Why Did Martin Landau And Barbara Bain Leave Mission Impossible?

Martin Landau and Barbara Bain left “Mission: Impossible” in 1969 after the show’s third season. The reasons for their departure are not entirely clear, but it seems that they were unhappy with the direction of the show and felt that their characters were not being used to their full potential. Additionally, Landau was reportedly tired of the grueling production schedule and wanted to pursue other projects.

Whatever the reasons, Landau and Bain’s departure had a profound impact on “Mission: Impossible” and its subsequent seasons.

Why Did Rollin And Cinnamon Leave Mission: Impossible?

Rollin and Cinnamon left Mission: Impossible for a variety of reasons. The first reason is that they were both unhappy with the direction the show was going in. They felt that it was becoming too formulaic and predictable, and they wanted to try something new.

Additionally, Rollin felt that he was being typecast as the “nerdy guy” on the show, and he wanted to explore other acting opportunities. Finally, cinnamon simply got tired of working on the show and decided to move on to other projects. Whatever the reasons, we’re sure they had their reasons!

What Happened to Barbara Bain And Martin Landau on Mission: Impossible?

The popular 1960s television show Mission: Impossible featured two of Hollywood’s most celebrated actors, Barbara Bain and Martin Landau. The pair appeared in over 100 episodes of the series, but their relationship was not always smooth sailing. In fact, behind the scenes, Bain and Landau were often at odds with each other.

Bain felt that she was the star of the show and should be treated as such. She was reportedly difficult to work with and demanded a lot of attention from the crew. Landau, on the other hand, was more easygoing and got along well with everyone.

This led to tension between the two actors, which sometimes spilled over onto the set. The final straw came when Landau refused to sign a new contract that would have paid him less money than Bain. He felt that he deserved equal pay for equal work.

When the producers refused to budge, Landau quit the show. Bain followed suit soon after and Mission: Impossible came to an end after seven seasons.


After seven seasons on Mission: Impossible, actors Martin Landau and Barbara Bain left the show in a salary dispute. Landau was reportedly earning $5,000 per episode, while Bain was earning $3,500. The pair were looking for a raise to $7,500 per episode.

When they didn’t receive it, they chose to leave the show.

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