Why Did Sonny And Cher Break Up?

Sonny and Cher were one of the most iconic couples of the 20th century. They were music and television royalty, with a string of hits and a popular TV show to their names. So why did they break up?

There are a few theories floating around about why Sonny and Cher broke up. One is that Sonny was cheating on Cher with another woman. This caused a lot of tension between the couple, and eventually led to their split.

Another theory is that Sonny was simply too controlling for Cher. He was always trying to micromanage her career, and she felt suffocated by his constant meddling. This led to arguments and ultimately drove them apart.

Whatever the reason for their breakup, there’s no doubt that Sonny and Cher left a lasting impression on pop culture. They remain one of the most iconic couples of all time, even though they’re no longer together.

What Happened to Sonny And Cher Marriage?

Sonny and Cher’s marriage was one of the most famous celebrity unions of the 1960s and 1970s. The couple met in 1962, when Sonny was a struggling musician and Cher was just a teenager. They married in 1964, when she was only 17 years old.

The pair had two children together, Chastity Bono (born 1969) and Elijah Blue Allman (born 1976). The couple’s relationship was tumultuous from the start. They frequently fought in public, both on- and off-stage.

Their career demands also put a strain on their marriage. In 1974, they announced that they were divorcing. However, they continued to work together professionally for several more years.

Despite their divorce, Sonny and Cher remained close friends until his death in 1998.

Did Sonny And Cher Like Each Other?

Sonny and Cher were one of the most iconic couples of the 20th century. Though they were no longer together by the time they reached icon status, their love story is the stuff of legend. So, did Sonny and Cher like each other?

The answer is complicated. Sonny and Cher met in the early 1960s when they were both aspiring musicians trying to make it in Los Angeles. They quickly fell in love and got married in 1964.

At first, it seemed like they had everything going for them – they had a successful music career, they were young and beautiful, and they were madly in love with each other. However, as their careers took off, things started to change between them. The long hours spent working left little time for quality time together, which led to arguments and resentment.

Coupled with Sonny’s infidelity (he was known to have cheated on Cher multiple times), their marriage became strained. They divorced in 1974 but remained close friends and business partners until Sonny’s death in 1988. So, did Sonny and Cher like each other?

It seems that they did at one point, but the demands of their careers eventually took a toll on their relationship.


Sonny and Cher were one of the most iconic couples of the 20th century. They met in the early 1960s and had their first hit song with “I Got You Babe” in 1965. They went on to have a string of hits throughout the 1960s and 1970s.

However, their marriage was not as successful as their musical career and they divorced in 1975.

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