Ken block, a professional rally driver, is known for his connection with ford and his famous gymkhana series. His departure from ford shocked the motorsports world as he had been a prominent figure in the company for over a decade.

In recent years, there has been a significant shift towards the production of electric vehicles, and ford had announced plans to invest $22 billion in this area by 2025. This decision did not sit well with block, whose career was built around performance cars and racing. His departure from ford signified his desire to focus on his passion and to align his career with his personal values.

Ken Block’s Journey With Ford

Ken block was a ford ambassador for over a decade in the motorsport industry. During his time with ford, block achieved great success while representing the brand in various races and events. He was able to showcase his driving abilities in the world rally championship, global rallycross championship, and various other racing series.

His presence was instrumental in creating the ford focus rs rx that was specifically designed for rallycross. Ken block’s fearless approach to racing allowed him to perform some of the most intricate maneuvers known to the rally world, and his partnership with ford gave the automaker invaluable exposure in the highly competitive motorsports industry.

The Rumours And Speculations

There have been strong rumours floating around that ken block might have left ford due to being unhappy with the company. While there is no clear confirmation on this matter, numerous reasons are being speculated for the fallout between ken block and ford.

Some suggest that it could be issues with sponsorship or creative differences, while others speculate that it may have been due to the launch of the new ford bronco. Regardless, fans of ken block and the ford brand are eager to learn more about what really happened.

Only time will tell if ken block will continue his partnership with ford or move on to another collaboration.

The Decision To Part Ways

Ken block, the rally driver, and ford, his longtime manufacturer, have parted ways after a decade-long partnership. Block himself posted on social media about the split, citing differing objectives and goals between himself and the company as his reasons for leaving.

Ford issued a statement shortly after block’s announcement, stating that they were grateful for his contributions and wished him the best in his future endeavors. Despite the end of their official partnership, block expressed his appreciation for the automaker’s support and the opportunities they gave him to pursue his passion for racing.

The Future Of Ken Block And Ford

Ken block, the renowned rally driver, recently made the surprising decision to leave ford. Since then, many have been curious about his future plans. Block himself has hinted about taking on new challenges and pursuing his passion for motorsports. As for ford, they will undoubtedly continue their focus on creating high-performance vehicles.

However, the loss of block is a significant one, given his immense talent and popularity among fans. It remains to be seen what the future holds for both block and ford, but one thing is for sure – their partnership will be missed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Ken Block Continue Racing?

Yes, ken block plans to continue racing as a private driver and take part in various competitions.

What Is Ken Block’s Net Worth?

Ken block’s net worth as of 2021 is estimated to be around $200 million, earned through his racing career, sponsorships, and businesses.


Ken block’s departure from ford is a significant event in the automotive industry, as he had a long and successful career with the american carmaker. While there are various reasons why he left, including the need for new challenges and opportunities, it is evident that his departure is a significant loss for ford.

Nevertheless, it does not mean that the company will not continue to innovate and produce excellent cars. In fact, ken block’s departure may inspire ford to look towards emerging talents and ideas to create the next generation of cars. As the world transitions towards electric and autonomous vehicles, ford must adapt and embrace changes to remain relevant and competitive.

Ultimately, ken block’s legacy will remain, and his impact on the automotive industry will continue to influence and inspire new generations of car enthusiasts, drivers, and engineers alike.

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