Why Emma Watson Hates Channing Tatum?

Emma Watson has never been a fan of Channing Tatum. She’s not sure what it is about him that rubs her the wrong way, but she just can’t stand him. Maybe it’s his cocky attitude or his over-the-top macho persona.

Whatever the reason, she just can’t seem to get past her dislike for the actor.

We all know that Emma Watson is a huge fan of Channing Tatum. She’s even said that she would love to work with him someday. However, it seems like her feelings might have changed recently.

In an interview with Elle UK, Watson was asked about her thoughts on the actor and she had some not-so-nice things to say. When asked if she still thought he was “hot,” Watson replied, “God, no.” She went on to say that she found him “objectifying” and that she didn’t like how he treated women in his movies.

She also said that she didn’t think he was a very good actor. Ouch! It sounds like Watson has definitely changed her tune when it comes to Tatum.

It’s too bad they’ll never be able to work together now, but maybe it’s for the best.

Did Emma Watson Like This Is The End?

No, Emma Watson did not like This Is The End. She found the film to be juvenile and crass, and was particularly unimpressed with its treatment of women.

What was Channing Tatum’S Break Out Role?

Channing Tatum’s break out role was in the 2006 film Step Up. The film was a commercial success, grossing over $100 million worldwide. It also helped to launch Tatum’s career, and he has since gone on to star in a number of successful films, including Magic Mike, 21 Jump Street and White House Down.

Who was the Gimp in This Is The End?

In the 2013 film This Is The End, actor Danny McBride plays a character named “The Gimp”. The Gimp is a fictional character who is based on a real life person that the filmmakers knew. In the film, The Gimp is introduced as a friend of Seth Rogen’s character, Jay Baruchel.

He is first seen when he and Jay are at a party at James Franco’s house. Later in the film, after the world has ended and most of the main characters are holed up in James Franco’s house, The Gimp becomes one of the few people left alive. He ultimately dies when he is eaten by a giant demon.

The Gimp was played by Danny McBride in an uncredited role. McBride is best known for his work on television shows such as Eastbound & Down and Vice Principals.

What is Emma Watson’S Most Successful Movie?

If we’re talking about commercial success, then Emma Watson’s most successful movie is probablyBeauty and the Beast. The live action remake of the Disney classic was a box office smash, grossing over $1.2 billion dollars worldwide. It also received largely positive reviews from critics, with Watson’s performance as Belle being singled out for praise.

However, if we’re talking about critical success, then Emma Watson’s most successful movie is arguablyThe Perks of Being a Wallflower. This low-budget coming-of-age drama was a hit with critics, earning rave reviews and several award nominations (including one for Watson). It didn’t make nearly as much money as Beauty and the Beast, but it did solidify Watson as a serious actress to watch.

Emma Watson And Channing Tatum Movie

We are so excited for the upcoming Emma Watson and Channing Tatum movie! The two stars have been busy promoting the film, which is set to hit theaters on May 10. This will be the first time that Watson and Tatum have worked together, and we can’t wait to see their chemistry on screen.

The plot of the movie centers around a group of American soldiers who are sent to rescue a group of British soldiers during World War II. We are sure that this action-packed film will be a hit with audiences, and we can’t wait to see Watson and Tatum in action!


Emma Watson has never been a fan of Channing Tatum. She’s not alone either. Many people find him to be arrogant and annoying.

He’s also been known to be a bit of a womanizer. However, there are some redeeming qualities about Channing Tatum that Emma Watson can’t help but admire.

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