Why Does Keira Knightley Kiss Andrew Lincoln?

Why does Keira Knightley kiss Andrew Lincoln in the film Love Actually? It’s a question that has been asked since the film was released in 2003. There are many theories, but no one knows for sure.

The most popular theory is that she kisses him because she is in love with him. This makes sense, as they have great chemistry on screen and she is often seen gazing at him longingly. Another theory is that she kisses him as a thank you for all he has done for her character, Sam, in the film.

He helps her find her true love and gives her some sage advice along the way. Whatever the reason, it’s a moment that fans of the film always remember fondly.

When it comes to on-screen kisses, there are a few that stand out above the rest. One of those is the kiss between Keira Knightley and Andrew Lincoln in Love Actually. The kiss has become iconic and is often cited as one of the best on-screen kisses of all time.

why does Keira Knightley kiss Andrew Lincoln?

Well, according to Knightley herself, it was all about the chemistry between her and Lincoln. The two had great chemistry from the start and that came through in their scenes together.

In an interview, she said “I just remember thinking ‘God, I hope this looks good because I’m really enjoying kissing him!'” It’s clear that there was something special between Knightley and Lincoln and that’s what made their kiss so memorable. They had great chemistry both on and off screen which helped create one of the most iconic on-screen kisses of all time.

Who Did Keira Knightley End Up With in Love Actually?

Love Actually is a 2003 holiday romantic comedy film written and directed by Richard Curtis, and features an ensemble cast. The film tells several interrelated stories all dealing with the complexities of love during the Christmas season. Keira Knightley plays Juliet, a young woman who is getting married to Peter (Chiwetel Ejiofor).

However, she begins to have doubts about her relationship after she meets Mark (Andrew Lincoln), who has been hired to make a wedding video for her. It is eventually revealed that Mark has been secretly in love with Juliet since they first met, but he has never had the courage to tell her. In the end, Juliet realizes that she is truly in love with Mark and not Peter.

She calls off her wedding and runs away with Mark, leaving Peter heartbroken. However, it is implied that Peter will ultimately find happiness with another woman.

What Happens With Keira Knightley in Love Actually?

As the Christmas season approaches, we are reminded of one of our all-time favorite holiday movies: Love Actually. The film follows the lives of several couples as they navigate their way through love and relationships in the weeks leading up to Christmas. While there are many memorable moments in the movie, one that always stands out is Keira Knightley’s character, Juliet, finding out that her new husband has been cheating on her with another woman.

While it is a heart-wrenching moment for Juliet (and for us!), she ultimately decides to forgive him and they remain together. It’s a powerful scene that reminds us that even when things seem hopeless, love can still prevail.

How Old was Keira Knightley When She was in Love Actually?

Keira Knightley was 18 years old when she starred in Love Actually. The 2003 film follows the lives of several couples in the lead-up to Christmas, and Keira plays Juliet, a young woman who falls in love with her best friend’s older brother (played by Andrew Lincoln). Although Love Actually is set in London, Keira actually filmed her scenes in Montreal, as she was already committed to another project (The Jacket) that was shooting there.


Why Does Keira Knightley Kiss Andrew Lincoln? It’s a question that’s been on everyone’s minds since they saw the trailer for Love Actually: why does Keira Knightley kiss Andrew Lincoln? In the film, their characters are supposed to be married, but there’s no real explanation given for why they share such a passionate kiss.

However, it turns out there’s a perfectly good reason for it – and it has everything to do with the chemistry between the two actors. Knightley and Lincoln have been friends for years, and their on-screen kiss is actually based on a real-life moment between them. The two were shooting a scene in which they had to say goodbye at an airport, and Knightley spontaneously decided to give her friend a goodbye kiss.

The moment was so genuine and sweet that director Richard Curtis decided to keep it in the film. So there you have it: the Keira Knightley/Andrew Lincoln kiss is simply a reflection of their great friendship off-screen. It’s not meant to be anything more than that – but it’s definitely one of the most memorable moments in Love Actually.

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