Why Did Sean Connery Do Never Say Never Again?

In the early 1980s, Sean Connery was approached by Hollywood producers who wanted him to reprise his role as James Bond in a new movie. Connery had retired from the role after starring in six films, and he was reluctant to return. However, he eventually agreed to do the film, titled Never Say Never Again, for two reasons.

First, he wanted to prove that he could still play the part of Bond at the age of 53. Second, he hoped that by appearing in another Bond movie, he would finally be able to put behind him his reputation as a difficult actor to work with.

Few actors have been as closely associated with a role as Sean Connery was with James Bond. He played the character in seven films, cementing himself as one of the most popular and iconic actors of his generation.

Why Did Sean Connery Do Never Say Never Again?

For Connery, it wasn’t just about returning to a beloved character – it was also about getting revenge. The actor had famously clashed with Bond producer Albert R. Broccoli over the years, and when Broccoli refused to meet Connery’s salary demands for a seventh film, Connery decided to walk away from the role. But when another production company bought the rights to Ian Fleming’s Thunderball and offered Connery a record-breaking $5 million salary to reprise his role, he saw it as an opportunity to get back at Broccoli – and maybe make some money in the process.

Never Say Never Again was not well-received by critics or audiences, but for Connery, it was a chance to prove that he could still play James Bond – even if it wasn’t under ideal circumstances.

Why is Never Say Never Again So Expensive

If you’re a fan of the James Bond franchise, then you’ve probably heard of the 1983 film Never Say Never Again. The movie was directed by Irvin Kershner and starred Sean Connery as James Bond. Despite being a critical and commercial success, the movie is not available on Blu-ray or DVD.

In fact, it’s not even available for digital rental or purchase. So why is Never Say Never Again so expensive? The simple answer is that the rights to the movie are owned by MGM and they have no interest in releasing it on modern formats.

The more complicated answer has to do with complex international copyright laws. When Never Say Never Again was first released, it was distributed by Warner Bros. Internationally, the distribution rights are now held by Sony Pictures.

In order for MGM to release the movie on Blu-ray or DVD, they would need to secure permission from both Warner Bros. and Sony Pictures. It’s unlikely that we’ll ever see Never Say Never Again released on modern formats, which is a shame because it’s a great movie. If you’re a diehard fan of the franchise, you might be able to find an old VHS copy at a garage sale or online auction site like eBay.

But be prepared to pay a hefty price – copies of the movie have been known to sell for hundreds of dollars.

Why Did Never Say Never Again Happen?

The story of Never Say Again begins in the early 1960s, when producer Kevin McClory became involved in an effort to adapt Ian Fleming’s James Bond novel Thunderball into a film. This eventually led to a legal battle over the rights to the Bond character, which was not resolved until after Fleming’s death in 1964. McClory then secured the screen rights to Thunderball and began developing it as a independent production.

After a number of delays, Never Say Again was finally released in 1983, starring Sean Connery as James Bond. The film was generally well-received by audiences and critics, but it was a box office disappointment compared to the previous Bond films. There have been various theories proposed as to why this happened, including McClory’s decision to make the film without any involvement from Eon Productions (the company behind the official Bond films) or United Artists (the studio that had distributed all of the previous Bond movies).

It’s also possible that audiences simply weren’t ready for another James Bond movie so soon after Roger Moore had taken over the role in Live and Let Die (1973).

Who Returned to the Role of James Bond in Never Say Never Again?

In 1983, Sean Connery returned to the role of James Bond in the film Never Say Never Again. The film was directed by Irvin Kershner and also starred Kim Basinger, Barbara Carrera, and Klaus Maria Brandauer. Connery had originally retired from the role of Bond after filming You Only Live Twice in 1967.

He then went on to star in such films as The Anderson Tapes (1971), Zardoz (1974), Murder on the Orient Express (1974), The Man Who Would Be King (1975), A Bridge Too Far (1977), and Highlander (1986). Never Say Never Again was not produced by Eon Productions, who hold the rights to the James Bond franchise. Instead, it was produced by Jack Schwartzman’s Taliafilm Ltd. and released through Warner Bros.

The plot of Never Say Never Again revolves around SPECTRE stealing two nuclear warheads from a NATO aircraft during a training exercise and holding them for ransom. James Bond is brought out of retirement to investigate and track down the terrorists before they can use the weapons. Although it was not as commercially successful as some of the other James Bond films, Never Say Twice Again was still a box office hit, grossing over $160 million worldwide.

How Old was James Bond in Never Say Never Again?

In the film Never Say Never Again, James Bond is 58 years old. This is because the film was made in 1983, which was 20 years after the release of the original film, Dr. No. In the original film, Bond was 38 years old.

So, in Never Say Never Again, Bond has aged 20 years.


Sean Connery was approached to do a James Bond movie in the early 1980s, but he turned it down. He later regretted that decision and decided to do Never Say Never Again, which was released in 1983. The movie was not as successful as the other Bond movies, but Connery’s performance was praised by critics.

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