Why Does Joseph Gordon Levitt Look Different in Looper?

Many people have noticed that Joseph Gordon Levitt looks different in Looper than he does in other movies. There are several reasons for this. First, Levitt is wearing heavy makeup in the movie to make him look older.

Second, he has shaved his head and eyebrows, which changes his appearance considerably. Third, he is wearing blue contact lenses, which again alters his look. All of these changes were made to help Levitt resemble Bruce Willis, who plays his older self in the movie.

The makeup artists and hair stylists did an amazing job of making Levitt look like a younger Willis. The blue contact lenses were particularly effective in giving him the same piercing eyes as Willis.

If you’ve seen Looper, you may have noticed that Joseph Gordon Levitt looks different than he does in most of his other movies. That’s because he had to undergo some pretty extensive makeup and prosthetics to play his character, Joe. As the movie’s makeup artist, Joel Harlow, explained, they wanted to make Levitt look as much like Bruce Willis (who plays the older version of Joe) as possible.

To do that, they gave him a prosthetic nose, chin, and cheekbones. They also dyed his hair and eyebrows darker and made his eyes look more sunken in. The result is a pretty convincing transformation that makes Levitt almost unrecognizable.

It’s a testament to both his acting ability and the skilled work of the makeup team that he was able to pull it off so convincingly.

Why Did Joseph Gordon Levitt Wear Heavy Makeup in Looper

In Looper, Joseph Gordon Levitt plays a young version of Bruce Willis’s character, Joe. In order to make Levitt look more like Willis, the makeup artists applied heavy prosthetic makeup to his face. This included adding wrinkles and age spots, as well as changing the shape of his nose and mouth.

The result was an incredibly realistic transformation that helped sell the movie’s premise that two different actors were playing the same character at different points in his life. While some may have found the makeup distracting, it was undoubtedly effective in making Looper a visually unique film. It’s also worth noting that Gordon Levitt is no stranger to wearing heavy makeup in movies; he previously donned prosthetics for his role as John Blake in The Dark Knight Rises.

So if anyone is up for the challenge of convincingly transforming into another actor, it’s definitely him.


Joseph Gordon Levitt looks different in Looper because he had to wear heavy prosthetics to make him look more like Bruce Willis. The make-up team did an incredible job making him virtually unrecognizable. It’s amazing what they can do with Hollywood magic these days.

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