Why is Sylvester Stallone Not in Creed 3?

Creed 3 is currently in development, and while fans are excited to see what the third installment in the franchise will bring, there is one question on everyone’s mind: where is Sylvester Stallone? It’s no secret that Stallone was integral to the first two Creed films, both in front of and behind the camera. So why isn’t he involved in this one?

There could be a number of reasons. First and foremost, Stallone may simply not want to do another Creed movie. He’s 71 years old, after all, and he may feel like he’s done his part for the franchise.

Additionally, it’s possible that Stallone had creative differences with the studio or director about the direction of Creed 3. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that Stallone won’t be appearing in the third film.

Why is Sylvester Stallone Not in Creed 3?

The answer is simple: Stallone turned down the role. According to sources close to the actor, Stallone felt that he had done all he could with the character of Rocky Balboa and didn’t want to revisit it. He was also reportedly not a fan of the direction that Creed 3 was taking, so he decided to pass on the project.

This is a shame for fans of Stallone, who was one of the highlights of Creed. But at least we can take comfort in knowing that Sly made his decision based on creative differences and not because he doesn’t support the franchise – he’s just moved on to other projects.

Is Sylvester Stallone Going to Be in Creed 3

Sylvester Stallone has not been confirmed for Creed 3, but fans are hopeful that he will return as Rocky Balboa. After all, the character is central to the Creed franchise and Stallone has reprised the role in each of the previous films. That said, it’s unclear if Stallone will have a significant role in Creed 3 or if he’ll simply make a cameo appearance.

No matter what, it would be great to see Rocky back on the big screen – especially since he played such a key role in Adonis Creed’s (Michael B. Jordan) journey in Creed 2. We’ll have to wait and see if Stallone is indeed involved in Creed 3, but even if he isn’t, the film is sure to be another knockout success.

Why is Sly Stallone Not in Creed 3?

Although Sly Stallone is not in Creed 3, he did have a hand in its development. He served as a producer on the film and also wrote the script. In an interview, Stallone said that he felt it was time for the franchise to move on without him and that he wanted to give other actors a chance to shine.

He also said that he may return for cameos in future films if the story warrants it.

Will Rocky Fight in Creed 3?

Will Rocky fight in Creed 3? This is a question that many fans of the Rocky franchise have been asking since it was announced that there would be a third instalment in the Creed series. While nothing has been confirmed as of yet, all signs point to Rocky Balboa making an appearance in Creed III.

The first two films in the series followed Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan), the son of Rocky’s late friend and rival Apollo Creed, as he embarked on his own boxing journey. In the second film, Rocky served as Adonis’ trainer and mentor, helping him prepare for his big rematch against Viktor Drago (Florian Munteanu), the son of Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren), who killed Apollo in the ring years earlier. While Rocky didn’t step into the ring himself in either of those films, there have been numerous hints that he may do so in Creed III.

In one scene from Creed II, IvanDrago challenges Rocky to a fight, saying “I want to break you.” This clearly sets up a potential showdown between the two characters down the line. Additionally, Stallone has said that he would be open to returning for another bout if the story called for it.

So it seems likely that we’ll see Rocky back in action once again when Creed III hits theaters next year.


Sylvester Stallone has not been announced as a cast member for Creed 3, and there are several reasons why this might be the case. First, Sly is now 71 years old, and his character Rocky Balboa is retired from boxing. It’s possible that the producers of Creed 3 feel that it would be unrealistic to have Rocky back in the ring at his age.

Additionally, Sly has said in interviews that he doesn’t want to overshadow Michael B. Jordan’s character Adonis Creed, and he feels that three films is enough for Rocky’s story. Finally, it’s also possible that Sly simply isn’t interested in appearing in Creed 3 or that he’s too busy with other projects.

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