Why Does Jason Kelce Wear 62?

Jason Kelce wears the number 62 because it was his high school football number and he continued to wear it as a symbol of his roots. As a key player for the Philadelphia Eagles, Jason Kelce wears the number 62 as a tribute to his high school football days, representing his journey from a young athlete to an NFL star.

This choice holds sentimental value, showcasing Kelce’s commitment to his roots and the significance of his formative years in shaping his career. By donning the number 62, Kelce pays homage to his beginnings while embracing the platform he has achieved as a professional athlete.

This decision not only reflects his personal connection to the number, but also serves as a source of inspiration for aspiring athletes looking to honor their own origin stories.

The Significance Of Jersey Numbers In Football


The significance of jersey numbers in football goes beyond mere identification. For athletes, jersey numbers often carry deep personal meaning, representing their journey, values, or significant life events. In the history of sports, jersey numbers were initially introduced for practical purposes, but they soon evolved into symbols of individual identity and team pride. Athletes have been known to choose jersey numbers based on personal significance, such as a birthdate, a tribute to a mentor, or a meaningful event. For Jason Kelce, the number 62 holds a special place in his heart, representing his personal journey and the values he holds dear. This exemplifies how jersey numbers can be more than just digits on a uniform, but rather, a reflection of an athlete’s identity and story.


Jason Kelce’s Personal Connection To The Number 62

Jason Kelce wears the number 62 on his jersey due to his family heritage. He proudly honors his grandfather, who also wore this number during his football career. This numeral symbolizes a familial legacy deeply embedded in Kelce’s identity. His decision to sport the number 62 pays homage to the values and traditions passed down through generations. Moreover, Kelce’s choice reflects his appreciation for previous athletes who have donned the same number, demonstrating his reverence for their skill and determination.

The Impact Of Wearing 62 In The Nfl

Wearing a specific number in the NFL can have a significant impact on a player, both psychologically and emotionally. In the case of Jason Kelce, wearing the number 62 holds personal significance, potentially affecting his mindset and performance on the field. The choice of jersey number can also resonate with fans and teammates, eliciting varied reactions and establishing a unique identity within the team. This personal connection to a jersey number reflects the deep-rooted traditions and emotional ties that players have with their sport, showcasing the individuality and meaningful symbolism inherent in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions On Why Does Jason Kelce Wear 62?

Why Does Jason Kelce Wear The Number 62?

Jason Kelce wears the number 62 to honor his late brother, who wore the same number in high school. It’s a deeply personal tribute that carries great significance for him.

What Is The Significance Of The Number 62 For Jason Kelce?

The number 62 holds sentimental value for Jason Kelce as it represents his late brother’s high school football number. Wearing it is a tribute to his brother’s memory and a symbol of their bond.

How Did Jason Kelce’s Brother Influence His Choice Of Jersey Number?

Jason Kelce’s brother, Travis, wore the number 62 during his high school football days. This personal connection led Jason to choose the same number as a meaningful tribute to his beloved brother.


The significance behind Jason Kelce wearing 62 is rooted in family tradition and admiration for his grandfather. Understanding the personal connection adds depth to the story and appreciation for the meaningful symbolism behind his jersey number. It’s a reminder that sports often hold deeper meanings beyond the numbers on the field.

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