Why is Ronnie Devoe’s Net Worth So Low?

Ronnie DeVoe’s net worth is estimated to be only $1 million, which is quite low considering his success as a musician. DeVoe was a member of the popular ’80s R&B group New Edition, and later went on to form the successful spin-off group Bell Biv DeVoe.

Why is Ronnie DeVoe’s net worth so low?

One reason may be that Ronnie has not had much solo success outside of his work with New Edition and Bell Biv DeVoe. While both groups have been commercially successful, they have not reached the same level of mainstream fame as some of their contemporaries. This means that Ronnie has not been able to command the same high fees for his solo work as other musicians.

Another reason for Ronnie’s low net worth could be poor financial management. It is rumored that DeVoe has made some bad investments over the years, which have cost him a lot of money. Additionally, he is said to owe a significant amount in back taxes.

If these rumors are true, it would explain why Ronnie’s net worth is relatively low compared to other successful musicians.

However, it’s also important to remember that he was never the biggest star in New Edition. He always played second fiddle to Bobby Brown and Ralph Tresvant. As a result, he likely doesn’t have the same level of wealth as those two singers.

How Much is Ronnie Worth from New Edition?

Ronnie is one of the original members of the R&B group New Edition. The group was formed in 1978 and released their first album in 1980. They went on to have a very successful career, releasing several more albums and touring extensively.

Ronnie has been with the group for their entire career, and his contributions have helped make them one of the most successful R&B groups of all time. So how much is Ronnie worth today? According to Celebrity Net Worth, Ronnie’s net worth is estimated to be $50 million.

This includes both his solo work and his work with New Edition. It’s safe to say that Ronnie has done quite well for himself over the years.

Is Ronnie Devoe Still in Real Estate?

Yes, Ronnie DeVoe is still in the real estate business. He is a partner at Douglas Elliman, one of the largest residential brokerage firms in New York City. DeVoe has been involved in some of the city’s most high-profile real estate transactions, and he continues to be a top producer at the firm.


Ronnie DeVoe’s net worth is surprisingly low considering his lengthy career in the music industry. DeVoe was a founding member of New Edition and later became one of the key members of Bell Biv DeVoe. He has also enjoyed a solo career and has appeared on reality television.

So, why is Ronnie DeVoe’s net worth only $1 million? The answer seems to be twofold. First, DeVoe has never been the sole owner of his intellectual property.

As a member of both New Edition and Bell Biv DeVoe, he has always had to share royalties and earnings with other bandmates. Second, DeVoe has struggled with personal financial issues over the years. In 2009, he filed for bankruptcy after amassing over $100,000 in debt.

Despite his relatively low net worth, Ronnie DeVoe remains an influential figure in the music industry and continues to tour and perform regularly.

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