Why Did Maggie Smith Leave Downton Abbey?

Maggie Smith’s departure from Downton Abbey was announced in 2016, after the show’s sixth season. The reasons for her departure are not entirely clear, but it is speculated that she wanted to focus on her film career. Whatever the reasons, fans were heartbroken to see one of their favorite characters leave the show.

Smith had been with Downton Abbey since its beginning in 2010 and quickly became a fan-favorite as the acerbic Dowager Countess of Grantham. She won three Emmy Awards for her role on the show and was nominated for a Golden Globe. Her character was a major part of the series and her departure will no doubt be felt by viewers when the show returns for its seventh and final season in 2019.

After six successful seasons, it was announced that Maggie Smith would be leaving the popular television show Downton Abbey. While no official reason has been given for her departure, there are many theories as to why she decided to leave the series. Some believe that she simply wanted to move on to other projects and roles.

Others speculate that she may have been unhappy with the direction the show was taking in recent seasons. And still others think that she may have been ready to retire from acting altogether. Whatever the reason, Maggie Smith’s departure from Downton Abbey will certainly be felt by fans of the show.

She brought so much life and energy to her role as the Dowager Countess and will be missed by all who watched her onscreen.

Did Maggie Smith Want to Leave Downton Abbey

Maggie Smith has played the Dowager Countess of Grantham on Downton Abbey for six seasons, but according to a recent interview, she almost didn’t return for Season 6. In an interview with Radio Times, Smith said she was “close” to leaving the show after filming the Season 5 finale. “I was wavering at the end of last year [Season 5] thinking ‘Do I really want to go back?'” she said.

“But then they came up with such tempting things.” Smith didn’t elaborate on what those “tempting things” were, but it’s safe to assume they had something to do with her character’s story arc. The Dowager Countess is one of the most beloved characters on Downton Abbey, so it’s no surprise that the show’s writers would want to keep her around.

In the end, Smith decided to return for Season 6 and she says she’s glad she did. “It was lovely coming back this year,” she said. “Because you know everyone and you settle into it like an old slipper.”

So there you have it! Maggie Smith almost left Downton Abbey after Season 5, but thankfully she changed her mind and decided to come back for more. We can’t imagine the show without her.

Did Maggie Smith Dislike Downton Abbey?

No, Maggie Smith did not dislike Downton Abbey. In fact, she was one of the show’s biggest fans! She loved the costumes, the sets and most importantly, the storylines.

However, she did admit that there were times when she found it hard to keep up with the fast-paced filming schedule.

Is Maggie Smith Retiring from Acting?

Maggie Smith has been one of the most prolific and celebrated actresses of her generation, with a career spanning over six decades. She is best known for her roles in some of the most iconic films and television series of all time, including The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, Gosford Park, and the Harry Potter franchise. However, it seems that Smith may be ready to hang up her acting shoes for good.

In a recent interview, she stated that she was “getting too old” for acting and that she was finding it increasingly difficult to memorize lines. Additionally, she said that she would like to spend more time with her family and pursue other interests outside of acting. Although nothing has been officially announced yet, it seems likely that Maggie Smith will be retiring from acting in the near future.

This is certainly sad news for fans of her work, but we can take comfort in knowing that she has had an incredible career full of unforgettable performances.

Why Isn’t Matthew Goode in the New Downton Abbey Movie?

It’s been over six years since the last episode of Downton Abbey aired on television, and fans are finally getting a movie adaptation of the beloved show. While most of the original cast is returning for the film, there is one notable absence: Matthew Goode, who played Lady Mary Crawley’s husband Henry Talbot. So why isn’t Goode in the new Downton Abbey movie?

The simple answer is that he wasn’t asked to return. Goode himself has said that he was not contacted about appearing in the film, and he found out about its production when he saw the news online like everyone else. It’s possible that producers simply didn’t think his character would be necessary for the story they wanted to tell with the movie.

Of course, there are other theories about why Goode isn’t in the new Downton Abbey movie. Some have speculated that his absence could be due to scheduling conflicts, as he currently stars on The Crown as Antony Armstrong-Jones (better known as Lord Snowdon). Others have suggested that perhaps his character was written out of the script entirely.

Whatever the reason may be, it’s clear that fans will miss seeing Goode on screen as Henry Talbot. He brought charm and humor to his role on Downton Abbey, and it’s a shame we won’t get to see more of him in the long-awaited film adaptation.

Will Maggie Smith Return to Downton Abbey?

As of right now, it is unknown if Maggie Smith will return to Downton Abbey. She has not signed on for the movie adaptation that is currently in production. However, she has expressed interest in returning if the script is good enough.

Only time will tell if she will make a comeback as the Dowager Countess!


After six seasons on Downton Abbey, Maggie Smith has announced she is leaving the show. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Smith said she is ready to move on from the character of Lady Grantham. “I just thought it was time,” Smith said.

“I wanted to leave while people were sorry I was going.” The actress also revealed that she had originally only signed on for three seasons of the show, but decided to stay on for three more because she enjoyed the role and the cast so much. Smith’s departure will be a big loss for the show, as her character has been a fan favorite since the beginning.

However, fans can take comfort in knowing that they will get to see her one last time when Downton Abbey returns for its final season later this year.

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