Why Does Jessica Alba’s Daughter Have Red Hair?

Jessica Alba’s daughter, Honor, was born with red hair. Many people have speculated as to why this is, but the truth is that no one really knows for sure. Jessica herself has said that she doesn’t know why her daughter has red hair, but she thinks it’s beautiful.

It’s possible that Honor’s red hair is a result of genetics. Jessica has said that her own father had red hair when he was younger, so it’s possible that the gene was passed down to Honor. There are also many other celebrities with children who have red hair, so it’s not an uncommon occurrence.

Whatever the reason for Honor’s red hair, one thing is for sure: she looks absolutely adorable with it.

Jessica Alba Daughter Adopted

Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren have adopted a beautiful baby girl! The new addition to the family was born on December 27, and they have named her Hayes Alba Warren. This is Jessica and Cash’s third child, as they are already parents to daughters Honor Marie and Haven Garner.

It’s not yet known how the couple chose to adopt their new daughter, but we couldn’t be happier for them! Jessica has been very open about her desire to expand her family, saying in an interview earlier this year that she “definitely wanted more kids.” We can only imagine how thrilled she must be with her new daughter.

Who is Jessica Alba’s Daughter?

Haylen Faith Alba is Jessica Alba’s daughter. She was born on August 13, 2017.


Jessica Alba’s daughter, Haven, was born with red hair, which is a recessive trait. Because both Jessica and her husband have dark hair, they were surprised when their daughter was born with red hair. However, after doing some research, they found out that it is not uncommon for children to be born with red hair even if their parents do not have the trait.

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