Why Did Angelina Jolie Change Her Name?

Angelina Jolie is one of the most famous actresses in the world, and she has been known by many names over the years. She was born Angelina Jolie Voight, but she dropped her father’s last name in 2002. In 2016, she married Brad Pitt and became Angelina Jolie Pitt, but she reverted to her maiden name, Jolie, after their divorce in 2019.

So, why did Angelina Jolie change her name so many times? There are many possible reasons why Angelina Jolie has changed her name so many times. It is likely that a combination of factors, including her estrangement from her father, her marriage and divorce, and her desire to reclaim her identity, influenced her decisions.

The Specific Reasons Why Did Angelina Jolie Change Her Name

There are a few possible reasons:

Distancing Herself From Her Father

The most well-known reason for Angelina Jolie’s first name change is her estrangement from her father, Jon Voight. Jolie had a difficult childhood, and she has said that she felt abandoned by her father when her parents divorced when she was just a child.

In a 2002 interview, Jolie said that she changed her name to distance herself from her father. She said, “I wanted to be my own person. I didn’t want to be associated with my father.”

Jolie’s relationship with her father has been strained for many years. In 2001, Voight publicly criticized Jolie’s mental health, which led to a further estrangement.

Marriage and Divorce

When Angelina Jolie married Brad Pitt in 2016, she took his last name, becoming Angelina Jolie Pitt. This was a common practice for women at the time, and it was seen as a way to show solidarity with their husbands.

However, after Jolie and Pitt divorced in 2019, Jolie reverted to her maiden name. This was seen by many as a sign that she was ready to move on from her marriage and to start a new chapter in her life.

Reclaiming Her Identity

It is also possible that Angelina Jolie changed her name back to Jolie after her divorce because she wanted to reclaim her identity. She has said that she feels most comfortable with the name Jolie, and that it is the name that best represents her.

In a 2020 interview, Jolie said, “I’m Angelina Jolie. That’s who I am. I’m not anyone else.”

Symbolic Gesture

Changing her name might have been a symbolic way to express her emotional detachment from her father and the challenges she faced in their relationship. It could also be seen as a tribute to her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, who raised her and instilled strong values in her. Using her mother’s maiden name as her middle name further emphasizes this connection.

Did Angelina Jolie Legally Change Her Name?

No, Angelina Jolie has not legally changed her name. While she is sometimes referred to as “Angelina Jolie Pitt” in the media, her legal name remains Angelina Jolie. She did, however, take her husband Brad Pitt’s last name (Pitt) when they married in 2014.

Why Angelina Jolie Has Different Last Name?

Actress Angelina Jolie has had many different last names over the course of her career. Her most recent last name is Jolie, which she took when she married actor Brad Pitt in 2014. However, prior to that she was known as Angelina Jolie Voight after taking her father’s last name.

She also went by the stage name of Angie Joli when she first started acting.

Why Did Angelina Jolie Name Her Daughter Shiloh?

When Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt welcomed their first child together in 2006, they named her Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt. The unique moniker was inspired by the couple’s close friend, Heidi Fleiss. “We just liked the name,” Jolie told Oprah Winfrey in 2006.

“I actually heard it [from] a friend of ours who suggested it a long time ago.” Jolie and Pitt were so enamored with the name that they considered using it for their second child, a son they eventually named Knox Leon.

Why Does Angelina Jolie Have a Different Name Than Her Father?

Why Does Angelina Jolie Have a Different Name Than Her Father

Angelina Jolie dropped her father, Jon Voight’s, last name in 2002 and chose to use only her first and middle names professionally. The exact reasons for this decision remain personal, but several possible factors contributed:

Strained Relationship with Her Father: Throughout her life, Angelina and Jon Voight have had a complex and often challenging relationship. Public disagreements and estrangement likely played a role in her decision to distance herself from his name.

Establishing Her Own Identity: By dropping Voight’s last name, Angelina created a separate professional identity distinct from her father’s successful acting career. This allowed her to forge her own path and avoid comparisons or assumptions based on her family connections.

Creative Control and Branding: Using her own name gave Angelina more control over her image and brand. It signified her independence and autonomy as an actress, allowing her to build a distinct identity within the industry.

Symbolic Gesture: Dropping Voight’s name might have been a symbolic way for Angelina to express her emotional detachment from him and the challenges she faced in their relationship.

Inspiration from Mother’s Maiden Name: Interestingly, Angelina chose to use her mother’s maiden name, “Jolie,” as her middle name. This could be a tribute to her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, who raised her and instilled strong values in her.


In 2000, Angelina Jolie legally changed her name to Angelina Jolie Voight. Her father is actor Jon Voight, and she had always gone by her middle name, Jolie. However, after estrangement from her father for many years, she decided to change her last name to reflect her new relationship with him.

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