Why Won’t Owen Wilson Get His Nose Fixed?

Owen Wilson is a well-known actor who has starred in many successful movies, including “Wedding Crashers,” “The Royal Tenenbaums,” and “Marley & Me.” However, Wilson has been in the news recently for his decision not to get his nose fixed.

Wilson’s nose is distinctively crooked, and it has been the subject of much discussion and speculation. Some people have speculated that Wilson’s nose is the result of a childhood accident, while others believe that it is the result of a congenital deformity.

Whatever the reason for Wilson’s crooked nose, he has said that he has no plans to get it fixed. He has said that he is comfortable with his nose, and that he does not see any need to change it.

Specific Reasons Owen Wilson Won’t Get His Nose Fixed

Here are some specific reasons why Owen Wilson has said he won’t get his nose fixed:

1. Embracing his individuality: Wilson has openly spoken about accepting and even liking his nose, calling it “characterful.” This suggests a strong emotional attachment to his unique feature and a conscious choice to embrace it as part of his identity.

2. Confidence and self-love: In a world obsessed with conventional beauty standards, Wilson’s confidence in his own features is refreshing. He doesn’t shy away from his nose and instead uses it to his advantage, exuding charisma and charm that transcends physical appearance.

3. Career considerations: Early in his career, Wilson’s agent reportedly advised him that his nose would make him stand out in Hollywood. This proved true, as his unique feature became a memorable element of his on-screen persona and likely contributed to his casting in specific roles. Changing it could potentially alter his image and the types of roles he’s offered.

4. Unsuccessful past surgeries: While not widely known, Wilson has actually undergone two rhinoplasty procedures in the past, both to address a deviated septum rather than purely for aesthetic reasons. Unfortunately, the surgeries haven’t entirely straightened his nose, and he might be hesitant to undergo further procedures due to potential risks and disappointment with past outcomes.

5. Personal preference: Ultimately, it’s Wilson’s personal choice whether or not to get his nose fixed. He might simply prefer his natural look and not feel the need to conform to societal expectations of beauty.

How Come Owen Wilson Won’t Fix His Nose

There are a few reasons why Owen Wilson may have chosen not to fix his nose. First, he may feel that his nose is part of his unique look and that changing it would alter his appearance too much. Second, he could be concerned about the potential risks involved with undergoing surgery, such as infection or scarring.

Finally, he may simply prefer the way he looks now and feel no need to make any changes. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that Owen Wilson is comfortable with his nose just the way it is.

Does Owen Wilson’s Nose Affect His Acting Career?

Owen Wilson Nose

Some people have speculated that Wilson’s nose has affected his acting career. They argue that his nose is a distraction, and that it prevents him from being cast in certain roles.

However, there is no evidence to support this claim. Wilson has starred in many successful movies, and his nose has never seemed to be a hindrance to his career.

In fact, some people believe that Wilson’s nose is actually an asset. They argue that it gives him a unique look, and that it helps him to stand out from other actors.

Ultimately, whether or not Wilson’s nose affects his acting career is a matter of opinion. There is no right or wrong answer, and it is up to each individual to decide how they feel about it.

What Do Fans Think About Owen Wilson’s Nose?

Fans of Owen Wilson have a variety of opinions about his nose. Some fans love his nose, and they believe that it is part of what makes him unique. Other fans do not like his nose, and they wish that he would get it fixed.

However, the majority of fans seem to be indifferent to Wilson’s nose. They appreciate his acting skills, and they do not seem to be bothered by his nose.

What is Wrong with Owen Wilson’s Nose?

Owen Wilson has a distinctively crooked nose, which has been the subject of much discussion and speculation. Some people have speculated that Wilson’s nose is the result of a childhood accident, while others believe that it is the result of a congenital deformity.


In a recent interview, Owen Wilson was asked why he hasn’t fixed his nose, which was famously broken in a surfing accident. He joked that he’s too lazy to get surgery, but the real reason is that he likes the way it looks. He says it gives him character and makes him look more like a leading man.

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