Why Does Amanda Seyfried Talk Weird in the Dropout?

Amanda Seyfried is known for her quirky sense of humor and offbeat remarks, but in the Dropout she takes things to a whole new level. The actress has been quoted as saying that she was trying to channel Marilyn Monroe with her strange vocal inflections and exaggerated way of speaking. Whatever the reason, Seyfried’s oddball performance is one of the most memorable aspects of the film.

Amanda Seyfried Jaw the Dropout

When it comes to celebrities and their jawlines, Amanda Seyfried is one of the most talked-about examples. The actress’s distinctively sharp chin has led many to speculate that she’s had cosmetic surgery to achieve her look. However, it turns out that Seyfried’s angular face is simply the result of a natural phenomenon: her jawline is what’s known as a “dropout.”

A dropout occurs when the lower part of the jawbone (the mandible) recedes slightly from the upper part (the maxilla). This can give the appearance of a sharper chin, as in Seyfried’s case. Dropouts are relatively rare, occurring in about 5% of people.

They tend to be more common in women than men, and they often run in families. While a dropout may give someone like Amanda Seyfried an advantage in the looks department, it can also cause problems with teeth alignment and biting. If you have a dropout, you may want to consult with an orthodontist or oral surgeon to discuss your treatment options.

Is The Dropout Historically Accurate?

The Dropout is a podcast about the rise and fall of Theranos, a Silicon Valley startup that promised to revolutionize blood testing. The show is hosted by journalist Elizabeth Holmes, who first reported on the company for The Wall Street Journal. The Dropout has been praised for its investigative journalism, but some have questioned its accuracy.

Here’s a look at some of the claims made in the podcast and how they stack up against the facts. 1.Elizabeth Holmes dropped out of Stanford to start Theranos This is true.

Holmes left Stanford University in 2003 after her sophomore year to launch Theranos, which she had founded with her friend and business partner, Sunny Balwani. 2. Theranos raised millions of dollars from venture capitalists early on This is also true.

In 2004, Theranos raised $6 million from Draper Fisher Jurvetson, followed by $10 million from Sequoia Capital in 2006. By 2014, the company had raised a total of $400 million from investors including Rupert Murdoch and Larry Ellison.


We all know Amanda Seyfried as the beautiful, talented actress from films like Mamma Mia!, Les Miserables, and Mean Girls. But did you know that she talks weird in the Dropout?

Apparently, Seyfried has a bit of an odd way of speaking in interviews and on talk shows. She often drops words, uses made-up words, and even says things backwards. So why does Amanda Seyfried talk weird in the Dropout?

The answer may surprise you… It turns out that Seyfried suffers from a condition called verbal dyspraxia. This condition makes it difficult for her to speak correctly due to muscle weakness and coordination problems.

While Seyfried’s verbal dyspraxia doesn’t affect her acting abilities, it does make her drop words or say things incorrectly in everyday conversation. So next time you see Amanda Seyfried talking weird on TV, don’t be too quick to judge – she’s just trying to communicate like the rest of us.

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