Why Did Ken Block Leave Subaru?

Ken block left subaru due to a change in direction for his hoonigan brand. In 2020, he announced a multi-year partnership with ford, making them his exclusive automotive partner.

As one of the most popular rally drivers in the world, ken block’s departure from subaru in 2009 came as a surprise to many. At the time, he was the face of the subaru world rally team and had helped bring the brand to new heights in the automotive industry.

However, after a decade of partnership, block decided to focus on his own brand, hoonigan. This led to his multi-year partnership with ford, which includes several projects such as the gymkhana series and the creation of high-performance vehicles. Although block’s decision to leave subaru was controversial, his success with ford has solidified his position in the automotive world as a leading influencer and expert driver.

The Collaboration Between Ken Block And Subaru’s Success

Ken block and subaru had an incredibly successful partnership, which generated an enormous following. As a result, many individuals were surprised when block announced his departure from subaru in 2020. Over the last decade, subaru and ken block undoubtedly had a strong collaboration.

The manufacturer benefited from his expertise in the racing world, while block benefited from the brand’s excellent reputation and excellent vehicles. Block himself has stated that the top-of-the-line quality of subaru’s engineering played a significant role in his success as a driver.

Despite their fantastic track record together, however, there are various reasons for ken block’s departure from subaru. Nonetheless, their partnership was undoubtedly one of the most successful in motor racing history.

The Departure of Ken Block from Subaru

Ken block, one of the most famous rally drivers, gained popularity while driving for subaru. However, after being with them for over a decade, he announced his departure. The reasons behind his decision remain a bit of a mystery, but there are a few speculations.

Some sources speculate money issues, while others say it was due to an altercation with executives. Regardless of the reason, this was a significant loss for subaru, which lost one of its most recognizable brand ambassadors. While ken block may not be driving for subaru anymore, his legacy in the community will never be forgotten.

The Aftermath of Ken Block’s Departure from Subaru

Ken block’s departure from subaru had a significant impact, particularly on the company’s marketing strategies. With block’s star power, subaru was able to put a fresh spin on its image, appealing to a wider audience. However, the company has taken several steps to fill the void left by his departure.

Subaru continues to innovate and introduce new models, incorporating cutting-edge technology and design to stay ahead of the competition. While block’s absence has undoubtedly been felt, the company has adapted and adjusted to these changes. Subaru fans can look forward to new developments and exciting offerings from the iconic brand in the future.

Ken Block’s Future Endeavors

Ken block’s departure from subaru left fans and supporters wondering about his future endeavors. Following his exit from the rally team, block founded his own hoonigan racing division that competes in various motorsport events. Besides racing, he’s also working on new media content, such as his youtube channel “hoonigan,” which showcases car stunts and builds.

Moreover, he recently announced his partnership with audi and will race in 2022 with an audi e-tron fe07 in the fia world rallycross championship. Block’s decision to leave subaru didn’t affect his fan base or success, as he continues to thrive in the world of motorsports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ken Block Still Racing?

Yes, ken block is still actively racing in various motorsport events worldwide.

What Is Ken Block’s Net Worth?

Ken block’s estimated net worth is around $200 million, mainly from his racing career and business ventures.


After an illustrious 11-year partnership, ken block finally bid adieu to subaru, leaving behind a legacy that will be tough to match. His departure came as a surprise to his fans and industry insiders alike, leaving many wondering why he decided to part ways with the automaker.

While there is no single answer to this question, it’s clear that the challenges he faced as a professional driver played a role in his decision to move on. Over the years, block has become a household name in the world of rally driving, and his skills and daredevilry behind the wheel have earned him a loyal following.

While his departure from subaru may have come as a shock, it’s clear that he’s got new challenges ahead of him, and we’re excited to see what the future holds for this talented driver. As he steps out of one chapter and into the next, we wish ken block all the best and look forward to seeing him continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible on the track.

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