Why was Drew Barrymore Blacklisted?

Drew Barrymore is one of the most recognizable actresses in Hollywood. She has been in the spotlight since she was a child, and she has starred in some of the most successful films of all time. However, Barrymore’s early career was not without its challenges. In fact, she was blacklisted by Hollywood at the age of 12.

There are a few reasons why Barrymore was blacklisted. First, she was struggling with addiction. She began drinking and smoking at a young age, and she was addicted to cocaine by the time she was 12. This behavior made her difficult to work with, and it led to her being dropped from several projects.

Second, Barrymore’s personal life was also very public. She was involved in several high-profile relationships, and she was often seen partying with celebrities. This behavior made her seem out of control, and it made it difficult for her to be taken seriously as an actress.

Finally, Barrymore’s image was not what Hollywood was looking for at the time. She was seen as a wild child, and she did not fit the mold of the typical Hollywood actress. This made it difficult for her to find work, and it led to her being blacklisted.

Reasons Why was Drew Barrymore Blacklisted

Drew Barrymore was blacklisted by Hollywood at the age of 12 due to a number of factors, including:

Early Struggles:

  • Drug addiction: By age 12, Barrymore was battling addiction to marijuana and cocaine. This led to erratic behavior, dropping out of school, and run-ins with the law.
  • Legal issues: She was arrested for shoplifting, possession of marijuana, and setting fire to a soundstage. These incidents garnered negative publicity and raised concerns about her reliability.

Hollywood’s Response:

  • Image concerns: The studios, wary of the potential for bad publicity and insurance risks, became hesitant to cast her. They saw her as “damaged goods” and feared the negative impact on their projects.
  • Difficult to work with: Her unpredictable behavior and legal troubles made her a risky investment. Directors and producers were concerned about her ability to commit to filming schedules and deliver consistent performances.

Limited Opportunities:

  • Fewer roles: While not officially blacklisted in the traditional sense, she faced a significant reduction in acting opportunities. She was primarily cast in smaller roles or independent films.
  • Rebuilding her career: Barrymore’s path to recovery and sustained success was long and arduous. It took years of hard work, therapy, and public image management to regain the trust of Hollywood.

Important Points to Remember:

  • Barrymore’s experience wasn’t a formal “blacklisting” but rather a consequence of her personal struggles.
  • The Hollywood industry’s concerns were primarily about financial risk and negative publicity, not political ideology.
  • Despite facing challenges, Barrymore eventually rebuilt her career and became a successful actress and producer.

Drew Barrymore Talks about Blacklisted in Hollywood

Drew Barrymore Talks about Blacklisted

Drew Barrymore has talked openly about her experience of being blacklisted in Hollywood. She was just 12 years old when she was dropped from several projects due to her wild behavior and addiction struggles. She was seen as a liability, and she was unable to find work for several years.

In a 2015 interview with The New York Times, Barrymore said that she was “blacklisted, shunned, and treated like a pariah.” She said that she felt “lost and alone,” and that she “didn’t know what to do with herself.”

However, Barrymore eventually turned her life around. She got sober, and she began to rebuild her career. She has since starred in some of the biggest films of the past few decades, and she has become one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood.

In a 2020 interview with Variety, Barrymore said that she is grateful for her experience of being blacklisted. She said that it “forced her to grow up” and “learn how to take care of herself.” She said that she is “proud of the woman she has become,” and that she is “thankful for the second chance she was given.”

Barrymore’s story is a reminder that it is never too late to turn your life around. She is an inspiration to many people, and she shows that it is possible to overcome even the most difficult challenges.

Why Did Drew Barrymore Stop Acting?

Drew Barrymore has not stopped acting entirely, but she has taken a step back from the big screen in recent years. There are a few reasons for this.

  • Family: Barrymore has two young daughters, Olive and Frankie. She has said that she wants to focus on being a mother and raising her children.
  • Personal health: Barrymore has been open about her struggles with anxiety and depression. She has said that she needs to take care of her mental health in order to be the best mother she can be.
  • Career satisfaction: Barrymore has said that she is no longer interested in doing the same old thing. She wants to challenge herself and find new ways to express herself creatively.


Drew Barrymore was blacklisted in Hollywood after she was caught doing drugs at a party. Her career took a nose dive and she struggled to find work. It wasn’t until she went to rehab and got her life back on track that she was able to make a comeback.

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